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how to repair a refrigerator

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-30
If you find your refrigerator compressor running continuously, repair the refrigerator door ---
Waste energy and shorten the life of electrical appliances--
This may be due to a problem with the door.
Ideally, the climate in the refrigerator will never be broken, and the unit can maintain a stable temperature all the time.
Of course, we have to open the refrigerator many times a day.
Here are some tips to keep your door working and keep warm air away from your food.
When the refrigerator washer (
Usually rubber seals around the door)
The sealing broke and the efficiency of the unit dropped sharply.
By placing a dollar note between the washer and the door frame and closing the door to test if the door washer leaks.
Take out the bill.
The gasket is likely to fit if it provides some resistance.
If the bill comes out, or falls off, the gasket is faulty and should be replaced.
Test the gasket in several places around the door.
Please check the door hinge for leakage before replacing the gasket.
Replacement washers: Step 1: purchase washers made specifically for refrigerators of the model you have. So-called fit-
All washers may fit after a fashion, but customizing them according to the configuration of the door can be a hard job.
If you are not sure about the model of the refrigerator, please cut a small section of the gasket and bring the sample to the appliance dealer for matching.
If the gasket has to be ordered, you can glue the part back into the gap with rubber cement
Be sure to fix the new washer before it comes in.
Step 2: Let the new washer and refrigerator be placed in the room for about 24 hours to get it to the right temperature and humidity, or soak the washer in warm water to make it soft.
Step 3: start removing the old washer.
The door gasket is secured by a screw, clip or adhesive, and the gasket may have a fixed strip that helps shape it and provides a fastening label or guide rail.
On some units, the gasket can be kept in place through the edge of the door panel;
Fixed Panel with spring-
Steel clamps, bolts or screws.
To remove the washer, remove the fastener for the fixing washer and remove any fixing bars;
Or remove the fasteners for the door panel.
Step 4: Remove the fasteners on one side of the door at a time.
Do not remove the entire door panel.
If the gasket is fixed with a spring clip, please be careful not to pry too tightly on the clip;
They are in a state of tension and may jump out of the stand.
If the gasket is fixed with an adhesive, pry it open with an putty knife.
Step 5: Clean the installation area thoroughly with gentle household detergent and water when the old gasket comes off.
Remove stubborn adhesive with mineral spirits and fine steel wool and rinse with detergent/clear water.
Step 6: Start the replacement on one side at the top of the door.
Work along the side and replace the entire gasket.
Smooth the gasket evenly in place and relax around the corner.
If this step is specified by the manufacturer, fix it using gasket cement.
Make sure the gasket is laid flat and there is no hard block or curled edge.
Step 7: replace the fastener, fixing strip or panel that holds the old gasket.
Once the gasket is in place, tighten or loosen the mounting bolts required to adjust the gasket to the door frame.
If the gasket is stuck in place, you have no choice but to wait for the gasket to fit the door frame.
Test the gasket on the freezer door with the same dollar-bill procedure;
If the gasket is faulty, replace it with a new gasket specially made for the refrigerator.
Do not remove the freezer door to replace the gasket.
The freezer door is often tightened with a spring device, and when the door is removed, it can be very troublesome to replace the spring device, and on some models, the wire must also be removed.
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