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How to Repair a Leaking Water Pump on an RV

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-19
Your RV pump is designed to open when you run the tap or flush the toilet.It pumps the water into the duct system of the RV and returns normal water pressure.If your pump continues to operate when not in use, you may have a leak.In order to solve this problem, you need to determine the cause of the leakage of the pump.Two of the most common and easy to fix problems are the check valve break and the pipe break.When a check valve fails, it usually causes water to flow into the fresh water tank of the RV.If you notice that the water level in the fresh water tank is rising, your check valve may be the problem.Explain the difficulty: close the water properly and easily.Remove the old check valve from the tube or hose attached to the fresh water tank.You should be able to remove the valve from the hose by hand.Pull the valve by hand and disconnect the check valve from the pump.Insert a new check valve with the direction arrow pointing to the fresh water tank.It should be installed just right in the pipe or hose leading to your fresh water tank.Connect the other end of the check valve to the pump.It should slide right away.If the problem is not a check valve, then the next logic is the crack.Follow all the water pipes that go in and out of the pump and visually check if they have cracks.If you think you have identified a line with cracks, please place a bucket under the connection between the water pipe and the pump.Carefully loosen the water pipe connection from the pump to see if it starts leaking.If the water comes out, you will know that the water is successfully delivered through the water line.If there is no water coming out, there may be cracks in the pipe.The problem may also be lack of suction.If you have ever run your pump with an empty tank, the suction may be lost.You can re-Build it by filling the water line with water and then connecting it to the pump.Let the pump run for a few minutes before testing.If the problem is a line crack, fix it.Turn off the pump first.Cut the broken part of the sewer with a small knife.Cut a section of plastic pipe to match the length of the damaged part just cut out.For the right type of plumbing, please consult your RV store.If you are using a large amount of loose plastic pipe, patch the waterline with one fitting.If there is no slack, take two fittings and connect one at each end of the cut-off line.Insert the new plastic pipe section between the two fittings.Fix the patch with a PVC adhesive and dry it for 12 to 24 hours.Turn on the pump and see if it works.An article by Kelsey ChildressKelsey Childress runs a freelance creative business called Awen creative that specializes in SEO Web content, social media marketing, and blogs.She has been writing online and onlineHe has been published for more than six years and has a bachelor\'s degree in English literature and creative writing from University of Kansas.
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