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How to Repair a Frost-Free Faucet

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-02
Outdoor creamThe free faucet looks like any other faucet outside the home.The difference is that the longer creamThe free faucet rod connected to the compression washer valve seals the water supply inside the home, not the spout close to the water exposed to the cold temperature outside.When a frost-Free Faucet leaking, homeowner can use some basic tools and materials to complete necessary repairs in one hour or less-All of this is available at a local hardware store or a family center.
Turn off the water supply of frost-free faucet.Open the frost-Prevent faucet valves by turning the handle counter-clockwise to release all residual water pressure.Remove the center screw connecting the cream using the appropriate tilt screwdriverWaterproof faucet handle of faucet valve lever.
Turn the faucet to wrap the nut counter-clockwise with an adjustable wrench.Support cream with lock claw pliers-When removing the packing nut, prove the faucet body.The packing nut is located directly behind the handle and has six planes for easy disassembly with a wrench.
By placing the tap handle on the valve lever, rotate a few turns clockwise until it can be disassembled, remove the valve lever.To do this, there is no need to reinstall the handle fixing screws.Remove rubber filler 0-Seal from stem ring.
Use the edge of the flat head screwdriver to raise 0-Ring from its groove and roll 0-Ring of handle end of faucet handle.Keep the old 0-Ring for size comparison with new 0-ring.Position the rubber compression seal at the bottom of the valve rod and remove the center screw that retains it using the appropriate screwdriver.
Turn the screw counter-clockwise and remove it.Use the edge of the flat head screwdriver to remove the rubber compression gasket from the groove.Keep the rubber compression gasket compared to the size of the new one.
Clean all residue from package 0-Ring Seal groove with toothpick and cotton swab and compression gasket groove.Install new rubber pack 0-By placing the ring seal at the handle end of the bar and rolling it to 0-ring recess.Install the new rubber compression gasket seal into the groove at the bottom of the rod.
By applying pressure with your thumb, make sure the washing machine is fully seated in the groove.Use a screwdriver to install the rubber compression washer to fix the screws.Turn the screw clockwise and tighten.Insert the stem into the body of the Frost-free faucet.
Connect the tap handle to the bar and turn clockwise until it becomes comfortable.In this step, it is not necessary to fix the handle with the fixing screw.After completing this step, remove the handle.
Place the packing nut at the handle end of the stem and tighten it with an adjustable wrench by turning the nut clockwise.Support cream with lock claw pliers-Prove the faucet valve body when the packing nut is tightened.Connect the tap handle to the valve lever and fix the screw using a screwdriver to fix the center.
Restore the water pressure to the frost-proof faucet.Open the frost-Prevent the faucet from clearing the air from the water pipe.Frost-Faucet leak prevention check
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