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How to Repair a Cracked Ceramic Toilet

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-18
The problem with having a toilet can\'t be fixed, according to the toletology 101.The cracked ceramic toilet tank and toilet are unfixable.Water pressure, temperature and user weight can cause the ceramic to break.However, surface cracks on the ceramic finish surface or cracks on the lid of the tank can be repaired with rotating tools, grinding drill bits, epoxy resin and careful care.Evaluate the depth, direction and location of any toilet cracks before making repairs.Assess the depth of the crack.The cracks that are most easily repaired are straight, surface, and relatively short.Wash the ceramic surface to be repaired with soap, warm water and sponge.Towel dry.Attach the diamond grinder drill bit to the rotary tool.Open \"low\" to start drilling.Drill through ceramic porcelain at the end of the crack.Use a wet sponge to wipe the surface frequently during drilling.Water reduces dust, heat and friction near the grinding site.Grind a U-Along the length of the crack the channel formed by rotating the drill bit with a diamond.The channel should be no more than 1/8 deep and 1/8 wide.Grinding channels along the crack create more surface area for the adhesion of epoxy resin.Before applying epoxy, wipe the surface without dust and debris.Fill the channel with epoxy filler.Apply epoxy to all ridges of the channel with popsicle.Do not wipe the excess epoxy.If you are Repairing vertical cracks, fill the passage with epoxy and cover the passage with a piece of transparent packaging tape.Tape can prevent epoxy from dripping from the Channel.Let the epoxy completely dry before polishing.Polished With Dry epoxyFill the surface with 60-Remove the sandpaper from the ridge and airbag.Switch to 600 as the sanding surface becomes smoother-grit sandpaper.Continue to Polish until the surface is flat and smooth.Wipe the repaired surface with acetoneSoaked cotton ballLet it air-dry.Spray a patch spray on the repair.Choose a patch spray that matches the ceramic toilet.Wait 10 minutes and spray on the surface repair spray.Both products can be purchased at the home goods retailer.Let the repair dry completely for 24 hours.Apply the last layer of the patch spray and let it dry.
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