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How to Rebuild Mountain Bike Forks

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-17
The mountain bike fork, or the vibration on the bike, is something that can be worn out and needs to be replaced.They help to absorb the effects of various rocks, roots, drops and other challenges Mountain cyclists may encounter while on trails or off-roadroad adventure.The rugged nature of many mountain bike lanes makes the impact on these bikes one of the more important parts.Most mountain bikes have front and rear shocks, which are called Forks.Guidance difficulty: moderate challenge to thoroughly clean the vibration with a rag to remove external excess dirt that may work during Reconstruction.Pour out the dirty oil that vibrates the main body.Use compressed air to remove the floating piston from the tank and drain the remaining dirty oil from the shock body.Rinse the body with a cleaning solution and keep it dry.Remove the Piston Head, end cap and dust cover.Install new dust and oil seals and insert the spindle into the end cap.Replace the platform valve seal and reinstall the Piston Head to the shaft using the new loctite.Replace the floating piston seal and fill the body with high quality oil parts.Reinstall the floating piston into the tank to make sure there is no air trapped below.This is the trickiest part of the process, so take the appropriate time to complete the process.Replace the storage cover seal and fix the storage cover on the main body.Fill the body with high quality oil until the body is fully full.Filling the body with oil can cause you to need to replace the impact within 40 to 60 hours of riding time.Replace the end cap seal.End caps, shafts and pistons are all ready for re-installationInstall at this time;However, be very careful not to catch any bubbles in the bike impact.This can cause the bike to vibrate after the entire rebootInstallment payments have already occurred.
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