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How to Install a Dishwasher Pump Seal

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-22
Modern home dishwasher after many years of renovationYou need to pay attention to the free service before.However, due to the constant contact between the flexible surface of the neoprene pump seal and the rotating motor shaft, wear and tear occurs-one of the first parts after prolonged use.To be safe, this seal must be replaced once you notice the pool under the device.In addition to the annoyance of dragging the kitchen floor, spraying water on the motor can also pose a potential shock hazard.Turn off the breaker switch on the electrical panel that powers the dishwasher.Tie the switch to the panel with a masking tape to prevent someone from turning the power on while you are working.Close the closing valve under the sink.Undo the waste-Water pipe clamp using a screwdriver.Unplug it from the garbage disposal or sink drain, whichever applies.Pass the hose through the cabinet hole between the dishwasher and the sink.Remove the two screws that secure the access panel to the front part of the dishwasher.Take the panel down and put it aside.Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the woven water supply hose from the inlet valve on the left side of the opening.Loosen the screw and remove the electric box cover plate on the right side of the opening.Note the direction of the wire and unscrew the wire nut to disconnect the wire.Use the channel clamp to remove the nut that holds the electrical pipe to the mounting plate of the box.Pull out the catheterOpen the dishwasher door and remove the mounting bracket screw from below the front of the countertop.Lower the dishwasher by lifting the machine slightly and turning the whole flat pad on the front corner clockwise.Slide the dishwasher out of the groove.Put a folded blanket behind the dishwasher.Tilt the dishwasher and lower it to the back of the top of the blanket.This will reveal the drain valve and pump motor installed at the bottom of the machine.Clamp the side of the harness connector and pull them out of the drain valve solenoid and pump motor outlet.Use the nut drive to remove the screws that hold the support bar on the motor.Use the nut drive to loosen the hose fixture that holds the water chamber hose to the pump shell.Pull the hose downLoosen the pump connector on the left side of the inner corner of the tank, and then release the pump housing fixture on the lower side.Lift the pump and motor assembly and place it on the countertop.Clamp the motor shaft with channel tongs.Use the needle-turn the cutting blade at the front of the gray suction ring counter-clockwisenose pliers.Position the blade of the putty knife horizontally between the lugs on the suction ring.Screw down the ring clockwise with the putty knife.Lift the plastic wear ring and holder from the cavity.Clamp the motor shaft with channel tongs.Open the needle-Nose clamp, insert the suction head into both sides of the pump punch head, and screw the punch out of the motor shaft in a counter-clockwise direction.Remove the mounting screws that hold the motor to the pump and lift the motor from the pump shell.Flat the pump shell flange on the counter with a screwdriver to roll out the defective seal.Push the replacement seal into the pump shell from the bottom and push it in until it is firmly in place.Slide the motor shaft over the seal and fix the motor to the pump with mounting screws.Hold the motor shaft and twist the replacement impellor to the shaft clockwise.Tighten impellor with the tip of the needle-nose pliers.Reposition the wear ring and Holder.Use the putty knife to screw the suction ring to the pump in a counter-clockwise direction and tighten it.Threaded cutting blade flange-Along the axial direction.Hold the shaft firmly with a needle and tighten the cutting bladenose pliers.By inserting the larger inlet into the water chamber, insert the smaller outlet into the pump connector and reconnect the pump and motor assembly.Tighten the two hose clamps firmly.Replace the pump connector screw on the left side of the inner corner of the water chamber.Reconnect the support rod to the top of the pump.Replace the water room hose and tighten the fixture.Reconnect the harness plug to the drain valve solenoid and the pump motor.Lift the machine up and slide back into place.Reinstall the dishwasher by reversing the program performed in steps 1 through 4, but do not connect the lower partDuring this stage, the fixture is installed on the front panel or on the fixed countertop.Open the shut-off valve and restore power.Turn on the dishwasher and make sure the pump is working properly.Check if there is a leak in the waterAccess the supply hose in the panel opening;Tightening trade union oneTurn around if necessary.Reconnect the access panel and adjust the leveling pad so that the top of the machine is flush with the countertop.Replace the mounting fixture screws to complete the project.
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