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How to Fix a Washerless Bathtub Faucet

by:DMS Seals     2020-08-04
A flush-free bathtub faucet, sometimes referred to as a plug-in faucet, is a faucet that does not use loose rubber washers to keep the seal water tight.On the contrary, the faucet without laundry uses ink cartridges and tight O-Keep the ring sealed.Even if you don\'t have experience with water pipes, you can easily fix the leaking wash tub faucet.
You can find all the parts you need in the hardware or plumbing supply store to make your tub faucet work at all times.Turn off the water from the tub faucet.Pry the decorative cap at the top of the tap from the tap.You can remove the cover with a flat head screwdriver to reveal the screws inside.
Remove the handle screw from the middle of the faucet using a Philips screwdriver.This is the vertical screw that holds the handle to the rest of the faucet assembly.Pull the handle up until it releases from the tap.
Remove the cylindrical cartridge from the tap and unplug the spout.You should now be able to see the shaft sticking out of the tub.Cut off the O-Ring around the metal shaft of the faucet with a tool knife.
The O-The ring is a ring made of rubber or synthetic materials on the shaft.Lubricate the new rings with the grease of the plumber and slide them onto the shaft.Place the ring in the same way as the old one.
Slide the mouth back to the shaft and insert the new cartridge.Put the handle back on the shaft, fix it with the handle screw, and cover it with a decorative cap.When you press the lid, it will be stuck in the proper position.
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