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how to connect an air regulator

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-10
Scuba diving is both fun and beneficial, and it is also a good way to exercise while having fun.
Scuba diving requires a lot of equipment due to its technical nature.
This includes air conditioners, buoyancy vests, wet clothes and snorkeling devices.
When you start diving, connecting your air conditioner and other equipment can sometimes seem unbearable.
Fortunately, the regulator manufacturer makes sure the connection is as simple as possible, so almost anyone can wear their own regulator once they have learned this skill.
Difficulty: it is easy to put the scuba water tank in an upright position.
Put it on a stable surface away from the wind or waves.
Hook on your buoyancy vest (BC)
By tying the scuba to the back, tie it to the scuba tank.
Most models have a strap that can be attached to the tank, while some models are just clipped to the tank.
Hang the first stage of your air conditioner on the valve at the top of the scuba tank.
This can be done by unscrewing the dust cover and placing the stage on top of the tank valve.
Screw it on your finger
Tight, but no.
Connect the four cables that swing around BC.
The two cables on the left will be your diving computer and BC control cable: connect the diving computer to your BC with a clip and push the BC control cable into the gas valve on BC.
The right two cables will be your air regulator and backup regulator: none of these need to be done.
Put on your diving suit and find an assistant to lift the BC and scuba tanks onto your back.
It will slip on your back like a vest.
Bring it and you can dive.
The tip and warning article by Sam SurgalskiSam Surgalski is a writer in Traverse, Michigan.
His article appears on the iPhone app reviews, our in-house winners, and various other websites.
Surgalski loves aviation and writing and plays the piano.
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