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how to clean a washing machine

by:DMS Seals     2020-07-05
Although we hate washing clothes, most of us can\'t imagine a life without washing machines.
But have you noticed the gas build up when the door of the washing machine is blocked?
What about the dirt and sand particles piled up inside the machine drum?
When there is dirt and dirt in your washing machine, this may affect the performance of your washing machine and the cleanliness of your clothes.
You should wash the washing machine.
To avoid damage to the washing machine or clothes, you need to properly maintain and maintain the machine
Whether it\'s brand new, beautiful, or reliable that you have over the years, it\'s true.
We have collected some tips on how to clean the washing machine properly and some washing machines
Cleaning method to avoid.
On the right is (and wrong)
The method of washing the washing machine.
How to clean the top-
Loading the washing machine Step 1: After you take off your clothes, keep the door open and allow the washing machine to be completely dry when you do not use the washing machine.
This helps prevent mold and mold from growing in the washing machine.
Step 2: wipe the inside of the machine with wet cloth and a small amount of laundry detergent.
Step 3: wipe any dirt, spills and dirt on the outside of the machine and on the door stopper with wet cloth and mild soap.
Maintenance tip: according to the suggestion of GE appliance, replace the filling hose on the machine every five years.
It\'s a good idea to label your fill hose, indicating the date you replaced the hose.
Just mark some shield taps with Sharpie.
We also asked GE for advice on how to clean the top
Load the washing machine correctly.
They recommend that we use the damp washing machine cleaner once a month to clean and update the equipment and refer to the washing machine owner\'s manual for additional cleaning and maintenance instructions.
Don\'t do anything: it\'s better to avoid using harsh cleaners, especially those containing ammonia.
You should also avoid anything that is too rough, such as a tough cleaner or a Brillo pad.
Strict cleaning Union damage your machine.
Those who like particularly light touches can use vinegar, although this can sometimes cause odor problems, so save on using it.
How to clean the front-
Loading/he is the first step: leave the door open after you take off your clothes with the front --
Also load the washing machine and allow it to dry completely when you don\'t use it.
This helps prevent mold and mildew.
Step 2: wipe the washing machine door with a damp cloth.
Step 3: Clean the door seal.
Gently pull back the seal between the door opening and the drum to check whether there is any foreign matter;
Remove everything you found.
After that, check for stains or dirt build up.
Note that many rubber gasket seals have two layers inside and outside: clean and check them as hair, dirt and objects get stuck in many places.
You can use a washing machine to clean the wipes or a solution made of bleach and water to clean the dirt deposits (
Bleach mixed with a cupA gallon of water).
Make sure you remove any remaining bleach solution with a damp cloth.
Finally, let the washing machine dry completely when opening the door for at least an hour or two.
Step 4: clean and disinfect your detergent tray.
Open the tray (if applicable)
Soak in hot water and mild soap for about 20 minutes.
Step 5: clean the inside of the washing machine.
For example, the most efficient (HE)
The washing machine either has a \"clean cycle\" or a \"fresh cycle \".
To run a clean cycle, add a cup of bleach to the bleach dispenser and run an empty load.
To clean with Affresh, add an Affresh cleaning label directly inside the drum of the washing machine and run an empty \"Affresh Cycle Cleaning \".
\"Don\'t worry if you don\'t like Affresh: There are a lot of other washing machine cleaning options out there, including the tide cabin.
Maintenance tip: it is better to use HE detergent when you have HE washing machine, avoid using too much detergent, because this may lead to excess build up.
Finally, wash regularly with warm water and hot water (
But not all the time)
As suggested by Maytag, warm water helps to control the accumulation of soil and detergent.
Remember, even a simple wipe
Keep your laundry clean after each load.
What should not be done: some washing machine owners only run a clean loop and ignore the other steps.
You should try to clean your HE washing machine every 30 washing cycles and follow all the steps to make sure you do not allow dirt and dirt to pile up in other parts of the machine.
Step 1 of how to clean a self-cleaning or smart washing machine: Clean the control panel with a damp cloth.
Step 2: does the water pipe on your washing machine have a filter?
If so, remember to clean it up once or twice a year.
To do this, soak the filter in the water until it is clean (
Make sure the thread connector is flooded as well).
The filter is then allowed to dry completely in the shadow area.
Step 3: Clean the dispenser.
Rinse the plug-in warm water to remove traces of accumulated detergent and other laundry products.
Then clean the groove with a toothbrush to remove the residue.
Finally, wipe the interior with a damp cloth to remove any larger deposits that may exist.
Step 4: run the self-cleaning cycle now.
Some self-cleaning cycles, such as those on Samsung\'s washing machine, may give you an indicator light that lights up when the washing machine feels it needs to be cleaned.
But you can usually put yourself
Clean the cycle as soon as you want.
Make sure you read the instructions carefully to know exactly how the cleaning mode should be used.
The self-cleaning cycle is usually designed to work without cleaning agents, so don\'t add anything to the washing machine before you start.
Maintenance Tips: clean the exterior of the stainless steel machine using stainless steel cleaner, vinegar or Windex.
When you clean stainless steel, it is best to match the grain.
Depending on the better home and garden, you can also dissolve oily fingerprints with a little rubbing alcohol.
Also, if you have a shiny metal finish on the outside door of your washing machine, you can use a small amount of Cerama Bryte and aclean, damp, non-
According to the recommendation of Samsung, sand cloth.
What should not be done: Do not use a rough or abrasive cleaner when cleaning the control panel, and avoid using a bleach cleaner on the stainless steel surface.
Also, don\'t run by yourself.
Clean the cycle when you wash your clothes in the machine.
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