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how to build a camping storage box

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-19
Camping storage boxes are a useful tool in terms of maintaining organization and protecting items during camping trips.
On the way to camping, it can accommodate everything from utensils to food.
At the camp, it can provide useful tissue space for everything from the pan bowl pans Basin to the lighter liquid, flashlight and compass.
The camping storage box also provides a clean surface to prepare food.
Difficulty of the manual: medium and easy-
Inch thick board, 1/2
2 feet 1/2 long-
The feet are wide, and the two boards are one.
2/1/2 thickness
Foot width 3 1/2-feet wide.
The first two boards will be the side of your box, and the last two will form the bottom and back.
Connect the board with standard nails.
When it\'s done, your box should lose its front and top.
Connect 2 1/2 using two metal brackets on both sides
Foot length 3 1/2-
Place the wide board foot in the middle of the box, create a shelf, and remove the top half of the box from the bottom half.
The Simpsons are a good metal stand. Tie (heavy angle).
Two in each side, four brackets in total.
Connect 3 1/2 using DingTalk-create top of box
Foot length 2 1/2-
The foot is wide.
Your box should be short of its front.
Reinforce the nails outside the box with a metal bracket.
Connect two metal brackets to each edge, with a total of 16 brackets along all eight edges.
You should now have a box that is firmly put together but lacks the front. Attach a one-
2 1/2 inch thick board-
Foot width 3 1/2-
The chest has wide feet.
This is the front cover of your box.
To connect, use the hinge at the bottom of the box.
To increase the strength, it is recommended to use four hinges. Attach a mini-
Chain to the front top corner, right in the box, and the two top inner corners of the front board.
Make sure the chain is 3 1/2-feet long.
This means that when you open the front, it can double as a desktop.
Close the box with two tight straps.
Wrap the straps around the box with straps
The tension in front.
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