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home clinic; replacing insulated glass windows

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-29
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Your own people can replace the normal glass in the window frame without any difficulty.
In the local hardware store or home center, it is easy to cut the replacement panel into size, and the actual installation is usually a simple thing.
Not all windows are so easily redecorated.
Many modern windows have insulated glass, and the replacement procedure may involve more.
This is because the insulating glass is not a piece of glass.
Instead, it consists of two panes separated by an air barrier or inert, colorless gas.
The gas acts as an insulator and is locked between the glass through a seal on the edge of the glass sandwich.
Because the insulated glass is combined by elements, it is called the \"insulated glass unit \".
\"If the seal on the insulation deteriorates, the moisture will eventually penetrate into the glass envelope and condense on the glass. Quality-
Brand windows are usually guaranteed for sealing failure.
In the event of condensation problems, the manufacturer should provide a replacement installed by a professional for free.
If someone accidentally breaks the glass and the warranty is invalid, the homeowner is responsible for replacing the equipment.
Because the insulated glass is a sealed unit, you cannot cut it without damaging the seal.
Instead, you must order a replacement for the original size;
This includes thickness as well as length and width.
Unfortunately, there is no stock of insulating glass in the home center and hardware store.
Special Order must be made to the manufacturer.
Advertising manufacturers will not accept orders from homeowners directly.
Instead, you have to go to a glass worker who does a residential glass work and ask him to place an order.
You will need to provide the size of the replacement unit and include the manufacturer\'s digital code on the aluminum gasket between the glass panels.
This number is important because it gives manufacturers important data about your particular insulating glass unit.
Advertising you must remove the unit from your belt to measure its size accurately.
It is fixed in the position of the inner edge of the belt. (
Some manufacturers make window fans built around the unit.
To remove the insulated glass unit, the entire window frame must be removed.
Usually, it is better to leave it to professionals. )
The block is mounted on the window frame with metal wire brads and fixed with silicone sealant.
Before attempting to remove the block, the seal must be cut off around the block;
Otherwise, you can break the stop.
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To do this, use a sharp tool knife to run the blade around the block that touches the glass.
In order to avoid damage to the block, a series of walking knives are carried out with a knife instead of a deep knife.
Remember to draw a knife around the belt, don\'t let the free hand touch the knife.
Use a hard putty knife to gently pry open the block on the window frame.
Insert the knife between the Belt and the block instead of between the block and the glass and release the block.
When you empty the dock, the part that stays still stands out.
Pull them out of the block with a pair of end pliers.
When you remove the unit, check if there is a rubber gasket around the belt groove.
If so, put them aside;
You will need them when you install the replacement program.
If this technique sounds troublesome, you can bring the entire window frame to the glass worker, ask him to remove the insulated glass and take the necessary measurements to place the order.
It may take a week or more to replace the product to arrive from the manufacturer.
During this period, you can install a temporary pane of a normal window glass in the window frame.
Do not try to seal the new insulated glass in the window frame with the compound of the ordinary glass worker or the window putty.
But for the next quarter-
Silicone inseam inch beads (
This is available in the cartridges in the hardware store and home Center)
In the groove of the belt
Caulk will place the glass mat on the window frame and provide a water-tight barrier to prevent moisture on the outside.
By placing one end in the groove and then gently lowering the entire unit, place the replaced glass unit in the window frame.
Next, wedge the spacer in place between the unit and the belt.
These should be positioned so that the unit is centered at the opening of the window frame.
After the insulating glass unit is installed correctly, place the block around the edge.
Use a lightweight hammer to driveand a-half-
Enter the corner of the window frame through the station.
Work carefully to avoid damage to the glass.
Drive the brads at a certain angle, so that the stop will be stuck on the glass and window frame.
Use a set of nails to sink the brads counter and then fill the hole with a wooden filler.
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A version of this article was printed on page CN14 of the National edition on February 20, 2000 with the title: Family Clinic;
Replace the insulated glass windows.
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