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gulp! alive leakproof container

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-13
Berkley\'s solution to the Gulp Alive leak of the container contain Alive is one of the most innovative and effective fishing products on the market today.
However, if you have ever purchased this awesome product, you will know that there are a lot of imperfections in the packaging.
The barrel in which the bait came in easily leaked around the lid.
Once you break the foil seal under the cover, you won\'t be able to get the liquid
Seal again.
This can cause your ship, car or tackle bag to spill out and smell bad.
I found a solution to this problem.
Keep reading and learn a great tip on how to store your gulp alive bait and keep it fresh. . . . .
Most importantly, it won\'t leak!
Introduction to Gulp AliveHere at Berkley if you are not familiar with this great product, here is a quick introduction.
This is the soft bait in the trap barrel!
Because Berkeley\'s super
Realistic, biodegradable big mouth!
The live bait is actually \"alive\"octane Gulp!
Solution, they absorb up to 20% of the lure.
It\'s 20% smell, more taste, more action, and more reason for fish to catch them! Each super-
The live bait of the live Gulp emits a strong smell, like blood in the water, when the fish
The capture is over and you can simply put the bait back in the bucket and charge another day!
Bay Hotel Berkeley!
Live bait is sold at net weight, not by quantity.
Take a pint of 3\'gul!
The live min fish will have about 36 baits and a pint of 4 baits!
The live min fish will have about 22 bait s.
The problem is: poor packaging design, leaking lid, fragile handle, which hinders our development.
Don\'t get me wrong here.
I am a huge fan full line product alive by the beeping of Berkeley.
Berkeley\'s Gulp Alive is one of the most innovative and effective fishing products on the market today.
Artificial bait is stored in super
Effective swallowing of live fish lure solution and bait will keep soaking in this mature fish lure until you are ready to put them on the hook.
The bait is durable, and each bait is suitable for fishing several fish.
When you\'re done, throw the bait back into the bucket if it\'s not torn because of capturing all these fish, and charge it next time.
In many cases, the performance of this product is as good as the live bait, or better than the live bait.
Its advantage over live bait is that you don\'t have to keep it alive.
Whether you\'re fishing fresh water for bass, Musk or walruses, or salt water for red fish or spotted trout, there\'s a big gulp! Alive!
Bait for your needs.
Read product reviews online and you will find that this new product has been highly valued by many anglers.
In short: I love this product! ! !
Now that my compliments and additions to this product are out of date, it\'s time to address the known issues with the product.
The container is leaking. Period. End of story.
To be such an effective product, it is clear that Berkeley has not spent much time on packaging design.
The bait-in barrel looks good sitting on the shelf at the ski shop.
It has a green lid that looks solid and a handy handle.
There is a foil seal under the lid that must be removed before you enter the bait inside the barrel.
But it should be noted that once this foil seal is removed, you cannot reach the liquid-
Seal when you screw the green cover back to the barrel.
Believe me, the lid will leak.
Another problem with the way the product is packaged is the handy little handle on the barrel.
Well, it turns out that it\'s not as \"convenient\" as people think \".
When you carry the bucket with a handle, the liquid solution inside will flow around as expected.
When this happens, the barrel is tilted to one side and then to the other side around the pivot point of the handle.
It doesn\'t matter if you haven\'t broken the seal under the lid.
But once you have the sealing device turned on, when it is tilted around, the solution that is alive with a big mouth leaks out from under the green lid.
This solution smells great for fish, but smells bad for humans.
Believe me!
Also, when you go and store the big-mouth alive bucket in your boat or tackle bag, this handle takes up too much space to block your way.
If you take my advice in the first paragraph and read product reviews on sites like Bass Pro Shop and Cabella, then you will undoubtedly read many reviews praising the product,
Solution: OXO Good Grips POP Storage containers these convenient and sealable kitchen containers are the perfect solution for leaking the lid.
I am extremely proud to find this great product.
After my wife heard me complain about how my gulp alive bucket leaked, it actually suggested to me.
The solution is a simple but very efficient, sealed kitchen storage container.
The best one I have found is the OXO Good Grips POP storage container. The .
3 quart size is a big-mouth alive bucket suitable for one pint size.
These Oxo Good Grips POP storage containers have a button in the center of the lid.
Seal the container by pressing the button.
Push it again to pop up and open the container.
When the container is sealed, it is sealed. . . . . LIQUID TIGHT!
These containers are perfect for storing your live bait.
Once you \'ve broken the seal under the lid of your big alive bucket, just pour the contents into one of the containers, cover the lid, press the button to lock it to form a perfect noneleak seal.
Like I said.
The Oxo container of 3 quart size is perfect in size and can accommodate a smaller 1-
Alive barrel.
Best of all, these small square containers have a flat cover when the buttons are pressed and sealed, so they are easy to stack.
They don\'t have that stupid handle to get in the way of you.
I can load a few of these containers into a small tackle package of two to two and pile them up high.
Did I mention they were leak-proof? ! ? ! ? ! NEWS FLASH! -
Berkeley introduces Gulp!
Bait management container. Gulp! and Gulp! Alive!
Enthusiasts are now capable of storing Gulp!
Don\'t worry about the bait leaking all over them or their ship.
Berkeley technical Cup!
The bait management container provides a system to easily manage the size mouth! and Gulp! Alive!
Put everything in a simple container. Gulp!
The bait management container has a compact design that maximizes the storage space of most trolley bags.
The container has six individually sealed containers to prevent evaporation and leakage of Gulp! attractant.
The container can be removed from the frame so that the anglers can choose to mix and match the bait.
Container includes two for 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch Gulp!
Baits and four for 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch Gulp! baits. NEWS FLASH 2! ! -
Plano introduces the Liqua bait locker in Plano
Bait locker trolley system is a solution for anglers who like to use soft plastic soaked with fragrance and liquid, but hate the confusion that these bait can cause. The Liqua-
The bait locker system was developed to contain liquids and scents related to soft plastic bait and to ensure freshness for continued use.
Liqua built by Duraview-
Dri of bait dressing room handling systemLoc O-
The circular seal leaks this slide system.
Proof and air tight, so the bait is fresh and there is no smell in the fishing box and boat.
The design has enough storage space for up to 4 bottles or wallets (or 2 of each)
Extra soft plastic space for 4642 ultra deep liquid
The bait locker room handling system includes a bottle of one-shot grab and a wallet.
Size: 14\' L x 9. 13\'\' W x 4. 75\'\' H.
Don\'t forget your free catalog! !
Follow this link to mail you the free Bass Pro Shops catalog. Bass Pro Shop -
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