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Good Sealer for Travertine

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-15
Lime Hua is a form of limestone used as a popular floor tile.It naturally forms in minerals.Rich hot springs.Bubbles from spring are trapped in stones, giving lime A pitted surface.This surface is often done using dust resin or epoxy to make the tiles look more polished and finished.
There are several options if you decide to use the sealer on it.Lime Hua is very sensitive to the acidity of the food, and even in the case of sealing, it is likely to be etched when exposed to lime Hua.Therefore, it is not recommended to use lime Hua on the kitchen table top.
The capping machine does not prevent etching, but it can make it less noticeable.Lime Hua is similar to marble because it is also sensitive to chemicals and needs to be carefully sealed.The local sealer is placed on the top of the stone and provides a coating that protects the tiles from damage.
Most of the sealing materials are water.
They are recommended because they are more gentle than more harsh chemicals.The purpose of the sealer is to reduce the natural absorption capacity of the stone, so foreign materials such as dust and liquid will not sink into the stone, but will remain on the surface until they can be wiped away.They usually provide a shiny, smooth look for the stone.
The difficulty with local sealing is that the coating is damaged fairly quickly.In order to keep the floor in peak condition, the coating must be peeled off frequently and then re-applied.Local closure agents, especially those water closures, due to extra workBasic, generally cheaper than other varieties.
Sealed with solventThe base material will be more rough and wear the material, so only solvent is usedIf it specifically says it is meant to work with the lime China then it is based on a tile seal.The immersion sealer sinks into the tile and protects the stone from internal contamination by depositing the solid material into the pore of the tile and covering the material under the tile.The active ingredient of the dipping sealant is a resin that can be natural or synthetic.
The resin is melted into a solution with water or as a mineral solvent for the conveying device.After sealing, water or solvent evaporates and leaves the resin in the stone, hardening to form a protective agent that prevents the stone from absorbing other materials.The advantage of the dipping sealant is that it is not necessary to peel them off before re-applying, and it is usually not required to apply as often as the local sealant.
They tend to be more expensive because they last longer.Be sure to thoroughly clean any dust and debris on the tiles before using any type of sealer, so that you don\'t inadvertently lock dirt on the floor.Make sure the sealing agent is evenly applied to prevent the color difference and peeling of the stone.
Seals work in different ways;Some people only reject water, while others push oil and water.If you apply the sealer in areas where grease and oil may come into contact (such as kitchen floors), make sure the sealer repels the oil
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