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by:DMS Seals     2020-06-05
Washers are mainly used to prevent leakage of liquid or gas.
They provide some sort of barrier between the two surfaces.
It is important for the gasket to keep the seal even under pressure or temperature change.
There are many washers today.
There is a pre-cut compression for flat and extruded, as well as \"in-place molding\" and \"in-place curing\" washers.
Some washers and forms of padding can also be used to shield emc and RF interference.
The gasket can be made from a variety of materials, so the manufacturing process of different gaskets varies.
Generally, washers are made by simply cutting the right shape from the material that can be paper, silicone, rubber, metal, fiberglass, plastic polymer and felt.
Some washers may also contain asbestos if necessary.
How does the gasket work?
The gasket is designed primarily to be installed between two machine parts.
It is compressed between two objects so that it fills the microscopic space and forms a seal in the process.
This seal will prevent liquid, dirt and gas from entering the space between the components.
The stronger the compression, the better the gasket works.
Insufficient sealing pressure causes the gasket to slide around and open for other contaminants to enter.
This is why a thermal compression test is used to determine whether a particular gasket can withstand pressure.
By keeping these shells free of dirt and contaminants, the washers enable the machine to last longer, provide stable performance, work faster and more efficiently.
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