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fully split cartridge mechanical seal assembly

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-16
The fully separated cartridge mechanical seal assembly consists of two separate components that are assembled together to form a uniform cartridge design.
The Assembly uses a fixing screw to position the sealing assembly to the rotary axis or sleeve and slot in the gland to connect the connecting device to a fixed fixture or chamber.
The fixture of this assembly includes the following: separation of fixed sealing rings, separation of fixed sealing ring packaging, spring with holes in the separation gland, separation gland, separate gland gasket, gland Bolt, gland cushion and fixing clamp and screw.
Rotating components include: split rotary sealing ring, split rotary sealing ring filler, split sleeve filler, sleeve Bolt, Cup point fixing screw, and sleeve split gasket.
The fully separated cartridge mechanical seal design eliminates the handling of many loose, delicate, precisely manufactured components and allows for very simple, simple and time-saving work without measuring or guessing
The present invention relates to mechanical sealing assemblies used to overcome inherent handling and assembly problems, in particular to sealing assemblies using fully separated cartridge mechanical sealing assemblies, due to the complexity of many subtle parts and loose parts, and the difficulty of assembling them together precisely and accurately to ensure proper sealing.
Mechanical seals are well known in the field, and the difficulties found in these systems are well known.
Since the mechanical seals are subject to wear, corrosion, wear vibration, heat, pressure and other effects, they must be replaced on a regular basis.
This usually requires the removal of the coupling, the bearings and the motor, which can be a very complex and expensive process that can cause a long downtime of the equipment.
By separating the mechanical seal, the seal can be assembled and disassembled without removing the equipment.
Many attempts have been made to solve these difficulties.
Examples of these types of devices include patents issued by the United States to Azibert in the United StatesS. Pat. No.
March 18 4,576,384.
1986 and the United States to Ballard U. S. Pat. No.
4,576,383 was also released on March 18. 1986. A U. S. Pat. No.
3,025,070 sent to J. C.
March 13 for split mechanical seal.
1962 is another example of a standard mechanical seal.
The general function of these references and some other literature is to attach a rotary seal assembly and a non-
A rotating Sealing Assembly connected to a fixed housing or chamber around the shaft or sleeve.
However, there are still inherent problems with all these designs and many others.
The main difficulty is that these devices have a large number of loose parts and must be treated with great care, especially on the main surface of two precision manufactured to ensure good sealing performance and longevity.
They also require measurements, or use a variety of gaskets or special tools to accurately set up and align the sealing assembly.
They usually use an internal clamping design, limiting the twisting and axial holding forces to locate on the rotary axis or sleeve, and if re-adjustment is required, in the absence of a complete removal of the seal, cannot be after the setting
Some also require a receiving unit to be installed on the outer surface of the external flange of the fixed enclosure or chamber to help seal the concentricity of the assembly with the axis of rotation.
This is the purpose of the present invention, and then a split mechanical seal assembly to avoid the limitation of the above disadvantages is proposed
Reciting, obtained in previous mechanical sealing devices.
Another purpose of the present invention is to teach a fully separated cartridge mechanical sealing assembly that can be easily and quickly positioned on a rotating shaft or sleeve and eliminated in a standard mechanical sealing system.
In particular, the purpose of the present invention is to propose a fully separated cartridge mechanical sealing assembly for the use of rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers and mixers that are difficult to disassemble and time consuming, independent components including two combinations;
The combination self-contained assembly has a device to connect the combination self-contained assembly to the rotary axis or sleeve;
Said complete solid cylindrical assembly, with a setting device for aligning and maintaining said complete solid cylindrical assembly, and a setting device for removing said complete solid cylindrical assembly after permanent connection;
The complete solid cylindrical assembly, with a fastening device, is used to connect the complete solid cylindrical assembly to a fixed enclosure or chamber;
A connection device for connecting the complete solid cylindrical assembly rotating part to the Rotary shaft or sleeve.
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