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Factors Affecting Piston Seal’s Health

Factors Affecting Piston Seal’s Health


The piston rings are the sealing rings which their aim is preventing all fluid leakages on the piston’s operation. The piston rings products are always characterized using the split within the ring. If there is a gap, they are then assembling and installing become much easier. The split is important since it ensures the seal can confirm at the cylinder’s surface, which ends up enhancing the efficacy of sealing as it prevents leakages. Such piston seal can be applied to pneumatic and hydraulic applications too. Below are some factors that may affect the health of piston rings, so you need to put much consideration on them.

Factors Affecting Health Of Piston Rings

1. Materials

Various materials can make piston rings according to the way they are applied. There are most materials used in making piston seals and they are; Polyamide (PA), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), Nitrile Rubber (NBR), and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials. The materials named aim in bringing wear, sturdy, and temperature resistance seals in the piston so they may serve in a long period. You should always ensure the piston seals you buy are made of those materials, so their health can’t is affected.

2. Displacement Gaps

There might be unexpected spikes in various applications which takes place when the cylinders are reacting towards external forces which act towards piston rods. The cylinder may end up putting more pressure towards the piston seals, and overloaded pressure may lead to displacement gaps since they are harmful to the piston seal. When selecting the right material choice, then it will prevent such displacement gaps.

3. Guide Ring Performance

The guide rings are always used together with piston rings so they may prevent any metals which come to contact with the other metal in between the piston and cylinder bore. The seal and ring performance is interlinked. Guide ring centers accurately the piston so it can reach at cylinder bore while the seal can handle the piston sliding motion. When their functions are not well achieved, the piston seals performance may be affected.

4. Drifts And Leak

When the cylinder is held idle over sometimes without being in use, your piston will be in the wrong position and when excess fluids leak from it to the cylinder at the external or internal, the piston may drift. You should consider the way you hold your piston so it may not get affected.

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5. Static Sealing

Professionals have currently attached pistons with their rods using few designs. It can be like a gasket which maintains contact with the surfaces with no fluid leakage risk factors being made. So you should ensure the piston you purchase has static sealing so no more leakage may be experienced.

6. Oil Consumption

The piston seal always consumes oil and you should understand the way the seal consumes oil. If there is some increase in oil consumption towards the piston engine, there will be definite engine health. There should be a maximum observation on oil filter and screening for all metals signs. All differential compressions should be taken by the maintenance team together with the gooseneck lights of cylinders so any unique conditions at the combustion chamber can be detected. You should also inspect your air filter for it's proper and wear fit since dusty areas may have such problems which might increase oil consumption and affect the piston.

7. Calendar age and Piston Seal History

If your piston engine has been operating effectively without any maintenances required in its lifetime, then it will be best when it is operated since it will reach the approximated time. But if the engine needs various repairs, it is hard to meet the expected lifetime; hence, these records should be described in the piston logbook.

Calendar age of engine history is also important since engines may deteriorate due to their age. It is hence best when you consider the limit for hourly operation with that for the calendar year at the overhauls. You might inquire too if you can replace the engine before it completely deteriorates before you purchase it.

8. Opinion Of The Piston Seal From The Experts

You need to get the opinion of the experts who have used the seal, so you know what they think of your piston ring. The expert will tell you if he is confident in your piston and if you may depend on it. When the technician does not have any confidence in that engine, then it might have some issues which may affect its health, and you need to reconsider your decision of purchasing it. You can also consult with your maintenance personnel about the piston ring evaluation condition before you are sure of buying it.

9. The Operation

You should also inquire on the period that the piston seals have operated. There are some piston seals which continuously operate in dusty condition, high power, which might reduce its life. Also, if the piston is used without following the recommendations of their manufacturers, then they might lead to problems in its healthy life, and its expected life may end up reducing.

10. The maintenance

When the piston seals are handled with good maintenance, then their life will be maximized. Conversely, when there is poor maintenance being taken on the piston, it is definite that its expected life might be reduced. It is obvious that some people ignore taking proper maintenance in their piston seals since they seem small and only take care of the larger ones. That is not the case, however, since all pistons need to be taken care of so that there might not be any problems affecting them.

When purchasing your piston seals, always maintain it using the instructions on their logbook. You need to maintain well your piston so you can avoid any problems that may occur in its health. 

The above factors when well understood and followed, then you will be sure to purchase the best piston seal for your sealing rings, and they will serve you for long times if you take great maintenance. Therefore, your piston seals won't experience any effects concerning their health. Furthermore, when you choose the seal manufacturers, you can use the above factors to help you make your decision.

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