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by:DMS Seals     2019-10-16
The savings extruder MCTD extruder provides users with considerable power savings, because the plasticization of the compound is done by mechanical shear rather than by the friction heat generated between the screw and the barrel.
This means that less power is needed to do the same work.
Since all compounds are mixed in the short MCTD section, a long L/D ratio is not required. The MCTD-60 non-
The L/D ratio of the vacuum extruder is 10: 1. (
Keefer industry, No. 4905 Rocky River
Cleveland, Ohio 44135)
Cycle 6 low temperature hot oil unit on the card it is said that the Value Line hot oil unit provides excellent temperature control and simple operation at an affordable price.
The maximum operating temperature is 400 [degrees]
F, created the Value Line series for low temperature hot oil applications.
According to the company, the Value Line is designed specifically for convenience.
It is said that there are also additional costs in protecting operators, processes and oil. (
Budzar industry 38241 Pkwy Willoughby.
Oh, Willoughby, 44094-7582)
It is said that the cycle 7 on the card mixer on the company\'s mixer provides in many ways better performance than the previous generation rotor, such as temperature control efficiency and increased filling factor.
It is said that the internal grid mixer is especially suitable for sensitive robbers and robbers-
Plastic Compounds. (Gumix, s. a.
Maria futuni, 911, P. O.
Box 18, conera (Barcelona), Spain 08940)
The round 8 Uth gear extruder on the card gear extruder operates independently or in series with the screw extruder.
This unit can be used as a pre-
According to the manufacturer, the feeding device is fed into the screw extruder to obtain a high quality rubber strain while the extrusion temperature rises to a minimum.
It can also be installed on the outlet of the extruder and the options necessary to improve the output stability in the selected application.
The two-roller feeder feeds a single or multiple feed into the process unit, and the feed speed can be adjusted by proportional setting point or pressure adjustment.
It is said that the whole unit was prepared and wired on the public base. (Davis-
Standard, Dr. 1 extrusion
, Boca RATCH, CT 06379)
9 laps on the card injection molding-of-the-
The Art rubber injection molding machine is equipped with Rexroth hydraulic system and AB control system.
According to the company, it can provide up to 8 pounds or more injection sizes, as well as a platform to accept injection molds from other brands.
The turnkey works provide a quick mold change mechanism and an automatic unloading/loading system. (
Woods Pkwy, 1725 company, Sanyu, USA.
OH Maumee, OH 44685) Suite
Rotate the scissors around 10 turns on the card rotary scissors to cut the uncured rubber, from thin-pressed sheets to dense-loaded plates up to 1 inch thick and 70 inch wide.
It is said that these machines are made for the continuous production of the main batch plate as well as the preforming of the transfer press and compression die, which can cut all robber products (
Including those on PVC-lined sheets)
Clean and accurate at feed rates of 1 to 150. /min.
The six models handle materials up to 16, 24, 32, 42, 60 and 70 inch wide.
The cutting length is more than 30 inch or the speed is less than 40 times/min.
, Knife head, single turn
Demand, driven by a large flywheel with a rotation of 200 rpm, which is engaged by a pneumatic clutch brake.
Each cut is about 0. 3 seconds.
For a cut length below 30 inch or a speed of more than 40 cuts/min.
The knife head drives continuous rotation through electronically controlled variable speed.
The minimum cutting length is 0. 25 inches. (G. F.
Goodman & Sons Hotel, 2 Ivybrook Avenue.
, Ivyland, PA 18974)
Card anti-lap 11
According to the company, electrostatic systems ionize curtains to convert vectors to neutralise static electricity and prevent electrostatic discharge, helping to prevent misplacement of the net and blowing away surface pollution with a powerful layer of flow.
The static and Rod of the curtain uses a power supply to produce positive and negative ions, which are delivered to the surface of the product in an almost uniform flow air. (
10125 Kaver Road ITW Vortec
Oh, Cincinnati, 45242-4798)
The E75 3 series rotary joint is an external pressure mechanical seal with a cartridge seal design that allows the user to replace the seal without removing the joint from the machine.
It also has a clean, unobstructed flow path and a wide, separated pre-
According to the company, the bearings are loaded to minimize vibration.
In addition, its suspension ring and ventilation housing protect the bearing from Grease flushing.
It\'s in both mono. flow and duo-
Traffic configuration. (
1100 Alexander Ct Baco.
IL 60013, Cary-1892)
13-turn extended manual media on card mold cleaning system-
The weight of the explosion-proof cleaning system is 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg)
Easy to handle large, oversized molds and bulky parts.
The Type 10 cabinet features a 60 \"x 60\" x 60 \"working envelope and is optionally equipped with a safe, easy-to-load, electric transfer vehicle.
The system can be used with plastic sand, glass beads or other mold cleaning media. (Guyson, W. J.
Saratoga Springs Grand Industrial Park, New York 12866-9044)
Card rubber injection molding this multi-ring 14-
It is said that the station robber injection molding machine with horizontal syringe can shorten the typical injection curing time by more than 50%.
The Predator has a modular design that can be built in two, three or four station modes, especially for corner forming applications.
The TPEs, liquid silicone can provide a conversion kit, and the standard device is suitable for dense materials and sponge materials. (
Woods Pkwy, MTI Manufacturing Technology International, 1525.
500 suites, union town, OH 44685)
The 15-turn liquid/liquid aggregator PhaseSep liquid/liquid aggregator on the card can be used for almost any liquid/liquid separation application in the oil, natural gas and chemical industries.
According to the company, PhaseSep was developed to efficiently separate liquid/liquid dispersion and remove liquid contamination, and it is said to provide high fluid quality and value, thus saving post-processing,
PhaseSep is designed with a high performance stack. (
Dr. wave 25 Port Park
Washington Harbor, New York 11050)
16 turns on card tire mold cleaning systemof-the-
65 \", 5,000.
The automatic horizontal tire mold cleaning system with capacity is designed, and the split tire mold is automatically cleaned.
The device has fully programmable mold processing, multimedia functions, four nozzles and continuous media recovery and separation.
The system can be off-line [CO. sub. 2]
According to the manufacturer, and/or medium blasting. (
2222 Akron-refrigeratorPeninsula Rd.
Oh, Akron 44313)
The 17-ring fast Teng granulator on the card granulator is made for the production of cubes with uniform particles
Molding materials for bulk use
Closed or processed continuously.
Natural rubber and synthetic rubber, as well as thermoplastic and a variety of other hard plastics can be pelletized. The scissors-
The cutting of the granulator consists of two sets of round knives that rotate in the opposite direction and mesh with each other, cutting the rubber into strips, and then cutting into cubes. This two-
It is said that the stage design will bring a quieter and cooler operation. (
Barwell, 460 Tacoma Avenue.
Oh 44278-2719)
It is said that the company\'s technology for white wall and tread grinding applications can increase productivity and extend tool life by two to ten times.
Users are said to have reported cooler grinding temperatures, reducing powder build-up and smearingfree finishes.
The technology consists of a proprietary grinding coating made of wc particles forming a sharp-cut structure and then arranged in patterns. (
Friction coating 42776 Mound Road.
Sterling Heights, MI 48314)
The circle 19 on the card end coating extrusion end coating equipment can be used to coat the extrusion end with Thixon, color guard, various types of paint and other molding agents or end seals.
The operator slides the extrusion to the final coating system.
The transfer pad rises when the operator pushes it.
The pad design varies depending on the thickness of the coating and coating materials.
The coating is located in the sealing system. (
Engineering of the computer age, 867 E. 38th St.
Marion of 46953)
The circle 20 company\'s turbine air pre on the card pre can be used for continuous vulcanization of rubber profiles.
Turbo Air is designed to enable users to implement [Alpha]t of 100 [degrees]C in only 4. 5 m (15 ft. )
Speed up to 30 m per minute length (100 ft. per minute).
It is said that it is very suitable for processing rubber profiles with moderate thickness.
The features of turbine air include short distance rapid heating of complex profiles;
Combined with high-speed and high-temperature precision hot air technology, the productivity of Profile extrusion production line is significantly improved;
Fast heat transfer by turbulence and controlled airflow;
The suspended air and drive rollers gently transport the extrusion while enhancing the green strength and ensuring the surface quality;
According to the company, electronic controls provide versatility and accuracy. (
Cooper electronics, 151 Woodward Avenue.
CT 06854, South Norwalk)
ZSK 50 Mega co-rotate 21 on card extruderrotating twin-
It is said that the screw extruder fills the size niche between ZSK 40 and ZSK 58 and has a simple user-
Friendly design using tie rod instead of individual Bolt flange barrel.
It is heated with a cartridge heater instead of an external heater housing. This cost-
It is said that the effective design is the foundation of the ZSK 25 world Laboratory Extruder and the ZSK 40 giant machine.
They range with geometric design parameters and velocity (Up to 1,200 rpm)
According to the company, the large-size extruder in the large extruder series has high torque capability.
ZSK 40 mega and ZSK 50 Mega for rubber continuous processing are said to be ideal for small to medium mass production of 100 to 2,000/hour, as well as basic research and development of new products. (
Werner Krupp & Pfleiderer, 663 E. Crescent Ave.
Ramsey City, New Jersey 07446)
The company\'s production standards and custom turnkey CAD/CAM integration III-and five-
Shaft router systems, including single and double table models with true 30 \", 36\", 42 \"and 48\" material operating heights.
Including process design assistance, CAD/CAM software and on-
Digital circuit board parts are available.
It is said that these machines are very suitable for high
Speed, precise cutting, trimming and wiring. (
Dr. Quintax, 315 Pekin, S. E.
Oh, East Guangzhou 44730)
It is said that the OWS Series oil weighing system cycle 23 on the card oil weighing and feeding, which can quickly and accurately weigh the oil and enter the expected intensive mixer.
According to the company, it automatically measures up to 16 different process oils into rubber batch mixers, ensuring uniform batch properties and cycle times while reducing scrap.
The device has a closed cabinet, vibration-isolated pump-
Motor components and brackets-
Separate or integrated control. (
Budzar industry 38241 Pkwy Willoughby.
Oh, Willoughby, 44094-7582)
The 24-turn spark extinguishing system on the card the sensor of the spark detection and extinguishing system of the company contains photo elements that detect the infrared radiation of the spark.
The smallest spark triggers the sensing element, and the system immediately releases fine fog to extinguish the spark without interrupting production.
An optional suppression method can also be used instead of water.
The system is said to reduce the risk of fire damage. (GreCon, 7747 S. W. Cirrus Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97008-5968)
25 rings of industrial water treatment on the card A self
Monitoring electronic water treatment and filtration systems are available for industrial processes and cooling water.
According to the company, the system is said to be able to reduce or eliminate chemicals and increase the life and efficiency of the equipment, thus saving a lot of money and obtaining EPA approval. Each custom-
The designed unit has a strong
Built-in national power supply
Warning Alert and 24-
Hourly performance indicators. (
Advanced equipment, 413 E. 9th St.
, Erie, PA 16503)
This re-manufacturer and supplier of rubber processing machinery offers 60 \"Pirelli Rotocure.
The technical features of Rotocure include: the diameter of the curing drum is 1,200mm (60\");
Up and down roller diameter 1,000mm (40\");
Bandwidth 1,500mm (60\");
Welding belt length 14,300mm;
1mm thickness of stainless steel belt;
Maximum drum temperature 360 [degrees]F;
Maximum curing length of 2,800mm (110\");
Network pressure of 170 psi;
Working pressure in 142 psi steam heating plate;
At a speed of 15 to 150/hour. (50-500 ft. /hr. );
The power of the main motor is 15 horsepower. c.
The unit was built in the 1980 s and used for less than two years. Take-up, wind-
Up and label units are available. (
Gomaplast mechanical, 500 E. Henry St.
Oh, Worcester 44691)
According to the manufacturer, the twin tire tread extrusion system adopts a newly designed mechanism that allows for changes in tread size, thus saving a lot of time.
A European manufacturer of bicycle tires commissioned the production of the machine. (Gumix, s. a.
Maria futuni, 911, P. O.
Box 18, conera (Barcelona), Spain 08940)
The circle 28 company\'s air-conditioning gun on the card air-conditioning gun uses a compressed gas source to produce cold air.
It is said that this gun can speed up the dry processing of rubber, plastic, etc.
According to the company, its performance is superior to mist coolant and improves cycle and process time, surface finish, part tolerance and tool life.
Gun with compressed air filter, directional cold air discharge Flex-
The line is said to be easy to install. (
10125 Kaver Road ITW Vortec
Oh, Cincinnati, 45242-4798)
The company offers 29 turns of card vulcanization extruder, microwave oven, hot air tunnel and fluid bed.
It is said that the rubber profile extruder with a price economy can significantly reduce operating costs, increase production and reduce space demand.
Provides short microwave ovens with power levels and capabilities to meet the needs of profiles.
It is said that these devices have many advantages.
Gas or electric heating provides complementary hot air tunnels that match the length of the line speed.
As a possible alternative curing system, the boiling bed of the balloon is provided. (
Keefer industry, No. 4905 Rocky River
Cleveland, Ohio 44135)
Vertical injection molding machine manufacturers provide machines for testing or prototype molds.
It is said that the company has extensive experience in corner molding of rubber windows and door seals and injection molding of the latest TPEs. (Gluco, 0-794 Chicago Dr.
, Jenison, MI 49428)
It is said that the company follows the tradition of using a fully hydraulic clamping stroke, rotating 31 on a clamping system with a telescope clamping system.
According to the company, this is because only the full hydraulic system provides the best protection against deflection of the moving platform plate.
This is considered the most important point of any rubber or robber --to-
Production of metal injection.
With this system, it is said that the company can help the customer to protect the hardened cavity from any damage that may occur in the usual three cases
Step-by-step shutdown systems available on the market.
It is said that in addition to the full clamping cylinder support of the mobile plate, the LoBoy design also provides a very effective working height for the customer, without the need for a platform or placing the machine in a pit.
The company offers a 790mm clamping stroke, full of clamping pressure, and there is no mechanical adjustment within the 200mm stroke.
Custom designs are also available for manufacturers. (
Sales and service of 730 Li industrial Ct LWB.
Pittsburgh, PA 15239)
The G8 rubber injection Press allows operators to use simplified function display and plain text parameter condition display to facilitate interactive and faster access to the relevant state of pressure conditions.
It is said to be an industrial PC in the media.
It is said that the g8 improved plastic and injection device is unparalleled in providing accurate and uniform material injection volume through injection nozzles.
Major improvements include redesigned check valves for perfect lens size control and absolute sealing, as well as injection devices capable of adapting to the unique flow properties and shear sensitivity of LS and TPEs.
The standard on the G8 shutdown/clamping unit is the variable displacement pump, resulting in 30-
According to the company, electricity and cooling water consumption saved 50%.
The G8 printing machine is equipped with a series of software packages with standard models ranging from 175 to 450 tons of clamping force. (
8 n470 Tameling Ct representative.
, Batlitt, IL 601038146)
The upper ring of the card Model 33-face pre-
Table knife sharpener-face pre-
It is said that the shape tool cutting compression die before
Formed in the face of cold deathfeed or hot-
Feed extruder, eliminate
Line cutting operation and downtime for charging ramtype extruder-cutters. Pre-
The shape can be a solid section, ID/OD section, or any other shape.
The extruder mold supports the part when cutting the part, excluding the off-line cutting.
Freeze the ID/OD section to prevent collapse when cutting
The line is said to have been eliminated.
Solid cross sections of models 300 and 364 cut up to 4 in. OD (up to 6 in.
If the cross section area of ID/OD is not more than 12 square meters. in. ).
Models 600 and 696 cut sections up to 6 in. OD (up to 9 in.
If the cross section area of ID/OD is not more than 28 square meters. in. ).
Models 364 and 696 include a spray lubrication system for cutting blades and an overall stainless steel pre-
Dip slots with inclined, cut, mesh conveyor belts. (G. F.
Goodman & Sons Hotel, 2 Ivybrook Avenue.
, Ivyland, PA 18974)
The ring 34 on the card fluidized bed mixer is said to be a mechanical fluidized bed mixer in the preparation of hot melt adhesive using a jacket kettle, providing excellent finished products in a shorter period of time than the current processing technology.
It is said that the company\'s mixer is equipped with a heated coat to easily mix resin, debris elastic polymer, solvent or waterBased on the solution.
Once the material is converted into a viscous liquid, the mixture can be dynamically deflated by operating the mixer under a vacuum.
For some elastic polymers, variable speed drives for slower operations can be provided, which may be shear-degraded during solvent cycling.
According to the company, the finished product will be thoroughly mixed at the end of the cycle with no bubbles.
Padded materials can also be pre-processed with excellent
According to the manufacturer, mix all dry ingredients.
In addition, high speed built-in
In the chopping machine, the fibers used to reinforce the gasket can be used to inhibit.
Before adding dry ingredients, the resin or rubber can be mixed or solated with the dry ingredients.
The mixer can distribute solvent rubber evenly by controlling the environment without causing solvent loss.
In addition, elastic materials can be premixed and soaked with solvent to provide uniform feeding for film machinery. (
Processall, 10596 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215)
Circle on card C 35
The company provides c-in the field of Vertical press with high clamping force-
Frame press without tiebars.
This configuration is said to provide an accessible advantage.
No tie-
The bar can reach the Mold area from the three sides of the pressure, and the clamping system at the top ensures that the mold is always maintained at the same height.
These two features enable the machine to operate in many different automated systems.
It is said that this design is particularly useful in the production of rubberto-metal parts. (Rutil, s. r. l. , Via S.
Lucio 67,1050, Italy)
36 laps of dust on the card dust collection system-Hog Supra-
There are two kinds of explosions developed to remove harmful pollutants and eliminate air quality problems:or double-
Filter configuration. The Supra-
According to the company, the explosion is said to remove dust, smoke, composites, powders and other contaminants while delivering more cubic feet of air per minute than other dust collectors. Supra-
The filter area of the Max Series filter cartridge is 310 square meters. ft. of media. (
Joint aviation expert, 4440 Creek Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242)
Card multi-circle 37
MWT multi-area hot water system
The regional hot water system provides up to eight separate temperature control areas.
It is said that operating each area at different set points can maximize production.
Each area has its own pump, heater, cooling mode and controller to adjust each area separately.
The system is designed for processes that require a fluid temperature of up to 250 [degrees]F.
It\'s available directly in two-
Injection or closureloop operation. (
Budzar industry 38241 Pkwy Willoughby.
Oh, Willoughby, 44094-7582)
According to the company, 38 laps on the card roller head extrusion line are considered to contain new control functions, which greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of the robber pieces produced on the line
Special compounds in the European aerospace industry use a system. (Gumix, s. a.
Maria futuni, 911, P. O.
Box 18, conera (Barcelona), Spain 08940)
This vertical injection molding machine manufacturer offers presses designed for forming complex TPE applications.
The company works with TPE manufacturers to develop the best performance in terms of adhesive strength and precision.
The company has experience in rubber and plastic molding TPE.
With the machine size from 10-10, the increase in cycle time becomes possible200 tons. (Gluco, 0-794 Chicago Dr.
, Jenison, MI 49428)
RSOX 400 machine is the latest development of the company\'s RSOX 4 line-
Stick the horizontal machine.
Starting with the RSOX layout, the company has increased the clamping force and machine size, especially the table board size.
The press is equipped with RS-type clamping device and advanced first-out injection device.
It is said that this configuration has great advantages in terms of clamping force and uniformity, as well as in the control capacity of the plasticization and injection stages.
RSOX 400 was developed to meet the requirements of all large manufacturersand medium-sized parts. The large-
It is said that the size of the platform makes this machine an ideal choice for this kind of production, while its configuration allows the automation of the production cycle. (Rutil, s. r. l. , Via S.
Lucio 67,1050, Italy)
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