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by:DMS Seals     2019-10-13
Portable morool C5 Consort/Combi thermoregulator has the ability to cool or heat water and/or oil.
It also features a microprocessor controller with a liquid crystal display, a solid-state heater of 9 KW or 12 KW, a leak-proof device of 122 [degrees]
F. Mold flushing ability, direct effect, self-
Clean solenoid valve with remote control function.
Detailed documentation and inspection certification supports Tricool products. (
Barwell, 460 Tacoma Avenue.
Oh 44278-2719)
Ward 24 waterjet abrasive recovery dispenser is said to prove itself as a necessity to significantly reduce the operating costs of waterjet cutting machines.
It is suitable for all manufacture and models of water jet and is said to be prepared for immediate reuse by recycling and drying the abrasive material, greatly reducing the grinding cost.
The customer is said to have followed the performance of Ward 24 to verify its financial viability, cost and time savings. (Easi-
Plane, 200 northeast Avenue.
Oh, Tallmadge 44278)
7-turn K-type vibration on the card warehouse exposure machine-
Jet bin aerator can be installed on any storage bin, bin or Hopper as a very general and effective means, deliver dry bulk materials to gravity more reliably at a very low cost, according to the manufacturer.
A triple seal is designed in the K Vibra model
Prevent the feedback of the jet warehouse exposure machine. (
1125 Willow Lake Avenue, vibrant air. , St. Paul, MN 55110-5193)
The 8-ring patented direct mounting position meter liquid silicone meter, mixing and injection system on the card injection system can be applied to any injection molding machine, designed to handle two-
Component silicone rubber for forming medical, electronic, automotive and other silicone parts.
It is said that this is ideal for small lens applications from 1 cc to 29 cc, where mixing ratio accuracy and lens size control are critical.
The direct installation position meter is equipped with A balanced inlet/outlet slide valve for \"A\" and \"B\" components using accurate positive displacement Rod metering technology.
Posmeter is located at the inlet of the screw on the injection molding machine, eliminating the long flexible hose with a single metering part. (
Liquid Control Center, 8400 Port Jackson Avenue. , N. W.
Oh, North Canton 44720-0747)
9 laps on the card mini
Two rolls of mini for calendar company
It is said that the extension machine provides an economical solution for small and accurate rubber strip processing.
There are two sizes for this design, including 6 \"x 10\" sizes and 7-
5/8 \"available face, 8\" x 8 \"x 14\" size, 11-
5/8 usable face.
The function includes the adjustment of the upper roller splitter for thickness control;
Adjustable inventory guide device;
Adjustable side knife;
And drive pull-off roller.
It is said that the top scrolling is easy to change for analytics applications.
Both rollers have heating and/or cooling channels under the surface of the rollers.
Applications include single or multiple shaped shapes, as well as flat or strip with edge strips or veneer covers on white side wall tire applications. (
RMS equipment, P. O.
Box 9001 kidina, Ontario, Canada
The card Spark detects the circle 10 on the production machine, dryer, Mill, etc.
According to the company, these are the sources of sparks that could lead to fires and explosions in dust collection systems.
The sensor of this spark detection and extinguishing system contains photo elements that detect the infrared radiation of the spark.
The smallest spark triggers the sensing element, and the system immediately releases fine fog downstream to extinguish the spark without interrupting production.
Up to 1,830 for high temperature applications [degrees]
Use fiber optic cables and sensors. (GreCon 15875 S. W. 74th Ave.
Tigard or 97224-7918)
According to the company, the 11-turn hot oil control hot VAC negative pressure hot oil temperature control unit on the card uses negative pressure to keep production running longer and longer, even under the most demanding conditions. A low-
The pressure centrifugal pump delivers oil to the process. An on-
The plate vacuum pump then draws oil through the process under negative pressure.
With this system, if a leak occurs during a process, the air is sucked in instead of being squeezed out of hot oil.
Molding efficiency is not discounted. (
Budzar industry 38241 Pkwy Willoughby.
Oh, Willoughby, 44094-7582)
The 12-turn fast acting tablet side press on the card company\'s fast acting tablet side Press operates at three times the normal speed.
The company has designed and manufactured a dual-action cylinder with a new internal and external ram Guide system.
In the past, the company designed a hydraulic forming machine on the flat side with the highest quality.
It is said that the company provides fast delivery and economical products. (
Machinery of choice at 822 Cleveland Road.
Oh Ravenna 44266)
Turn on the card 13 automatic guillotine the company has set up a series of automatic guillotine for various purposes. The 24-
Model 10 automatic feeding and cutting of rubber packs with fully programmable operator stations showing the state of the machine and loading stations controlling segmented operations.
This conveyor system includes a 13\' tilt grading conveyor, a 3\' scale charging conveyor, and a 3\' scale weight conveyor.
It is available with air or hydraulic cutting machine. (
507 Westport Avenue.
, Norwalk, CT 06851)
Hydraulic drum hoist is a hydraulic drum hoist for lifting and loading raw materials.
According to the company, the free hydraulic unit uses an operator who can operate multiple high-speed presses more efficiently, eliminating manual feed and increasing productivity.
It is said that the steel structure can safely deliver powder and other granular materials from steel or fiber drums to desktop presses, mixers, hoppers and rolling mills. (
Witco, 11490 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77077)
Circle on card 15
70 is an oil-lubricated sleeve bearingfree, self-
Designed to fit the standard 200 series pillow blocks and lubrication sleeve bearings for flange units.
It is said that the carbon compound bearings of these special formulas can withstand temperatures of up to 1,100 [degrees]
F, very good for 10-axis finish
30 rms, according to the manufacturer.
The Met 70 insert has two temperature ranges and can be packaged into a complete pillow block. (Spadone-
507 Westport Avenue Alpha
, Norwalk, CT 06851)
The value line of the 16-turn hot oil system on the card hot oil system is fully welded, so there is no thread connection leakage.
The Value Line unit uses a low power density heater only.
These units include heads specially designed for the 60 W density oil system.
The Value Line unit has an automatic bypass valve, which is said to remain at a constant speed on the heater no matter how much oil is circulating throughout the process.
The Watt density remained at the expected low level, the oil was protected and the process continued.
The maximum temperature of the numerical line is 450 [degrees]F. (
Budzar industry 38241 Pkwy Willoughby.
Oh, Willoughby, 44094-7582)
17 laps around the SE-card tire sculptor2000Q four-
Shaft, CNC engraving station is specially designed for side wall engraving of tire mold. The SE-
With PMC-
550 CNC control system with a 68040 main CPU board with 16 MB of DRAM, VGA color display and softtouch keyboard.
Controls accept standard G-
Code type program.
The system has the ability to restart anywhere in the restart program through graphical verification.
It is said to be easy to complete programming using any standard 2-1/2-
Shaft CAM software that allows small customization of the output. The SE-
2000 q has a linear fast rate of up to 600. /min.
, By using the ball bearing friction-free Cross to achieve
Sliding and ball screws.
The maximum speed of the turntable is 8 rpm.
The rotary head can be rotated at a speed equal to 6 rpm.
The machine includes SC-82 high-
A speed spindle that can run between 10,000 and 40,000 rpm. (
High quality mold, 99 setsO.
Box 9400, Akron, OH 44305)
18 laps on the card-Not in the oven.
835 is 1,200 [degrees]
Electric heating walking-in oven.
Working space in this oven up to 48 \"wide x 72\" deep x 72 with a maximum temperature of 1,200 [degrees]
F is provided by 120 power installed in Incolor-
Tubular heating element for sheath.
The 10,000 cfm, 71/2 hp circulating blower provides a vertical/horizontal airflow combination for the load.
The appearance of the oven is aluminum-plated steel, 16 ga.
Stainless steel interior and 10 \"thick insulation wall. (
500 Hart Road sad
IL 60073 Lake Rim Hotel-2898)
O-circle on card 19
The company redesigned a series of horizontal machines, resulting in o-
Ting machine with optimal stability of the heating plate, allowing the use of thin templates.
The powerful design of the machine is said to minimize the flash and wave rates.
The machine can be used for injection compression molding and classic injection molding.
Ring machine is said to be outstanding.
According to the company, the low drying cycle time pushed the production of these units to a new dimension.
It is said that the horizontal rubber injection molding machine is compact and ergonomic.
The control cabinet is integrated on the side of the machine.
The tie rod is square and can provide the best accessibility for the installation and cleaning of the mold.
The machine works on the first stagein, first-out (FIFO)
Principle, which means that the first plastic-reinforced material will be injected first.
It is said that a constant L/D ratio can guarantee the uniform preparation of the compound.
Another benefit is said to be the short distance from the pot chamber to the nozzle.
The machine can be equipped with a silicone feeder or a pumping device for liquid silicone. (
Maplan/Starlinger North America, 921E. C. Dr.
, Wood Dale, 60191)
The 20-turn high-performance sorter company\'s high-performance sorter on the wire rope uses a double turret rewind, specifically designed to convert a series of light gauge films into 16 \"wide, with and
In addition to the standard interchange slitting assembly for shear and razor capabilities, the unit also has two \"S\" roll-out roller sections, as well as additional clamps for programmable \"stretch\" control curing slitting
The device is driven by a dual drive DC system. (
Independent Machine No. 2 Stewart Square, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004)
Card geblast line is a collection of fast-released sponge particles
An abrasive agent or cleaner that acts during impact.
Designed to increase the speed of paint and other coating removal and reduce dust, the weegeblast product can also be used to speed up major cleaning projects.
Sponge cleaning media is used to clean oil, film or other materials from large surfaces. (U. S.
Technology 220, S. E.
Oh, Guangdong, 702)
C4preformer is a combination of the company\'s C3 precision preformer and the technically advanced HT computer preformer.
C4 has three functions of plc control and simplestep operation.
It also stores multiple settings and has the ability to cycle automatically.
It is able to withstand the maximum pressure of 3,500 psi and has an expansion center that is easy to clean.
The accuracy of the blank weight is achieved by simply adjusting the tool speed at start-up or during operation, or by typing the actual weight of the blank and having the internal processor calculate the necessary adjustments
The zoom loop back option is also provided, and the operator can recalibrate the control scale of the machine by placing the premade blanks on the scale.
In order to maintain accuracy, the computer automatically makes the necessary adjustments.
It is said that the combination of standard mechanical buttons and simple electronic control panels can ensure the efficiency and accurate and repeatable performance of the operator.
According to the company, C4 has an optional ram head mounted bucket cleaner for quick and convenient cleaning. (
Barwell, 460 Tacoma Avenue.
Oh 44278-2719)
Circle 23 MTC on portable hot water system (
Mold temperature controller
Portable hot water systems are said to provide full-featured temperature control in the smallest cabinets on the market.
According to the manufacturer, the MTC unit is only 11 \"wide 19\" high and can be installed almost anywhere the customer needs a highly accurate and powerful temperature control.
MTC eliminates pump failure by using an industrial duty pump with ethylene-propylene glycol rubber Ni-
Anti-mechanical seal with grade up to 300 [degrees]
The standard 30 psi discharge pressure is said to provide strong turbulence.
All units can be upgraded to 50 psi.
Continuous automatic exhaust to prevent heater burning
Ensure the best heat transfer through a process. (
Budzar industry 38241 Pkwy Willoughby.
Oh, Willoughby, 44094-7582)
24 turns on the card polymer processor U
It is said that the Max processor with temperature/vacuum capability has successfully demonstrated in-
Effective drying and size reduction after in situ polymerization reaction.
Again, multiple processing steps are performed in the company\'s equipment.
Other materials may require the presence of heat and pressure.
Similarly, it is said that the company is able to provide the required equipment (Prestovac).
One of the key elements of the company\'s design is the ability to mechanically stream the bed to achieve a high heat transfer coefficient, and at the same time, the company can break down the large polymer that begins to form after melting.
In the absence of a high-speed shredder, the user may end up with irregular powder grading, which will result in problems in the establishment of appropriate molecular weight and further processing prior to downstream processing.
The equipment is available in sizes ranging from four to 25,000 liters. (
Processall, 10596 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215)
Rotate 25 on the card extruder/pre-forming equipment. The company\'s newly designed machine extrusion, pre-forming, screen and profile rubber compounds prepare for the next step in the manufacture of rubber parts.
Rubber compounds are plasticized by screws and Fed-to a gear pump.
The pump has its own drive, which eliminates the pulses generated by the movement of screws in many traditional machines.
The pressure control system before and after the pump adjusts the speed of the screw and the pump.
It is said that this keeps the profile uniform and consistent throughout the system.
The gear pump is also used as a metering system to provide precise rubber volumes at each rotation.
The pump motor has an encoder that sends a pulse to the counter in the PLC.
This in turn sends a cutting signal to the tool motor through servo control. (
14621 Karyl Dr unlimited consulting services
Minneapolis, MN 55345-2920)
According to the manufacturer, in the case of reducing the size of the card, Vulcanator adopts a new low friction cutter design that can quickly cut the whole bag of rubber into small pieces without heating.
A sturdy rotary knife pulls the material into the cutting area and breaks the sheet to a fine enough size for screening through a special size.
Then, the reduced particles are discharged from the bottom of the device.
Vulcanator is manufactured for heavy duty operation.
The house is built with heavy steel plates.
According to the company, each component has high precision.
Repair doors are provided for easy maintenance.
It is said that an auxiliary flywheel can help the device tear the hardest bag.
Optional features include the S260 automatic reversing controller, the delivery system, and the Hopper. (
Franklin Miller, 60
Livingston, New Jersey 07039)
Circle 27 on card cone extruder this mixer and press manufacturer in rubber and plastic industry has launched a series of cone, double-Screw extruder.
The RSM series machines are available in eight models with an output range of 990 to 33,000 pounds per hour.
A drive motor of 25 to 275 hp produces a controlled screw speed of 3 to 15 rpm.
Machine can send-
The profiles can be extruded at most, and roller heads can also be equipped to produce plates.
The roller head is 14 to 24 inch in diameter and the roller width is 24 to 40 inch.
Depending on the size of the roll and drive motor horsepower, the roll head can produce paper with a maximum width of 20 to 36 inch.
According to the company, these extruder have such advantages, such as No need for a mill, and they have the ability to accept the whole batch of products from the mixer.
In addition, they are said to provide versatility in making profiles or paper. (
Technical Machine products, 5500 Walworth Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102)
The company has expanded its post bar line, including a 300-ton model.
It is said that users who use the labeler-free machine can obtain a larger disc area and can accommodate larger and more complex molds.
According to the company, traditional machines often force molds to use larger tonnage machines than the application needs, because their molds cannot be physically assembled between sticks at an ideal tonnage. The 300-
The Ton tiebarless machine has two control packs including the EC100 and the cc100.
Both of these packages offer smart pump hydraulic systems and streamlined software from the company-
Machine control based on distributed intelligence is said to allow almost unlimited scalability.
The EC100 package can handle most injection molding applications.
It is characterized by standard, high
Resolution color display, single smart pump and self
Tuned temperature control.
The CC100 advanced package provides greater flexibility and performance with its status-of-the-
According to the company, the graphic interface of artistic color and the double intelligent pump. (
545 Elmira Road Engel
Guelph N1K 1C2, Ontario, Canada)
According to the manufacturer, the single-roller mold extruder system of circle 29 on the card extruder system is said to combine the advantages of the direct extrusion process with quality improvement and excellent productivity.
The company provides mixing and extrusion production lines for the processing of rubber compounds, including decentralized kneading machines, composite, sheet, ribbon and CMB production lines, open kneading machines, multi
Profile extruder, rubber extruder, filter, silicone extruder, multi
Plastic Composite extruder, twin screw extruder, double combination extruder, rubber sheet manufacturing equipment, o-
The ring cutter, the magnetic rubber system and the automatic preforming. (
Yucheng machinery, 3-
206-Ma 1374, Xihua industrial building5, Jungwang-Dong, Sihung-City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea)
TPCS textile body thickness cutter/fusion pick-up system automatically prepares body thickness for assembly of car tires.
According to the company, the TPCS system will automatically unlock the calender rollers, cut and splice materials to produce new high-quality tire thickness rolls ready for final tire assembly.
Splice and re-stock
The company uses a splicing device to locate textile wires, which is said to ensure accurate and reliable splicing quality.
According to the manufacturer, the system is designed to meet the strict requirements of tire manufacturers for splicing overlap.
The company offers a complete system that includes the winding back of the calender roller, cutting layers, automatic splicing and re-laying layerswinding.
Multiple System options are also available for adding rubber or textile strips, stock Marks, wire angle adjustments, and operator interfaces.
The machine is modular and allows each user to select the configuration that best meets their process requirements.
According to the company, the machine can be easily reconfigured if future process conditions change. (
US supplier manages inventory, 4485 Allen Road.
Oh, Stowe, 44224)
Circle 31 on the card screw extrusion production line
It is said that the rotating intergrid twin screw extruder provides the highest torqueper-free-
According to the company, the volume and maximum screw speed of its main composite competitors.
It is said that the torque increase of the patented gearbox and the high screw speed guarantee the quality of the product and disperse evenly at low material temperature.
It is said that due to the convenient operation of TEM Series companies, the maintenance requirements are reduced and the production cost is reduced.
The company offers a 58mm SS model along with 41mm, 48mm, 75mm, 92mm, 104mm and 136mm models.
The company offers extrusion and compounding equipment. (
NFM welding engineer, 577 Oberlin Road. , S. W.
Oh, Massillon 44647)
One year after the introduction of S-cycle 32 on the card scrap size reduction system
To reduce the size of large scrap, the company has developed a smaller shuttle granulator for cleaning and other heavy-duty materialsduty scrap. The S-
The 20 model has a smaller scrap safety room (20\" x 30\")
Than the existing S-30 unit (30\" x 30\")
Small footprint (
5 \"w x 72\" 1x50 \"h)
, But the overall size is the same, the same operation.
The shuttle granulator combines two steps to reduce the size
Similar to the stage process used in carpentry, the grinding process is then carried out by the company\'s radial granulator.
Originally developed for besidethe-
By use, the radial granulator can be used as the second stage of the shuttle granulator with only a slight modification, which is a central granulator system. (
Maguire products, 11 Crozerville Road.
Aston, PA 19014)
The company provides 33 rings of standardized process equipment for rubber processing and tire manufacturing on card process/sorting equipment, as well as a full set of sorting equipment for tire processing.
The company has developed a flat rubber cooling device that reduces manufacturing and engineering costs by standardizing the rubber process and tire handling equipment.
In turn, it is said that standardizing provides customers with faster delivery and savings.
The flat rubber cooling unit has automatic threading, precision stacking, automatic slip handling, automatic slitting and cutting, and optimal space utilization, according to the manufacturer.
Complete range of tire sorting equipment, sorting speed up to 100 tires per minute. Lower-
Speed models are said to be more common.
Product line includes tire handling products, horizontal-
Roller slat shoe sorter.
Because this product is designed for high
Speed sorting of tires, slats unrelated to shoe movement are removed and replaced by narrow lateral
Guide conveyor tread. (
Mathews conveyor in Danville, Kentucky)
34 turns on the card-Not in the oven. 825 is a 500 [degrees]
Electric walking-
In the oven, currently used for curing latex in customer facilities.
This unit is a modified version of the company\'s standard model WTH566-500 walk-in oven.
The workspace dimensions inside the unit measure 54 \"wide x 72\" deep x 72 \"high.
The 30 KW power of the oven is installed in the Incoloy sheath tubular heating element, while the 6,000 cfm, 5 hp circulating blower provides horizontal airflow throughout the workload.
Architectural features on the number
825 includes 4 \"thick insulated walls, a 2\" insulated floor with truck wheel guide track, an aluminum plated steel exterior, and a 304, 2B type stainless steel interior with continuous front
Welded seams, honeycomb silicone rubber door gasket, stainless steel water cooling coil located in the heat chamber, removable top
In order to minimize the requirements for floor space, the main body of the oven is divided into three parts for the customer to load onto the elevator.
Safety equipment includes a digital programming temperature controller, a manual reset overheat temperature controller with a separate heating element control contactor, a circulating blower airflow safety switch, an SCR power supply controller and a 6 \"bar chart recorder. (
500 Hart Road sad
IL 60073 Lake Rim Hotel-2898)
35 laps on the card servo sharpener system the company\'s servo sharpener/cutting system is specially designed for medical and catheter pipe production.
These systems do not use the gear, tooth belt, shaft or other inertia that causes the mechanical transmission, but are directly driven, allows the need for accurate speed control and almost instantaneous speed changes in the production of raised or conical tubes.
Three motors are used on the system, one for each of the two belts and one for each tool.
The touch screen control software features include a switch output for changing the air level of the pipe inflation depending on the proportional change of the raised pipe ID/OD ratio.
Cone length is said to be easy to program. (
Wayne Machine & mould, 100 Fleur Street
, Totowa, NJ 07512-1896)
The circle 36 on the card polyurethane mixing head has developed a circulating mixing head for spraying polyurethane on the edge (
Reaction Injection molding)applications.
The MiniRim spray head is said to be the first circulating spray mixing head designed for an open stylepour.
MiniRim spray head is also considered to be the only mixing head specially designed for spray on the market, and is self-containedcleaning.
According to the company, the nozzle mechanism is designed to automatically discharge the mixed polyurethane resin from the chamber and cavity, thus reducing the waste of chemical resin and shortening the cycle time.
The MiniRim spray head is said to offer many additional advantages over the open-
Pour with standard head.
The nozzle distributes the foam material in a wide and uniform application path, greatly reducing the number of times the nozzle must pass through the mold to complete the pouring.
According to the manufacturer, the head is considered to provide a way to quickly and effectively cover a large area and precisely control excessive spraying. (Gusmer-Admiral, 305 W. North St.
Oh, Akron 44303)
The production line of rotating 37 horizontal injection molding Indigo horizontal injection molding machine on the card includes a toggle fixture model from 33 to 440 U. S.
Tons and hydraulic equipment from $500 to $1,000S. tons.
The machine is closed now-
Loop Control function without surcharge.
Each model contains the matrix controller of the company, the microprocessor
Provide closed system-based
Pressure injection control and other capabilities.
It is said that the precision, repeatability, durability and economy of the Indigo series can be distinguished from the equipment of the competitors, but now the mold can use closed
Cycle Control to stabilize, analyze and improve their processing operations, according to the manufacturer.
The company is said to be the world\'s largest manufacturer of vertical fixture plug-ins
Horizontal injection molding machines are also provided. (Autojectors, P. O.
790 cases, 200 Dr. Deco
, Avilla, 46710)
38 laps on the card. Who is the processor of the small accumulator?
Mixed or single
Component materials that go directly into the processing machine can now control consumption and monitor throughput through small enough dispensing units to fit in the extruder throat.
The WST 110 model is a supplement to the company\'s weighing and integral Machine series, which functions exactly the same as the company\'s weighing and integral machine, according to the manufacturer, use the same control software and provide the same high level of quantitative accuracy.
A technology to reduce the cost of raw materials by controlling the monomer
According to the company, the extrusion control network is simpler and more accurate than the traditional yield control system, with a cost reduction of 50%.
Processors can now use accumulators as part of an extrusion control network or as separate units that control batch sizes and track raw material consumption. (
Maguire products, 11 Crozerville Road.
Aston, PA 19014)
39 laps on the card extrusion head developed a double extrusion head for the vehicle tire vertex profile.
According to the company, the extrusion head uses a new hydraulic lever locking system, specifically designed for apex production, so it is much cheaper than the standard extrusion head used before.
The Apex profile is made of one or two different rubber compounds and is applied to wire beads that hold the tire to the rim.
According to the company, special apex extrusion production lines have been developed some time ago to allow continuous production of these profiles and thermal applications of beads without temporary storage, the scope also includes this extrusion line.
However, a double extrusion head with a hydraulic hammer-
Although the head lock is actually meant to make the pedal and the side wall, it is still used to make the vertex profile.
Since apex production requires a very low extruder output and a lower locking force, it is said that these heads are too big for work and therefore too expensive.
The new vertex extrusion head is much smaller and is said to be much cheaper than the standard unit. (
Krupp elastic Technology Co. , Ltd, 663 E. Crescent Ave.
Ramsey City, New Jersey 07446)
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