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Claudio Allevato and David Williams\'s acoustic emission nondestructive assessment of Yankee dryers learned from this in-depth feasibility study that acoustic emission was used as an inspection tool to assess the condition of any Yankee dryer.
The publication includes data collected, conclusions and suggestions for use. 1992.
360 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0101R208 * ISBN: 0898521x list: $105 * members: $70 reference for motor, adjustable speed Driver Application Guide (ASDs)
And applied technology. The 428-
Page reference companion includes more than 250 charts and tables.
ASD users, especially application and facility engineers in the process industry involved in the evaluation, selection, specification and purchase of ASDs and motors, will find this invaluable.
Suppliers engaged in ASDs and motors, such as engineers, sales and marketing professionals, will benefit from this publication.
Published by Jarsco Publishing. CD-
ROM and book on page 428. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 08EPRI list: $120 * members: $120 checklist for reasonably planned items--
Disk this floppy disk contains the QuatroPro spreadsheet file for prompt 040801, and the checklist for the project is planned correctly.
Item No. : 0108040801D list: $50 * members: $33 concrete Manual: Randy nicksong and David C. Practical to protect and improve concrete durability in pulp and paper mills
Bennett this manual provides information on how to obtain new concrete that has higher durability or provides appropriate protection for deterioration of various forms encountered by pulp and paper mills.
The concrete manual is a project of the corrosion and material engineering committee of the TAPPI engineering department. 1999.
40 pages, soft cover. [
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Item No. : 0101R289 * ISBN: 0898525144 list: $32 * members: $22 consumer guide for David W. Collie mass flowmeter
This is the world\'s first completely independent guide to the collie mass flowmeter, ranked by performance, full
Scale flow range and manufacturer.
It contains technical information on the evaluation and analysis of these flowmeters, including pointers for installation such as fluids, pipes, hydraulics, installation and Electrical considerations.
The table includes the type of flow meter and the selected features provided by each supplier, as well as their country, origin or source.
This guide is indispensable for designers, engineers, owners and terminals
Users of the Collie mass flowmeter.
Please check the ranking of the flowmeter and use this guide to help you select the next Collie mass flowmeter. 2002.
Publishing Copperhill and pointers, Inc. 2002.
Page 87, soft cover. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 08CMF * ISBN: 1932095012 list: $250 * members: $250 David W consumer guide for differential pressure flow transmitters
Spitzer and Walt Boyes differential pressure flow transmitters are used throughout the industry as an integral part of the flow measurement system.
This report presents many common features of these transmitters and explains their importance.
Introduce and use specifications to calculate potential measurement errors introduced by these transmitters.
It also presents methods for compiling information used to quantify the performance of differential pressure flow transmitters.
Publishing Copperhill and pointers. 2003.
86 pages, soft cover. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 08DPFT * ISBN: 1932095039 list: $250 * members: $250 David W\'s guide to consumers of magnetic flowmeter
This is the world\'s first completely independent guide to magnetic flow meters, ranked by performance, instrument type and manufacturer.
It contains technical information on the evaluation and analysis of these flowmeters, including pointers for installation such as fluids, pipes, hydraulics, installation and Electrical considerations.
The table includes the type of flow meter and the selected features provided by each supplier, as well as their country, origin or source.
This is indispensable for designers, engineers, owners and terminals
Users of magnetic flow meters.
Please check the ranking of the flowmeter and use this guide to help you select the next magnetic flowmeter.
Publishing Copperhill and pointers, Inc. 2002.
88 pages, soft cover. [
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Item number: 08MF * ISBN: 1932095004 list: $250 * Member: colin Oloman\'s $250 electrolytic processing for the pulp and paper industry this book provides pulp and paper technicians and executives with the tools to assess the role of chemistry in their industry-
Especially in the area of closed developmentCycle process.
It reviews traditional pulp and paper operations, emphasizing the techniques of managing resources and reducing the rapid changes in the environmental impact of pulp and paper processes.
It introduces the principle of electrolysis technology in the background of designing industrial electrolytic reactor.
You will learn about the various electrosynthesis and separation techniques used or possible in the main line process and pollution control of pulp and paper industry.
This article is also useful for students majoring in pulp and paper, as well as students majoring in chemical, electro-chemical and environmental engineering. 1996.
244 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08EPPI * ISBN: 0951730770 list: $50 * Member: $50 for energy cost reduction in pulp and paper industry
Peter N Brown, technical editor
Editor Williamson introduced reducing potential huge energy costs by improving the energy efficiency of existing pulp and paper operations.
Both old and new, factories have reasonable cost-benefit options to reduce energy costs.
The earlier chapters focused on the views of the plant manager, while the later chapters covered the technical views.
Published by the Canadian Institute of pulp and paper (Paprican). 2001.
234 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08ECR * ISBN: 0919578152 listing: $75 * members: $75 corrosion of plastic and rubber in process equipment
Gunnar Bergman experience from the pulp and paper industry this book is a revised and updated translation of the original Swedish text published in 1987, produced for the plastics research project of the Swedish Institute of corrosion.
It contains the real
Deterioration of many plastic, rubber and masonry materials in the mill, failure rate and world data for maintenance records.
An example and evaluation of the corrosion of process equipment are given, and suggestions are put forward to solve these problems.
In this revision, metals and ceramics are also discussed in order to compare various materials.
This edition includes certain faults and related conclusions that may be considered mechanical or related to operational failures, not just corrosion. 1995.
182 pages, soft cover.
Project No. : 0101R206 * ISBN: 0898522730 list: $108 * members: $72 Engineering Data Manual-
The second edition of the US National Standard Engineering Data Manual provides the latest technical information for people using fluids.
As a companion to the standards of the hydraulic Association, as well as the HI test standards, the engineering data Manual completes the data to solve the problems related to fluid pumping and delivery.
Published by the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering. 1999.
205 pages, hard cover. [
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Item No. : 08HIEDB * ISBN: 1800952017 list: $79 * Member: Douglas Bruce\'s guide to energy saving opportunities in kraft pulp industry is worth $79. This guide provides a practical, concise and practical step for pulp and paper engineersby-
Step-by-step approach to improving energy efficiency at Kraft plant.
Key elements include energy audits, benchmarking peers and new plants, gathering energy-saving ideas, assessing the impact on plant systems, and forecasting cost savings.
Published by the Canadian Association of pulp and paper technology (PAPTAC). 2001.
182 pages, soft cover. [
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Item No. : 08ESO * ISBN: 1896742513 list: $20 * Member: Safe operation guide for steam heating paper machine dryer edited by Steven P $20
This is the guide for safe operation and maintenance of steam heating paper machine dryer.
This report was prepared by the steam heating dryer subcommittee of the maintenance and mechanical engineering committee of the TAPPI engineering department.
The report includes detailed information on the structure, operation and safety guidelines of the dryer.
It also has a glossary of SI units, a reference list, and a conversion factor. 1995.
64 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0101r2 50 * ISBN: 0898522951 list: $52 * Member: $35 centrifugal pumps and vertical pumps that allow operating areas describe the effect of operating a centrifugal pump or vertical pump at a flow rate above or below the optimal efficiency point flow rate of the pump. 1997.
9 Pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICVPA * ISBN: 1880952246 list: $66 * Member: $66 centrifugal pump and vertical pump for condition monitoring. It is intended to be used as a tool for implementing process security management, as well as a general usability improvement plan. 2000.
26 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICVPCM * ISBN: 1880952467 list: $66 * Member: the $66 centrifugal and vertical pump of the NPSH margin describes the benefits to the pump life when the NPSH is available greater than the NPSH required for the appropriate margin, and recommends the margin for various applications. 1998.
13 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICVP * ISBN: 1880952254 list: $66 * Member: $66 USD centrifugal pump and vertical pump for vibration measurement and allowable value describes the vibration properties of industrial/commercial centrifugal pump and vertical pump.
Includes a description of vibration dynamics, vibration measurements, allowable vibration values, and factors affecting vibration. 2000.
26 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICVPVM * ISBN: 1880952459 list: $66 * members: $66 pump-
General guidelines for type, definition, application, sound measurement and purification are applicable to all industrial/commercial pumps, including centrifugal, vertical, rotary, and reciprocating types. 2000.
66 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HIPGG * ISBN: 1880952432 list: $66 * members: $66 pump intake design provides intake design advice for suction pipes and all types of wet pits.
While the specific intake design is beyond the pump manufacturer\'s responsibility, their comments may be helpful to the intake designer.
This version is based on the outer diameter of the pump inlet clock, called \"design diameter\" or simple \"D\", which is an acceptable range of average speed within the range of D, verify that the proximity speed does not exceed the number of pump air outlets specified as a function of Froud \"fd\" and D.
Consists of standards and several appendices.
These Appendices are included as educational information and are not part of the standard. 1998.
64 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HIPID * ISBN: 1800952262 list: $186 * members: $186 vertical pumps for design and application are suitable for Vertical centrifugal pumps driven by vertical motors or horizontal engines with right angle gears;
It includes design and application. 2000.
49 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HIVPDA * ISBN: 1880952327 list: $78 * members: $78 vertical pumps for installation, operation and maintenance this standard outlines general principles that must be taken into account to ensure failure-
Free pump operation. 2000.
18 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HIVPIOM * ISBN: 1880952335 list: $60 * members: $60 vertical pump 2000 for naming and defining.
Page 27, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HIVPND * ISBN: 1880952319 list: $72 * Member: $72 vertical pump test, designed to provide uniform procedure for water pressure, hydraulic and mechanical performance test for vertical pumps, and record the test results.
This standard is limited to the test of water vertical diffuser type centrifugal pump. 2000.
38 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HIVPT * ISBN: 1880952343 list: $66 * members: $66 Yankee clothes dryer safe operation Guide, Second Edition, revised and updated by William GCorboy, Jr.
This report provides recommended guidelines for the safe operation and management of Yankee dryers.
As a project of the TAPPI Engineering Department maintenance and mechanical engineering committee, these guidelines are designed to meet the existing ASME code and most jurisdictional requirements.
The contents include: Engineering and Design Guide, maintenance and repair guide, Operation guide and personnel safety guide. 1995.
38 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0101R244 * ISBN: 0898522897 list: $34 * members: status monitoring standard for $23 IDCON (CMS)
Components of a document system for setting up and running preventive maintenance, basic care, and status monitoring (PM/ECCM)
System in any industry.
Each CMS is carefully prepared by IDCON and craftsmen, supervisors and operators from many factories.
CMS document use sufficient four-
Color pictures and illustrations to explain the functionality, status monitoring, and why and how these tasks are performed.
These files can be used: * references when building or enhancing preventive maintenance systems * references when performing monitoring checks * Components basic functions teaching training materials * how and why training materials for status monitoring/inspection their overall approach concise, clear and logical componentsby-
CMS documentation is essential for each workshop, trainer, supervisor, and preventive and predictive maintenance technician. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Status monitoring standard, Volume 1 item number: 08IDCON1 list: $195 * members: $195 status monitoring standard, Volume 2 item number: 08IDCON2 list: $195 $195 status monitoring standard, roll 3 item No. : 08IDCON3 list: $195 * members: Kraft recycling boiler edited by Terry N $195
Adams\'s comprehensive textbook covers recycling boilers in depth, bringing together information on combustion, safety, emissions, blockage and corrosion.
The book also covers basic chemical and mechanical engineering principles that directly involve liquor and recycling boilers.
It contains information about typical values and normal ranges of important variables, as well as a number of examples of calculations, data tables, and graphs of related material properties or constants and conversion factors.
Written by a group of industry experts, this article contains a lot of practical information, such as simple tests to identify problems, important observations to help understand specific operational issues, and \"rules\"of-
Thumb that is usually used in the industry.
This article was written as a project for AF & PA and published by tappi press. 1997.
380 pages, hard cover. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 0102B064 * ISBN: 0962598593 list: $135 * members: $90 painting of steel structure maintenance in pulp and paper mills--
The most cost-effective method of procedure edited by David C. Bennett, R.
Success and cost of Randy Nixon, Donald sampenson and Daniel Griffin
The effectiveness of the plant depends largely on ongoing projects to maximize preventive maintenance of protective coatings on steel structures.
This book highlights the key to a good maintenance plan and gives concessions to today\'s busy factory engineers.
Contents include: * principles, procedural elements and condition assessment * environment of pulp and paper mills * surface preparation requirements and standards * paint systems and materials * quality, inspection and productivity * 2001 additional consideration.
Page 45, spiral binding. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 0101R300 * ISBN: 1930657730 list: $48 * members: $30 maintenance plan and scheduling is one of the most important elements in maintenance management.
Planning and scheduling are also synonymous with maintenance control.
This book is an authority on the subject, offering practical, tested techniques and processes through which you can build, run, and manage this functionality to the worldClass standard.
Topics covered in Section 11 include: maintenance basics, planning systems, work order planning, backlog management, maintenance scheduling, computerized maintenance management system development, planning and scheduling downtime, performance measurement and management, basic care and condition monitoring.
Released by IDCON, Inc. 1996. Soft cover.
Item number: 08IDCONMPS list: $125 * members: $125 Paper Science and Technology Book Series 15 volumes of materials, corrosion edited by Jari Aromaa and Anja Klari are published by the Finnish Association of paper engineers and TAPPI.
This book provides an overview of corrosion prevention and control in the pulp and paper industry, with a focus on material selection and maintenance. 1999.
436 pages, hard cover. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 0202FIN15 * ISBN: 9525216152 list: $85 * members: $85 mechanical seals: Pulp and Paper Industry Guide edited by Elton T
Krogel this publication is intended to introduce various types of mechanical end face seals.
The illustrated book contains useful information on the selection of seals for existing equipment, procurement with sealing equipment, and provision for maximum interchange. 1993.
48 pages, soft cover.
Item number: 0101r2 23 * ISBN: 0898523168 list: $36 * Member: $24 [
Slightly] Illustrations
The complete set of motor challenge materials provided by the motor challenge series TAPPI.
Item No. : 08MC01ALL list: $10 * members: $10 car challenge original material this book is a short compilation of current activities and resources in the industrial automotive system market.
The book is divided into eight parts, including an introduction, an overview of the US motor and drive equipment market, a list of manufacturers, plans for utility motor systems, government activities, a list of industry associations, resources, tools and standards.
Published by the US Department of Energy.
Item No. : 08 mc01 list: $10 * members: $10 paper machine design and operation--
Description and explanation of Gunnar Gavelin this book introduces the reader to the development and operation practice of the current paper machine and compares the design methods of the main paper machine manufacturers.
Including basic paper machines;
However, the overpressure extension and coating are not treated.
In addition to discussing design options, this book offers many suggestions on how to optimize the operation of paper machine equipment.
Engineers and technicians from paper mills, paper mills all attach great importance to this book because it provides a wealth of practical paper making information.
Published by Angus Wilder Publishing1998.
222 pages, hard cover.
Item No. : 08 awdmp * ISBN: 0969462824 list: $47 * Member: $47 James P. Dynamic foundation design for paper machine edited
A project for advertising-
Ad hoc paper machine dynamic foundation committee in TAPPI engineering department, this book is useful for those involved in basic design, including maintenance engineers, chief engineers and paper machine managers. 1994.
82 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0101r2 39 * ISBN: 0898522846 list: $54 * members: $36 save up to 25%!
Quantity discount is available.
See page 63 for details.
Paper Machine steam and condensation system, 5 th edition edited by R
Krumenacker and P.
The German paper machine steam and condensation system covers the basic design, operation and control of the equipment required for efficient steam control and condensate removal system to function properly.
This version includes dozens of numbers and useful tables and charts, as well as a glossary that helps to understand.
This book is a project of the water removal Committee of the TAPPI Engineering Department that will help paper makers and people responsible for solving drying problems
Related issues1999.
76 pages, soft cover. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 0101R096 * ISBN: 089852377X list: $48 * members: $30 Richard A\'s wet Press Manual for the fourth edition of the paper machine
Reese introduced the wet press technology in the paper industry and included information on the consideration of the actual pressure section of the paper machine.
This book outlines the news section equipment and the key factors that optimize the performance of the news section.
In addition, a checklist used to assess the performance of the news department is included. [
Slightly] Illustrations
This book is especially useful for paper company personnel including paper machine supervision, Foreman, paper machine operator, process engineer, etc.
Employees involved in supplying the department\'s equipment and suppliers in the paper industry that assess the department\'s performance will also find the book beneficial.
A project of the water removal Committee of the TAPPI engineering department. 1999.
224 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0102B042 * ISBN: 0898520673 list: $120 * members: $80 performance test program
It includes procedures for conducting and calculating performance tests, preparing material and energy balances, comparing operational cases and alternatives, and tracking the impact of changes.
The report also contains Excel spreadsheets with related calculations.
This report was prepared by the steam and electricity commission recycling boiler subcommittee of the TAPPI engineering department. 1996. 120 pages. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 0101R263 * ISBN: 0898523338 list: $89 * members: $59 Power Piping Data, second edition of Frank M Edit
Tenore this article provides information on class 20 buildings to help design engineers specify sufficient and accurate pipe materials for known operating conditions.
All data are in compliance with the ASME/ANSI specification for pressure piping. 1992.
62 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0101R118 * ISBN: 0898522625 list: $37 * Member: preventive maintenance/basic care and condition monitoring for $25 is a unique resource to improve the maintenance process and learn intelligent inspection and trouble shooting techniques for various components (including fasteners, pumps, conveyors), motors, gears, bearings, chains, pipes and valves, coupling, seals, fans, lubrication, lifting equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, compressor, steam, electrical systems, etc.
The book introduces the inspection technology, as well as the inspection tools and examples of how to check some standard parts.
It explains carefully how to establish and improve preventive maintenance systems or processes in any industry.
Readers learn how to organize state monitoring, lubrication, alignment, cleaning, and other preventive maintenance systems into a well-arranged process.
Released by IDCON, Inc. 1998. Soft cover.
Item No. : 08IDCONPME list: $125 * members: $125 manual of standards for process engineering design: see page 49 for normal design standards for pulp and paper.
Pulp and Paper stirring: Carl Yackel\'s second edition of history, mechanics and processes provides a comprehensive analysis and history of pulp and paper stirring.
This useful text includes details that are useful when choosing the right mixer for a specific environment, as well as calculations for the safety axis selection.
The water Wing impeller is described in chapter 13, and a detailed example and calculation are given. 1998.
120 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0101R177 * ISBN: 0898525039 list: $36 * members: $24 result oriented maintenance management includes 81-to two-
Page independent articles on various maintenance management topics provide readers with clever insights and solutions to daily maintenance problems.
Topics covered include productivity, competency, failure analysis, team, organizational structure, key performance metrics, benchmarking, implementation of world-class reliability and maintenance, new role of supervisor, cost reduction, flexibility, more
Process, PM check interval, do the right thing, cause of PM program failure, etc.
Released by IDCON, Inc. 1997.
Page 92, soft cover.
Item number: 081DCONROM list: $45 * members: $45
Forming process edited by J. D.
Parker this classic article defines the basic process mechanism for manipulating fibers to produce paper characteristic structures.
Chapter 1 is entitled \"basic formation process: a combination of three fluid dynamics processes\", which includes three parts: drainage, directional shear, and turbulence.
The second chapter \"practical application\" is divided into four parts: four rollers, roller bending machines and two rollers.
Line and cylinder-Vat Machines.
The book also contains references and subject indexes. 1972.
104 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 0102BS09 list: $40 * members: 26 stainless steel and specialty alloys for modern pulp and paper mills edited by Arthur H
Tuthill has written this manual to provide factory engineers with a good overview of forging and casting alloys currently used in sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid plants.
The alloys useful in the main equipment found in the 12 different parts of the paper mill are supplemented by parts about alloy properties, fasteners, wear, welding and corrosion.
Designed to provide useful reference for factory engineers to provide building materials for equipment used on a daily basis.
Published by the nickel Development Institute. 2002.
148 pages, soft cover. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item number: 08SSSA list: $5 * Member: $5 shipping costs need to be quoted?
Contact TAPPI, press 866. 201.
1012 related articles: System Requirements: * Windows 95 or 98, 98 SE, * NT 3. 5 or 4.
0, * Windows 2000, ME or XP * graphics card supported by Intel Pentium or equivalent 133Mhz or higher processor * 32 mb ram * 2 mb ram (
800x600 16-bit color display)
* 30mb available hard disk space * 2X speed disc * keyboard * mouse Related article: ANSI/hydraulic Association standard is adopted for the public interest, designed to help eliminate misconceptions between manufacturers, purchasers and/or users, and to help buyers select and obtain the right products based on specific needs.
The use of hydraulic Association standards is entirely voluntary.
Centrifugal pumps designed and applied provide a guide for the application of centrifugal pumps for various services.
No attempt was made to cover all stages of the centrifugal pump application, however, efforts were made to point out some of the main features of the pump and the precautions that should be taken in use. 2000.
Page 92, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICPDA * ISBN: 1880952289 list: $90 * Member: $90 centrifugal pump for installation, operation and maintenance this standard is applicable to all industrial/commercial types of centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps except vertical single, multi-stage diffuser types. 2000.
21 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICPIOM * ISBN: 1880952297 list: $50 * members: $50 centrifugal pump 2000 for naming and defining.
65 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICPND * ISBN: 1880952270 list: $72 * Member: $72 centrifugal pump test this standard is intended to be a record of the mechanical performance test and test results of water pressure, hydraulic, centrifugal pump. 2000.
37 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICPT * ISBN: 1880952300 list: $66 * members: $66 centrifugal pumps and vertical pumps that allow nozzle loads include the allowable nozzle load proposals for the following pump types: * horizontal end suction single * vertical-in-
Line 1 * axial split single, two * End Suction slurry pump * vertical turbine Short Pump 2001.
34 pages, soft cover.
Item No. : 08HICVPAN * ISBN: 1880952440 list: $66 * members: $66 related articles: 30-
Day refund guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product purchased from TAPPI, you can refund the product within 30 days of purchase for credit or refund.
Please contact 866-201-
1012 return authorization. [
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Related article: Kee controls tensionHuyn Shinn, Ph. D.
In this paper, the longitudinal dynamics and tension control of web processing system are studied in depth.
Key web handling issues related to improper tension control include wrinkles, Slack, breakage, lateral movement, and poor roller quality.
This valuable text is the only reference currently used exclusively for tension control. 1999.
126 pages, soft cover. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Item No. : 0101r2 75 * ISBN: 0898523486 list: $72 * members: $48 WinMetrix engineering features calculatorROM This CD-
ROM contains a unit converter that converts specific pulp and paper measurements into English or metric units, a periodic table of elements with 14 attribute descriptions for each element, A pressure drop calculator for size calculation in a simple liquid flow system, a scientific database of equations, constants and properties, steam and air tables in SI or English units. 2001.
Dry doctor Company
Minimum system requirements: Windows 3.
1. Mouse, VGA screen, 8mb memory item number: 08DD-
CD list: $99 * members: $99 Yankee dryer: Guide to Safety and status assessment edited by William GCorboy, Jr.
Learn how to reduce risk and improve the operating efficiency of the Yankee dryer.
This report provides guidelines based on the experience of the organization industry. 1992.
Page 74, soft cover.
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