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electrodeposited metal bellows contacts.

by:DMS Seals     2020-07-07
* Long Life * for designers of professional Electronics, the plated metal bellows is usually-
Solutions to composite design problems that have been ignored.
The properly designed plated bellows can provide higher reliability and flexibility than the normal spring contacts.
They can also mix high conductivity with long life, lower contact force and unparalleled mechanical repeatability. Gold-
Plating: Nickel bellows can carry up to 4A without excessive heating.
Alternatively, electro-deposited copper bellows offer a similar advantage with a current capacity of up to 10A.
As the composition increases, the plated bellows contacts open the custom design opportunity to make consistent connections with less parts and less force.
However, the cost of using bellows contacts-
It is effectively necessary to have a specific understanding of their manufacturing and electronic design processes.
The bellows contact technology has since been used to study laboratory equipment as well as industrial, military and other applications.
Compared to spring
Loaded pogo pins, wire mesh cylinders or pads and bent Springs-
Lever contact, plated bellows to maintain height-
Expensive solutions to meet difficult design requirements such as: the need for a micro-chip tester with extra contact probes
The spring force is low, and the electrical contact with the test piece is consistent, and the precision circuit is protected at the same time;
If the circuit board expands, shrinks or twists as the temperature changes, a laser electronic device that requires flexible interconnect to maintain continuity between the boards;
Or battlefield electronics needs to be superreliable, long-
Life button switch sealed with harsh, dirty, wet environment. Extra-
Thin walls enable the plated bellows to compress and recover its length at extremely low spring rates.
Deposited nickel bellows 1.
For example, only 3 is provided with a diameter of 0mm.
Medium spring force 0gcompression.
In contrast, the piston
Like pogo pins with equal diameter and stroke, the spring rate is several times.
Due to the limitations of ordinary metal stamping, even simple bending
The lever contacts produce relatively high spring forces.
Plating makes the bellows Wall only one-
Ten, the thickness of ordinary stamping parts and
Thickness of hydraulic molded bellows.
The sharp radius of the plated bellows section can also make three times the wall thickness, far less than the radius generated by mechanical forming.
In electronic contact arrays or applications involving precision devices, the low spring force of the plated bellows can significantly reduce the force required for contact.
For example, an automatic microchip tester uses an inserted probe to test every precision semiconductor. The spring-
The action bellows on the probe limits the contact force to 1. 1 oz.
The closed end of the precise electronic form faithfully copies the circular, flat or sharp contact geometry to suit the application.
The termination end of the bellows can be kept open for welding columns or electrically forming with an integral handle or flange. Circle 205--
Cedar Grove servo motor, New Jersey. www. rslads. com/308df-
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