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DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer guide strip as the guide sleeve

DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer guide strip as the guide sleeve

DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer guide strip as the guide sleeve

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Product Information of DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer guide strip as the guide sleeve
Enterprise Strength
  • Dms Seals achieves the organic combination of culture, sci-tech, and talents by taking business reputation as the guarantee, by taking service as the method and taking benefit as the goal. We are dedicated to providing customers with excellent, thoughtful and efficient services.
Company Advantages
1. The manufacturing process of DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal ring manufacturers is safe and reliable.
2. The production of DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal ring manufacturers is in compliance with the industry defined norms and guidelines.
3. DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the fine workmanship and smooth production.
4. DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal ring manufacturers is designed using top class material and advanced tools & equipment under the guidance of highly skilled designers.
5. This product is able to provide lasting foot comfort. It adapts to the contours of the foot and has the maximum relief of pressure points.
6. This product has great strength. The materials used for has the strength to resist externally applied loads without breaking or yielding.
7. This product is safe and non-toxic. The standards on formaldehyde and VOC off-gassing emissions we applied to this product are far stricter.
8. This product is highly abrasion-resistant. The structure of the fabric is tightly woven to effectively resist any form of abrasion.
9. This product allows for easy gait. Its lightweight cushioning design contributes to softening steps and helps propel the foot forward.
10. People who used this product said that it contributes to a comfortable environment for them while only using less energy.
11. This product is able to make the brand memorable. It is widely used in product promotion activity, the opening ceremony of the real estates, as well as the exposition.
12. This product is able to carry around people's stuff in an organized manner. It can easily store things which people wish to carry around while traveling.

1. Installation Recommendation 

DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer guide strip as the guide sleeve-1

2. Application and properties

Applicable to the guiding of piston and piston rod of hydraulic cylinder and air cylinder, has the function of supporting and guiding. The guide strips with the thickness which equal to or greater than 2mm, double sided embossing could be provided, the embossing structure is conducive to the formation of lubrication micro-pit, improve micro lubrication, at the same time, it is helpful to embed tiny foreign objects and protect the sealing system.

3. Standard materials

White virgin PTFE

4. Working Conditions

Working  Conditions

Diameter Range

Pressure Range

Temperature Range



Custom as Required

-55℃ +225℃

15 m/s

hydraulic oil, emulsion, and water

Piston:  L=C × ( D - W ) - k [ mm ] D = Piston Dia. [ mm ] W = Thickness [ mm ]

Rod:    L=C × ( d + W ) - k [ mm ] d = Rod Dia. [ mm ]  C = 3.14  k=0.8

5. Length of whole roll










Length of whole roll ( m )









Above data only for reference, it shall follow the actual products.

Standard groove width

Groove width L2



















The products of various width could be provided.

Standard thickness of product

Thickness W










The products of various thickness could be provided.

Company Features
1. With years of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing of rubber seal ring manufacturers, Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has taken its place among manufacturers in the industry. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited is a market respected manufacturer that specializes in the development, production, and marketing of shaft oil seals . As one of the leaders in manufacturing rubber seal manufacturers , Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has accumulated significant expertise and experience across the industry. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited sets us apart and has earned a reputation for quality rubber o rings manufacturers and truly customer-centric service. In virtue of years of experience and expertise, Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has become a well-known expert in R&D, design, and production of oil seal manufacturer.
2. Our factory is equipped with first-class production, testing, and research facilities. This comprehensive one-stop production condition enables it to manufacture high quality and uniform products. We are legally licensed with the export certificate. This enables us to sell merchandises overseas without too many troubles in customs clearance, which directly help cut delivery time. We have imported a series of production facilities. These unique manufacturing facilities allow us to address a broad range of product objectives and meet rigid quality assurance standards. We have our design professionals. They are highly experienced and committed to providing our customers with the best designs that optimize efficiency and minimize costs. Our manufacturing team is led by an expert in the industry. He/She has overseen the design, construction, accreditation and process improvements, improving the overall manufacturing efficiency.
3. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited perseveres in urging the office cooperation culture. Inquire! Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited will continue to follow the purpose of 'for the sake of customers, provide high-quality products'. Inquire! We place high demands on the quality of bearing element . With the support of our professional and technical personnel, Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has enough confidence to make reliable oil seal manufacturer. Inquire! Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited will help you better increase your benefits. Inquire!

DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer guide strip as the guide sleeve

oil seal manufacturer


DMS Seal Manufacturer oil seal manufacturer guide strip as the guide sleeve-2

Works great keeps things hot or cold for a long time. We use the water from the coffee machine to preheat it for hot things.
I make his food at 745 and he has lunch at 1230. Does not stay warm at all
Excellent thermos
Perfect size for my daughters lunch bag. Keeps her lunch warm until lunch time!
I would definitely buy again
very good
my daughter has everything hello kitty, so this fit right in. great Thermos quality, cute enough for the kids to want it. worked so well that after 3 hrs, soup was STILL too hot to eat.
I bought 4, since my two kids keep loosing their lunch boxes. I love these thermos, the’re small but not too small. I use them to pack lunch for my kids, they keep the food hot. I love how open the top is, which makes eating and cleaning very easy. I recommend.
At first I thought, "oh well, it doesn't work!" But after the second try it kept my food just right. You must heat water first, and put it in the Funtainer for 15 minutes. Also, heat the food before putting it in, and it will keep for 4 1/2 hours.
This container is great for sending hot foods in my daughter’s lunch. The 10 oz size is a perfect serving size and small enough to fit inside her lunchbox.
Love this thermos so far. Heated up water to a boil in the microwave and then put in the thermos for several minutes to heat up the interior while I cooked the soup and put it in the thermos. It seals well without leaks and held an entire can of soup. The soup was plenty warm for lunch at school for my daughter several hours later. I would highly recommend.
Bought this for my child school lunch box and it’s good for that but it doesn’t keep food “hot” more like room tempsture but does the purpose for just a schools lunch.
I bought 2 of these and I love them! The colors are great and they work so well. I wanted to send hot lunches for my kids and these jars really do the trick! Spaghetti, soups, chicken nuggets, pizza rolls and anything else that is hot when I put it in the jar is still hot when the kids eat lunch! I wish my Mom had this when I was in school!!
I love this and the color is the same as pictured. Use it daily and it is easy to clean in dishwasher.
Haven’t test it as yet as far as how long it keeps hot. (My daughter just loves to eat out of it) but it holds enough for my 4 year old
This was purchased for my mother for my son who is in fourth grade. Great for his lunches we love thermos brand
This is a very nice Thermos at a decent price. I use this for my son's school lunches and his food stays warm from 6:45 am when it goes in there until 11:30 am when he eats lunch. This holds up well and my son (who is 5) can open the Thermos himself most of the time. Is has a wide enough mouth that you can eat right from the container. I would highly recommend only hand-washing this as I'm afraid it could get some etching if placed in the dishwasher.
I had purchased one of these for my daughter 3 years ago and it still works great. I heat up her food extra hot in the morning and five hours later at lunch time her food is the perfect temperature for her to eat. I just bought this one for my now 2 year old son and although the design has changed a little bit, it is shorter but fatter than my daughters, it works just as well. (P.S. I always handwash these. I think the dishwasher messes with their effectiveness.)
Very good product. Useful for hot lunches to school.
Keeps cold, ice doesn't melt.
No vino del color que pedi
My triplets each have one able love they can take lunch for school and it stays hot
I love it
Great little thermos with an adorable hello kitty on it. Although I love this thing for soups and my other lunch items, my one gripe with it is that the lid can be somewhat difficult to clean because of how the edge is deep and narrow. Things are prone to get lodged in there and if not careful, start molding and causing weird smells.
Perfect size. Big hit.
Leak proof and keeps things hot - easy!
Works amazingly well. My son has told me that his food is still too hot at lunchtime, almost 5 hours later. I was worried about the size when it came in, but I am extremely happy with what I can fit into it for my son's lunch. He has not had an issue opening this by himself.
I’m in a rehab home and my husband brings me lunch once a week. This worked well for our desired purpose. Last time he brought me ice cream in a covered dish with ice cubes. When he got here both were melted so we ordered this nice little thermos. He stored it, lid off, in the freezer. This time he put in a scoop of ice cream and brought it up. The ice cream wasn’t melted at all. It does have an area that is raised at the top on the inside (the interior isn’t smooth) but it was fine.
This Thermos food jar does exactly what it says - keeps food warm for 5hrs, and does not leak. It's easy to clean; the whole assembly goes in the dishwasher. Other reviews have complained about the silicone gasket being difficult to clean, which I don't find difficult to clean at all - I just pull the gasket off the lid, make sure there's no gunk stuck between the "fins," and put in the silverware basket for sanitizing. Reassembly is easy, the whole process is no more difficult than cleaning a sippy cup with a silicone piece in the top. The 10oz capacity is a perfect entree size for my kid's lunch, then I also include veggies with dip or fruit and a little something sweet to round it out. He of course also loves the Spiderman graphic. *Note that for the food to stay warm, you MUST preheat the jar with hot water per the included instructions.
I purchased two of these thermos's for my girls for back to school lunches. We received them the next day after ordering. When I received them they were just as listed on the site. I placed soups, frozen food, stews and spaghetti. I would place all hot food items very hot when placed into the containers. They would remain hot for at least 3 hours then become warm after 6. This is even with cold weather outside, below freezing temps. The frozen fruit I placed in these containers would be still frozen after 4 hours. The kids loved it for hiking with friends and relatives. Made it a great treat for all to enjoy. Easy to wash, plus dishwasher safe. My 7 year old found it easy to open and close as well. Just toss into the backpack and good to go. Definitely would recommend this product for any that is looking for something easy to use on the go.
Bought 3 of these, one for each kid. They are awesome. They hold a lot more than you'd think. These thermoses have made school lunch packing a breeze. Kids are happy not to be getting sandwiches everyday. I like the wide opening... Kids can eat from the thermos with ease. I put all kinds of hot and cold food into the thermoses. Their current favorite is Caesar salad. I layer romaine, chicken, parm, and croutons in the thermos with Caesar dressing on the side. It keeps the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold. How do it know?
after 1 month of use, the interior ring on the cover has come off so now there is no tight fit for when my daughter wants to bring soup to school It's a bummer. It does a wonderful job and keeping food cold or hot, too hot when it had the rubber ring that I would have to put ice cubes to cool it off to the perfect temp. by lunch. Just disappointed that the rubber ring has gone missing now. We purchased 2, the purple one has had no issues. Just don't fill the thermos to the top with liquid because it will spill out and create a horrible mess.
My kids really like it.
Keeps liquid hot for hours!
Keeps food warm for hours.
works well, be careful not to lose ring seal
Didn't realize how small it was.
My ten year old daughter loves this thermos. It keeps hot foods warm until lunch time. Great product. I would recommend it.
It is exactly what we wanted. Our granddaughter loves it.
Price is reasonable and It is really nice.
excellent product and service
Great jar, cute design. Keeps my kid's food warm for at least 4 hours. I heat it in the morning (7am) when I pack her lunch, and it is still hot when she opens it at noon. I have not tried soup, so I cannot speak to whether it is leakproof or not. I use it for things like rice, dumplings, noodles, spaghetti & meatballs, mac & cheese, or basically whatever leftovers we have from dinner. It increases the number of lunch options tremendously, which is great since my kid can't stand peanut butter & jelly.
very good
Works well.
i love it
it was alot smaller than i expected ..was a bit dissapointed but works wellkeeps food hot as told
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