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different types of mechanical seals

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-10
As it is well-
It is well known that the leakage of oil or other liquids in the product can cause serious problems in the industrial process.
It is necessary and important to use something to avoid this situation.
Mechanical Seal came into being.
In general, it is widely used in piping systems that are also popular in the work of connecting mechanisms and adhesives.
Mechanical Seal is a mechanical device that prevents product leakage through a pair or several vertical axes that affect the end face.
Their role is to maintain the joint under the influence of fluid pressure or magnetic properties.
We can infer the advantages of mechanical sealing from the comparison with other sealing accessories.
In reliable performance, long service, low power consumption and a small amount of open range, mechanical seals stand out among other options.
Also, it does not need to be maintained on a regular basis.
It is designed to be suitable for high-
Temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, high
In the process of producing cars, speed and various strong corrosive media.
In most cases, the mechanical seal works with the help of the rotary axis.
Mechanical seals generally include induction seals, adhesives and sealant, and types of flange washers.
This is the inductive seal-
Called cover seal.
It is a mechanical seal adapted to non-mechanical seals.
Contact heating method.
Sealing occurs when the container is filled with material.
It is mainly used for the use of foil sealed by the container.
Foil can be rolled or pre-rolled
Cut and place and press on the material.
Therefore, the induction process connects the seal to the container.
Concrete and drywall, I think, will be the sealing material that we are familiar.
It is often described as a sticky material that is effective in preventing infiltration of air, dust, or something else.
The adhesive or sealant is characterized by non-dissolution and corrosion resistance and is widely used in industrial processes.
The last one is the flange gasket.
They are popular in the pipe section to provide a higher surface area.
Of course, they can hold various sizes depending on the diameter of the pipe.
They are divided into flat washers, spiral wound washers and ring washers of special specifications.
To some extent, it is easy to distinguish between each other.
For example, most of the type washers have bolt holes.
The inside and outer ring of stainless steel is spiral wound gasket.
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