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compounding and mixing systems.

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-12
Aaron equipmentDIV. OF ARECO, INC.
Stainless steel and carbon steel ribbon and double
Cone mixer of resin, powder or color. Double-
Carbon steel sigma blade mixer with extruder discharge. Double-
Arm mixer/extruder with roller bearing and split packing gland, and gear reducer up to 200 hp.
30 rpm speed of front blade;
Rear blade speed 17 rpm. The 13-in. -diam.
The screw is attached to a reversible hydraulic motor with a 2-way 30 rpm. Jacketed 75-
Hp motor, pump, reservoir and heat exchanger.
The bowl and extruder housing is a jacket heated to 100 psi by steam, water or oil at a temperature of 300 F.
The company will transform the extruder. PAUL O. ABBE, INC.
Mixer including Rota-
Forberg-cone roll mixer, ribbon and paddle mixer
Mixer and sigma-
Blade mixer for paste and high paste
Mixing of viscosity.
Specializing in the production of customized mixing equipment with auxiliary equipment such as weighing sensors, bag dumping and dust control.
Balls and ball mills for production and laboratory applications. ACRISON, INC.
Type 350 multi-purpose mixer for continuous mixing of dry materials with two centrally installed mixers running at different speeds.
The mixer can coat the pelletized product with a lubricant or mold release agent, mix the dry powder into the mother material, and add a lubricant or color.
The output range is 1.
2 to 5100 cubic feet/hour. Quick-
Disconnected and hygienic models are available.
Admiral equipmentSee Gusmer-Admiral.
Advanced process technology for batch heating, degassing and mixing in sizes from 2 to 75 gal. Continuous, on-the-
Also provides air degassing.
See Metering, feeding, mixing for Metering/HYDRECLAIM.
See Metering, feeding, mixing for Metering/WHITLOCK.
Sales and service of Mixaco hybrid devices, from Universal hybrid devices to container hybrid devices to high hybrid devices
Quick mixer and heating/cooling mixer.
Capacity increased from 3 to 2000.
Also a secret booster from 15 to 1200 kg/hour. (
See data sheet pp. 166167. )
Double rotation and spin-
Screw extruder for compound and direct product extrusion and full compound. Screw diam.
The output from below 1 lb/hour to 135mm lb/hour is from 18 to 8000 lbs.
The machine is modular with segmented screws and barrels.
Universal Laboratory Extruder with accessories for coordination and counter-spin double-screw modes. Convertible 18-and 27-mm twin-
The throughput of screw extruder for laboratory and medical applications is I to 15 lbs/h and 10 to 100 lbs/H, respectively.
Work in collaborative grid-to-grid and counter-rotating grid-to-grid modes.
The segmented barrel is electrically heated by air or liquid and cooled internally.
The machine is its own.
Included on volume-around frame. Also hot-
A surface granulation system with a capacity of 5000/hour. (See ad p. 152. )
Andrews products
Install * line-intensive non-melting mixer on the processing equipment.
The arm or paddle integrates the liquid color into the flow of particles or powders.
As of 2000, lb/hr has a maximum operating capacity of 400 F and the highest production capacity.
APV Chemical Machinery Co. , Ltd.
View B & P process equipment and systems.
ATLAS electrical equipment
Non-threaded laboratory mixing extruder with elastic-
Energy storage properties of polymer melt for mixing and extrusion.
It is said that stay time a short (typically 20-31 sec);
Samples as small as 1G can be processed;
The amount of shear applied to the melt can be changed.
Extruder has 3/4-in. -diam. rotor and 1/8-in. die.
Temperature Control of rotor, mold and water
Cooling channel on Hopper.
Treat particles, powders, flakes, or debris.
B & P process equipment and systemswiping, high-and medium-torque twin-
The screw extruder from the laboratory to the production unit, the price is 20,000/hour.
Complete testing facility available for feasibility and product development testing.
The machine has segmented mixers of different configurations, as well as segmented buckets of L/D ratio up to 50: 1.
Mixer elements including screw and mixing elements can be provided.
The barrel part can be equipped with a side feeder, an exhaust system, a liquid jet port and a barrel-
Valve assembly.
Process control with PLC
Based on existing systems, as well as optional DCS systems and MMI packages with auxiliary system integration.
Turnkey system including materials
Treatment, mixing and feeding system, vacuum system, chain or underwater granulator, cooling, classification and drying system. LOUIS P. BATSON INC.
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Gloucester Engineering, INC.
See metering, feeding, mixing. (See adp. 4. )BEPEX CORP.
See Bepex companyBERSTORFF CORP. Twin-
Screw synergy from I to 12 in, inter-grid extruder.
The ratio of D/d is 1. 24, 1. 46, 1.
74 for preparation, enhancement, filling and production of masterbatch.
Professional design of melting
Compound feed, devolatile and reactive extrusion. Single-
Screw Extruder up to 24-in. come in melt-and pellet-
Homogenization, evaporation, filtration, granulation and special design of the feed. Single-
Screw, vertical/horizontal series extruder up to 14 in. /16 in.
Combination mixing of high filled PVC and olefin.
In addition, it is specially designed for waste recycling of mixed plastics. Planetary-
It is reported that the gear extruder used for rigid and flexible PVC compounding and pressing feed provides excellent temperature control. Multiple-screw (10 and more)
For high-surface-
Region of evaporation and reaction. (See ad p. 154. )
Black Crawford conversion machinery
Pills and tablets
Standard size screw extruder from 2V2 to 20 in, homogenizer, volati removal and composite machine.
Stewart saw the Stuart steel Bolin company. C. W.
Blabander instruments.
High preparation mixer
Laboratory or medium trial shear, melt-assisted, reinforced mixer-plant mixing.
The mixing capacity is about. 1/2 lb.
Liquid or electric heating. Two-
Roll preparation mill with 4-in. diam. x 8-in.
Working area for laboratory use.
The roll seam is adjustable from 5 to 195 mils;
The drive speed is adjustable to 30 rpm. Twin-
For high-
Shear mixing up to 10 lbs/H has a counter spin, 1 between grids. 65-in. -diam. screws.
Bran and LUEBBE, INC.
Pump for liquid metering/mixing ratio and-
A straight line mixing of two or more liquids.
The unit handles pressure and viscosity up to 50,000 psi to 100,000 cp when output to 23,000 gal/hr. CARL G.
7 K-assign Collin
Lab twins
Screw extruder from DrCollin GmbH.
Or coordinate with a gear conversion.
Segmented screws and barrels.
Closing, ventilation and feeding-
Port barrels in multiple configurations. Screw diam.
It is 50mm, the processing length is from 9: 1 to 18: 1 L/D, the largest.
Production of 50 lbs/hour.
Optional measurement equipment and microprocessor control.
American bus companyBuss-
Continuous kneading machine, reciprocating single
Mix and disperse thermoplastic and thermoplastic materials.
Special shaped screw flight and row of kneading teeth are used in the barrel part, plus reciprocating screw action to provide enhanced kneading.
The main applications include rigid and plasticized PVC, olefin, engineering plastics, ingredients and mixed reinforced plastics. Buss-
The capacity of the continuous system of the kneading machine is 4 to 15,000 lbs/hour.
It is said that the axial and radial mixing provides excellent plastic addition, dispersion and homogenization of polymers and additives.
Century extruder Business Unit
Century Company.
CX series coaxial double-
Screw extruder with dimensions of 30 to 133mm for composite, mixing, filling and enhancing polymer. (
See extrusion system. )(See ad p. 138-Tab. )CHEM-
MIXX Technical DepartmentTRA-CON INC.
Metering, mixing and dispensing equipment for epoxy, polyester and polyurethane includes stainless steel static mixer
Steel and/or disposable construction. CHEMINEER-
The KENICS static mixer static mixing element includes a heat generator specially used for extrusion, which delivers a homogenized molten flow into the mold and has a mixing capability independent of the extruder output.
Heat exchanger (
Multi-tube and clip sleeve)
The Kenics element is used to enhance the heat transfer of polymer molten plastic and foam plastic.
All units are compact and heavy
Works, no moving parts, and provides continuous heating and cooling that is cost-effective. CLEVELAND-
Oriental mixer by EMI
The static mixer is reported to achieve a uniform, controlled degree of shear and flow.
It is reported that the unique element shape provides a lowercost mixing.
See Louis P. Batson Inc.
Colorado Electronics
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Komi Automation System Co. , Ltd.
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Connell Group Co. , Ltd.
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Construction Technology Division
Investment Holding Group Limited
Distribution of Plas Mec (Italian)
Turbine fan and accessory series for temperature regulation and vacuum mixing with capacity from 176 to 1760/kg.
Capacity increased from 200 to 2000.
Horizontal ribbon mixer for temperature cold mixing
Sensitive materials and special systems for mixed heating/cooling.
It is also used as an auxiliary system for automatic charging of mixer and \"container\" finished product mixture.
Laboratory systems that meet specifications.
Cornell machines
The Versator solid/liquid mixer can mix, mix and defoaming two or more ingredients.
It is recommended for paint and paste, which disperse one or more finely divided solids into liquids and remove oxygen at the same time.
The disk in the vacuum chamber rotates at 900 to 6000 rpm.
Handle a wide range of viscosity.
View customized scientific instruments from Atlas electrical equipmentDAVIS-STANDARD CORP. D-Tex twin-
Screw synergy between 32 to 129 and counter-spin intermesh extruder.
5mm, output from 10 lbs/h to 10,000 lbs/H, length 56: 1 L/D.
Barrel port for downstream solid addition or devolatile. Single-
Screw composite extruder handle cold-or hot-
Mixed feed additives. Hard-to-
The feed material can be introduced via ram stuffer or a spiral drill to force-
Feed at the throat of the extruder or through the side
Measure the material to arm addition in the melt aggregation logistics other than the melt part of the extruder.
Applications include concentrated toner, filling systems, alloys, and waste recycling.
Cavity transfer mixer for continuous mixing in sizes 25 to 450mm (
Built under the permission of Rapra USAK. ).
The rotor with a spherical cavity is connected to the end of the extruder screw;
Its fixed housing is installed between the extruder barrel and the mold.
The resulting circulation and cutting motion provide a distribution mix.
As there are no pins, dams or other obstacles to the unit, there is almost no limit to the flow of materials.
Due to the uniform thermal distribution established by the unit, the deformation of the material is reduced by the mold and residual stress.
There is no \"dead space\" in the mixer, resulting in a rapid conversion of the polymer.
Papenmeier high-
Davis PVC and ABS strength mixer-
Standard French size for complete production machines from laboratory models to over 8000/hour.
The mixer/cooler combination increases the cooling area and shortens the cycle time. DAVIS-
Standard KILLION single
Screw compound extruder in screw diam. from 0. 75 to 3. 0 in.
36: 1 L/D for volatile.
Phase 2-
The stage screw has a hybrid element for the mixing of flow, dispersion and distribution.
These include many
The Flighted part, the mixing pin, the gear type 4 mixer and the groove mixing part.
Other features include injection ports along the barrel, downstream feed for additives, and separate control panels for easy access to the machine during maintenance and cleaningup. Strand and die-
Facial ball making system is available.
The machine can be connected to downstream devices to compound
Extrusion production line.
Derriswick company
The Drais Perl ball mill is finely dispersed and homogenized. , medium-, and low-
Sticky material and hard paste.
Units include piercings or nails
Disc mixer and chamber 80-
90% filled small grinding beads from 0. 25-to 2-mm diam.
A large amount of beads leads to very fine grinding and dispersion, and production is said to have increased by 30-50%.
Chamber capacity from I to 1500 liters.
Drais turbulence mixer/stack height
The speed mixing, kneading and reaction processes have an interchanging mixing element for powder, paste and reaction processes.
Knife mill, nail plate and main-shaft-
A jagged disk can be installed in the reactor chamber.
Volume and continuous design from 2.
5 to 40,000 liters.
High Drais Gelimat
1-strength mixerto 250-
The liter capacity uses the friction energy to heat the products mixed and melted and at 15-25 sec.
The mixing machine can process PVC, PP, PE, umw-
The material can be discharged directly into the extruder, mold or roller mill and pelletized.
Batch and continuous models.
Factory and manufacturing. CO.
Six types of Kelly duplex mixer: * 10-to 1500cu-
Free mixed ft size
Particles or fine materials flowing.
* 2-horizontal paddle mixerto 360-cu-
Ft bulk size for rapid mixing of grinding, slurry and powder.
It is said that it is particularly effective for the rolling of mixed PE and color pigments.
The unit provides positive discharge and is easy to clean. Air-
The removal of the shaft seal helps to prevent contamination. * Fluid-
2-bed mixer with very heavy or paste materialto 200-cu-ft batch sizes.
* Horizontal ribbon mixer for mixing flow-
Resistant to materials up to 580 cu ft/batch.
* Continuous double
The belt mixing conveyor with capacity from 50 to 12,000 cu ft/hr combines the mixing and delivery of bulk materials.
* Continuous double
Rotor paddle mixer for mixing solids with solids or liquids at a rate of 100 to 3000 cu ft/hr.
Kelly duplex ingredients and mixed packaging allow the materials to be automatically batch, mixed and stored and then fed directly into the extrusion machine.
Technology CorporationAir-
Motor and electric-
1 to 5 horsepower electric mixer/mixer (
Direct drive or gear-reduction unit)
Adapted to all mixing viscosity.
Model used in 1-to 5000-gal vessels (
Open, close, pressure or vacuum type).
Standard stainless steel
Steel coupling, shaft and propeller. ANSI and Tri-
A clamping flange mixer configured for the top, side or bottom inlet. Explosion-and shock-proof air-
The drive model is immune to fatigue.
Electric model with explosion
Explosion-proof motor and inverter for speed control.
Mill Erie and Press Limited
Laboratory and production II
Roll and warm-
Up mills has working faces from 6x13. to 26 x 84 in.
It can accommodate up to 120 people. long.
Standard sleeve or roller bearings, and chromium-
Air-plating and drilling rollers, electric adjustment screws
Stock Guide to operate scraper knives and tilt.
The drive is constantspeed a-c or variable-speed d-c.
It can be cooled and heated by drilling holes. FARREL CORP. Twin-
Rotor continuous mixer for olefin color ingredients, homogenization and compounding for engineering resin, reinforced resin or rubber-
Modified polymer and rigid and flexible PVC.
Unit range from 25 lbs to 100,000 lbs/h with variable work-
The input level of the discharge temperature is allowed to be adjusted.
The non-staggered rotor design provides fast product conversion and easy cleaning. Farrel CP (
Compact processor)
Combine a continuous mixer with a hot mixer
Multi-function, space-feeding extruder-saving system.
The output is less than 10,000/hour.
Banbury twins
Dual-rotor intensive intermittent mixer and FTX synergy-screw extruder.
FTX has patents for polygon and CME (
Geometric continuity of mixer)
Mixed elements.
Because there is no grid division for polygon blending elements, the FTX line reduces the common high shear stress and local high temperature of kneadingdisk machines.
The design of the mixing part ensures a long stay of complete and thorough mixing.
Standard machine L/D is reported to be more than competitor twin-Screw extruder.
Output from 100/hour to 5000/hour. (See ad p. 156. )
Line mixing system for polyester SMC. (
See also reinforced plastic equipment)
Most important machine manufacturer company
See metering, feeding, mixing.
General Machine CompanyOF N. J. , INC.
Roll mixer, dryer and formulator for powder. Semi-
Continuous Porta-
The Hopper combines the speed of continuous mixing with the versatility of batch operation.
The formulator combines multiple steps in material handling and mixing to reduce time, labor and worker contact.
Complete laboratory for process development and product testing. GUSMER-
Admiral hybrid systems for enhanced and non-enhanced liquid systems such as polyurethane.
Components include tanks, valves and pipes, weighing and mixing stations, control circuits and materials-
Adjustment device for liquid chemicals and fillers.
Tank size up to 30,000 gal in mild and stainless steel.
The central monitoring and control allows optional electronic packaging.
HAAKE Rheomix 600 is suitable for producing shear, temperature and torque data in intensive mixers for various applications.
Capacity from 70 to 100 cc.
Rhine 610 liquid also-heated version.
Rhine 3000 closed, high
Up to 300 of the strength mixer-
Cc mixing capacity for viscosity and stability tests.
Hamilton AVTEC
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Industrial manufacturing of Hayes and Ertz. CO.
The TR balance belt mixer has two independently driven non-grid-room assemblies that are said to provide a faster but still gentle mix.
Level of filling adapted to 10-75%.
Energy saving 4060% compared to single
The shaft mixer is claimed.
Size 16 to 252 square feet with dropBottom or slide
Gate discharge options. Also single-
Stainless steel shaft belt and paddle mixer
Steel model and continuous mixer.
Henderson industry sees metering, feeding, mixing.
United States Henschel mixer Co. , Ltd. High-
Strength mixer and cooler for PVC dry mixing, color masterbatch manufacturing and various powder mixing processes.
The bowl capacity of the mixer has risen from 2000.
The cooler is constructed vertically or horizontally from 20 to 8000 liters.
The cooling cone at the center of the vertical bowl complements the cooling sleeve and provides an increased surface area for heat transfer.
The horizontal cooler has a lid for easy cleaning.
Hencher universal mixer is a bowl-
High-type mixer
Speed Helicopter in wall and bottom mixing tool.
To ensure a short cycle time and a uniform mixing, it produces a vortex pattern.
For easy cleaning, the mixing tool types on the shaft but is not bolted down.
Mixer mix dry ingredients and make color masterbatch using less energy than high energyStrength mixer.
Capacity ranges from 25 to 2800 liters. (See ad p. 153. )
HOCKMEYER equipment.
High concentric shaft mixer
Slow intensity-
Mixing the dry material into a speed mixing blade of a viscous liquid.
Scrape the surface mixer and stack the scattered blades to maintain a uniform mass flow rate.
The mixer handles liquids from 50,000 to 3,000,000 cp.
The two-planet mixer includes two sweeping machine blades traveling on the same shaft.
The design of the sweeping knife is suitable for medium viscosity.
The full coverage of the whole tank and drum surface guarantees the complete uniformity of the particles in each batch of products.
For high-
Viscosity application.
Highly efficient blades are used to move products more efficiently to shorten production time and improve batch uniformity.
For environmental reasons, a system has been developed to introduce dry powder below liquid level when required.
The horizontal mixer is designed for low
Strength mixing of high viscosity products.
This design is suitable for materials that are heavy and do not flow.
The blade design follows the outline of the tank, helping to eliminate dead angles.
Overlapping arms prevent material build upup.
The double rolling action knead the material on the side of the tank for cutting and moistening.
Sichuan BEPEXHigh-speed, high-
The shear continuous mixer mixes the solid with a solid, liquid, or gas.
Size from 8-6to 30-in. diam.
Adjustable shear and impact action.
Jacket can be used for heating and cooling.
The paddle is adjustable depending on the retention time.
The capacity of the non-reinforced ribbon mixer for dry and dry/liquid mixing is 2 to 680 cu ft for mixing additives and pigments into powders and particles.
The mixer assembly with internal and external ribbons provides a gentle mixing action and it is recommended to mix a small number of key components with a large number of matrix materials.
Batch or continuous operation.
Devices for mixing and squeezing paste and plastic materials are also provided.
The discharged material is continuously mixed and kneaded by providing the size and mixing control of the orifice plate.
Jacket for heating or cooling.
The thin Chuan micron powder system cone mixing container has a rail arm along the cone wall and a rotating spiral element.
The advantages reported include shorter mixing time, high mixing accuracy and lower power consumption. Vrieco-
The Nauta mixer for dry solids, paste and viscous liquids has a variety of materials and finishes. S. HOWES CO.
Horizontal ribbon mixer from 5 to 220 cu
Ft capacity, various ribbon configurations and vertical mixers with 12 to 1500 cu
In gentle and stainless steel ft.
The horizontal ribbon mixer has a relatively mild mixing action and uses the folding action of the external and internal ribbon mounted on the common shaft.
When the internal belt reverses the flow, the external belt transports the product in one direction.
Mixer mixed particles, powder resin, pigments and recycling. Liquid-
When adding plasticizer to the dry mixture, the nozzle and the heating/cooling jacket can be used. Low-
The strength Vertical mixer for composite and particle mixing has a central vertical screw that delivers the product upwards from the lower part of the mixer cone through the product quality and discharges it at the top.
Flingers on the spiral using centrifugal force-
Conveying outlet and internal baffle. HTC CORP. Static-
Mixer parts for nozzles.
Harqin Equipment Company
Use and rebuild extrusion composite systems and accessories such as high, medium-and low-
Strength mixer, ribbon mixer, drum wine glass, double
Case and continuous mixer. ICMA, INC.
Double Spin and double spin-
Screw extrusion system from 33 to 170mm diameter.
Collaborative series of three versions: Standard V2 2-lobe;
Three high cut V3-lobe; and MC low-
Temperature/high torque version for processing of rubber, vinyls, olefin, glass
Filling compounds and other Shear/temperature sensitive applications.
Focus on integrating turnkey composite systems for all types of raw materials, homogenized and extruded semi-finished products
Finished product (
Flat panel, granules, profiles)
In some cases, the finished product is formed directly in a continuous process.
Ikebukuro American company
PCM grid, fromwiping twin-
The screw extruder uses segmented screws and barrels in order to easily adjust the L/D ratio and work of the material.
The screw is driven in the direction of rotation or counter rotation. Screw diam.
From 29 minutes to 125 minutes. IMS CO. Heavy-
Duty drum wine glass features 20 【degrees]tilt and criss-cross action. A 1/3-
HP minitumbler Acceptance Month-
Gal barrel, up to 36 lbs per holder. Larger twin-
Drum glass 1 1/2
Hp motor handle 30-or 55-
Gal drums and up to 280 lbs per stand.
Low available in most units
Cost chain drive or longer
Lasting maintenanceFree belt drive. Space-saving, single-
Drum angle device can be provided. For high-volume, high-
Speed mix, big hurricane-
The capacity mixer mixes 350 or 850 in 15 minutes.
Loading platforms and emission frameworks are available. INCOE CORP.
Two types of static mixing nozzles for injection molding machines: one is a completely static mixer, and the other is a combined mixer/melt filter for removing contaminated particles in the resin.
The basic mixing element is a tubular chamber filled with loose-packed groove balls;
The melt flows around the groove and ball.
These intersections force melting under gentle action to promote heat homogenization and mixing.
The Mix Pac filter is similar, except that the melt must first pass through the tubular filter before passing the mixed ball to the mold. (See ad p. 225. )INDCO, INC.
Portable Liquid mixing equipment includes laboratory mixers, high
Speed diffuser, 5-
Gal mixer and drum mixer.
Units can handle gal from 1 to 5000.
Instock mixed propeller, paddle, blade and barrel opener.
International materials control systems
Vertical mixers for intermittent mixing of particles, flakes and re-grinding with dry pigments and additives can be loaded with spiral, flow-
Through the bin or vacuum loader.
It is possible to mix up to 120 cu ft in about 15 minutes. I-PEC CO. , INC. Model HTM high-
Speed, non-staggered, double
Screw continuous kneading extruder for composite filling materials, polymer mixing and ingredients.
There are also two types of IPM extruder
It is said that the stage screw and barrel design of 1 are provided.
Throughput 5 to 2 times higher than other individualScrew extruder.
The Italian Trade Commission provides information from Italian manufacturers on the complete system of providing mixers, turbine mixers, roller mixers and internal mixers. IVEK CORP.
Biox proportional fluid mixing system provides two
The component flow and mixing control are accurate to 0.
1% at all flow rates.
Digitally select rates from 0.
001 to 999 cc/min.
The mixing ratio of A to B can be selected in 0. 1% increments.
The parameter change is achieved by the digital finger wheel switch without stopping the device.
Even if the liquid ratio is changed, a constant volume flow rate is maintained. Solid-
National Electronics, stepping-
Motor Drive and valve-free ceramic pumps are reported to provide accuracy, reliability and long life. JAECO-STEWART INC.
Wide range of Pistons-, diaphragm-, and solenoid-
Metering pump type.
The flow rate of the Plunger pump can reach 682G. P. H.
The pressure reaches 7200 psi.
The flow of the diaphragm pump can reach 426G. P.
H with a pressure of up to 1000 psi.
The 316 stainless steel, PVC, Alloy 20, and Harbin alloy C provide a liquid end.
Double Diaphragm pump is also provided.
Japanese steel millsCMP-
X series of Coroting twins
The gear pump of the rotor continuous mixer is based on the company\'s CIM (
Continuous Mixer)technology.
Standard model from 65-to 305-mm rotor diam.
Max is the largest model
Rotor rotation speed 215 rpm, 11,000-
Hp drive has a throughput of about 88,000 lbs/hour.
The gap between the screw and the barrel wall can be adjusted through the slot
Control mechanism. Tex twin-screw counter-
Or the coroting extruder has a variable bar on the side of the gearbox, segmented screw and block cylinder. Sizes to 305-mm diam.
The largest unit Tex 305 has 11,000-
Hp gearbox with output of 77,000 lbs/hr. JAYGO, INC. Conical-
The screw mixer for particles, powders and paste in mild or stainless steel has a cone Hopper chamber with an internal screw mixer, which helps to discharge the product through the cone bottom.
Jacket units for heating, cooling and vacuum operation can be provided.
Planet mixer has 1-to 500-
Gal Capacity, side scraper arm and center height-Scattered speed. Extrumix sigma-blade, double-
Extruder Screw horizontal discharge products for arm batch mixer.
Sizes from 1 to 1000 gal.
Handle high viscous materials up to 10 million cp.
Also bring and paddle mixer and V-and double-cone blenders. JIFFY MIXER CO. Jiffy all-purpose, heavy-
Electric mixer with vertical and horizontal blades.
The two vertical blades limit the mixing action to the mixing head, while the horizontal relative blades apply the material from the upper and lower parts of the container.
The leading edge of the lower horizontal blade scratches the bottom of the container, bringing all the precipitated particles into the head.
The ring prevents Blade damage and perforation of the container wall.
Electric and air operation for Mixer-
Power tools for driving Chuck for all 1/4-to 3/4-in. tools. K-TRON SODER, K-
Tron america sees metering, feeding, mixing.
STEWART elco stewart bolling, INC.
Mixing equipment for continuous and batch mixing. NEX-
T and Mixtrumat are two consecutive-stage, twin-
Rotor mixer with parallel connection
Flow and landscape
Discharge extruder screw for olefin batching, homogenization, composite rigid and flexible PVC, engineering resin and reinforcement or rubber-
Modified polymer.
There are three NCM continuous mixer-
Blade segment rotor for quick reconfigure. Long-
The L/D rotor provides a strong mixing for difficult compounds.
There is also a 10:1 L/D rotor and a dual-LCM continuous mixer
Stage mixing, ventilation and gate control; and LCM-
G system with gear pump and granulatorcapacity, post-
The reactor is mixed, homogenized and ball-shaped.
Hyper KTX deep Internet with twins
For high-torque, high-
Composite performance.
Twin BBrotor, batch-
Patented rotor design and high precision mixer
Low performance
Lubrication dust stops. Economix flit-discharge twin-
The rotor batch mixer is a lowprofile, serf-
Inside the floor-
Installation unit without platform or mezzanine.
Mixing chamber reclining 140 [degrees]
Fast and convenient discharge and cleaning. Also custom-designed two-
Batch NMC98-roller mixing Millmixer computer-
Control system for precise automatic mixing control.
Remanufacture and reconstruction of services.
Koch engineering
Static mixer for improving melting uniformity in injection molding machines and extruder.
The company is a combination static mixer/heat exchanger of the licensee\'s sulshou Chemical Technology Co. , Ltd. , which is designed for heat dissipation
Viscosity material and constant temperature control for heat/heat reaction in plug flow.
Various configurations include SMX jacket single tube design for mixing/dispersion heating and cooling;
Multi-Channel housing-SMXLand-
Pipe design for quick heating of thermal material
And SMR tubular design with large heat
Pass surfaces in a single flow channel.
Comax systems
The complete mixing system controls the addition of color, lubricant, UV stabilizer and other liquid additives after the extruder.
AddMaster 1200 provides liquid storage, pumps and special heaters to supply additives to injection points while analyzing the additive temperature to approach the polymer melt flow.
The equalizer modular stationary mixer ensures that the additive is fully mixed in the molten flow and consists of stackable modules assembled into its own barrels.
Together with the EQ, SIDD (
Special injection and dispensing devices)
Allows the introduction of additives that are usually much lower than the mainstream viscosity and flow rate into the molten flow. TEDD (
Temperature balance distribution device)
Used in blown film molds to enhance thickness control. Two-or four-
The module assembly is installed in the throat of the blow film mold or mold adapter.
Company Werner Krupp & PFLEIDERER. Complete twin-
Screw composite system designed for specific material or processing requirements. Also PK shear-
Cone mixer for plasticizing PVC, KP double-
Stage platter (twin-
Screws and singlescrew)for heat-and shear-
Sensitive materials and general-
Type Internal Mixer with or without discharge screws.
From engineering research and design to equipment specifications, construction, installation and start-up, Engineering Systems for composite plants-up.
Process assistance and pilot lab for process development and testing. (
See extrusion system. )(See ad p. 150. )LABOTEK INC.
See metering, feeding, mixing. LASITS-
ROHLINE Services Limited
See metering, feeding, mixing. LCI CORP.
Thermal profile static mixer for extrusion and composite mixtureto high-
Stripe-free viscosity materials and color additives reduce the temperature difference downstream to less than 3. 5 [degrees]F.
American Extruder stritz Extruder.
Unit of Universal signal Series 50 in-
Standard 2-line stationary mixerto 6-in.
Pipe Size mixing liquid additives to high
Viscosity material.
The unit also performs liquid/liquid solvent mixing.
The Blender element can be indexed in 12 1/2 [degrees]
The increment of the best result.
The electric mixer ranges from the laboratory model to the production size of more than 1000 hp, and each flow/shear combination has a series of impeller.
Linden Industrial Co. , Ltd.
The RRIM filler mixing system mixes the \"B\" component (polyol)
Polyurethane, polyurethane or polyester RRIM system with filler, internal mold release agent and carbon black.
The application range includes Car Trim Board, door, Fender, side mold, bathtub, sink, etc.
Mixer size from 25-
Gal lab unit to 980-gal system.
The capacity of the mixed mud is up to 4500 lbs/hour.
Automatic unloading of filler from gaylords prevents material loss and ensures cleaning, dust-
Free environment.
Liquid parts received in bulk-
Tanks or barrels. Weight-
The metering components ensure an accurate and consistent ratio. Orbital-arm, conical-
The spiral mixer provides efficient mixing.
Automatic transfer of slurry to temperature-
Control tank.
The slurry is delivered to the RRIM station by the recycling/conveying pump and the pipeline circuit.
The load cell connected to the programmable controller ensures precise control.
The CRT with SPC function displays the process graphically. Custom-
The modular polyols online mixing system can mix three to six components. Controls (PC plus Allen-Bradley PLC)are menu-driven.
The sensor continuously monitors the accuracy of the ratio.
Liquid Control Company
The Posmixer disposable stationary mixer mixes a multi-component liquid flow of sizes from 3/16 To 2 together.
3/16-, 1/4-and 3/8-in. and 13 mm I. D.
There are various quantities of elements in one-time components; and in 5/8-in. O. D. stainless-
Steel pipe mixer with plastic elements or 1in.
Pipe mixer with plastic elements.
Other stationary mixers with removable or welded elements and stainless steel
Steel pipe or pipe structure. LIST, INC.
Equipment and complete system used for mechanical and heat treatment of products formed by adhesive, paste and/or shell.
The equipment supports applications such as drying, evaporation, melting, compounding, Crystal, polymerization and polymerization.
Features include large buffetcleaning heat-
Transfer surface, enhanced mixing and kneading, high specific-heat-
Transfer capacity, large workload, narrow living range-
Time Allocation, batch or continuous operation under pressure or vacuum.
Littleford day
Compound, mixer and mixing system for mixer. Preparation of plasticized PVC dry mixture and rigid PVC compound, coloring essence, surface coating, thermoplastic resin and acrylic and epoxy powder coating.
Littleford W series
The strength Vertical mixer provides controlled, fast and even mixing of various plastic resins, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricants and pigmentsmix cycles.
Mixed action completed by two highs
Energy conversion impeller mounted on a single shaft in dust-
Vertical tight mixing drum.
Littford FKM horizontal plow mixer is large in batches, with high heat transfer coefficient and good product uniformitycycle times.
A hybrid action completed by a horizontal axis with a plow-type hybrid tool that rotates at high rpm
Speed, creating mechanical flow
Bed mixed action.
Maguire Products Co. , Ltd.
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Marion LimitedPaddle-or ribbon-
Non-intensive mixers provide bulk or continuous mixing of dry materials (
Particles with powder or fiberglass)
Liquid, mud, or paste with solid.
The tight clearance between the mixer and the tank ensures full discharge. Also drop-bottom mixers.
Optional rounded corners
Thoroughly clean the welding sanitary structure of the color.
The mixer is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, with an optional heating or cooling coat, and the laboratory size can accommodate large production units. High-
The speed Marion mixer with helicopter is a dense, non-fused mixer that can filter the compacted synthetic fibers used for forming compounds, disperse pigments into plastic powders and plasticAvailable U-shaped or semi-cylindrical.
The Matcon tumble mixer offers a gentle, uniform mix of materials that do not degrade the product.
Blender can accommodate Matcon intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)
Products can be transported, mixed, stored and discharged directly into the processing process.
Rotating the offset axis results in a complex pattern of particle movement within the container, allowing for accurate and efficient mixing.
Batch can be mixed in 2 to 20 minutes.
Because the system emits materials based on mass/flow, there is no product separation after mixing or during the discharge process.
The mixer is sturdy and durable, ensuring safety and fully automatic through PLC control.
Available in various sizes and offers gentleor stainless-steel.
Matsui United States limited
See metering, feeding, mixing.
MAX Machinery Co. , Ltd.
A liquid mixing system of two or more components heats the material to the desired process temperature, Degas it, an instrument with an accuracy [+ or -]0.
5% of the required flow rate, mixing and distribution.
Suitable for mixing of polyurethane, silicone, epoxy and other liquids.
Custom designed system using standard components to build \"scroll-in-
Turn-Key unit.
International Micro-fluid CorporationHigh-and low-pressure micro-
Mixing equipment for handling emulsion and dispersion.
Typical applications of high-tech
Pressure equipment includes dispersion of clay and pigments.
Microstreaming technology handles 100% of products under the same conditions.
Pneumatic and Electric
Hydraulic models are available.
The new diamond interactive chamber is a highly worn
For wet grinding, degathering and high-
Energy dispersion of high abrasive slurry.
The chamber exposes the fluid flow to a high level of shear, shock, and air erosion for a stable emulsion and dispersion containing low-
Micron and micron range.
See the micron powder system for the micron powder system.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries United States limitedSingle-
Screw mixing extruder has Hexagon-
Mixing part of the barrel for 50 to 135 minutes.
The range of the screw extruder ranges from 45 minutes to 125 minutes. (
See extrusion system. )MOREHOUSE-COWLES, INC. High-shear, single-
Shaft solver;
For high-
Viscosity products; vapor-recovery units;
And laboratory development mixer.
Rental units are provided.
Professional customization-
The mixer and reactor were designed. MORIYAMA CORP.
See Skinner engine
Morse Manufacturing Company
Stir up to 1000 of material in ordinary closed drums or other cylindrical containers.
Applications include re-mixing of precipitated materials and mixing of liquid, solid, or solid/liquid mixtures.
Some models use scrolling actions while others useover-end tumbling. Some have self-
Loading capacity.
Portable and stationary models with fixedor variable-
Speed drive and various electric or air motors. MOTAN, INC.
See metering, feeding, mixing. MOULD-
TEK Industrial
See metering, feeding, mixing. MTI -
American vertical height
Strength mixer from MTI Mischtechnik.
The range of laboratory mixers is from 1.
5 to 35 liters from 75 to 2080, production models.
The use includes PVC dry mixing;
Increasing density and sintering of ABS, PE and PP
And color ingredients.
Also a horizontal mixer production line from 100 to 8000 liters.
Mengsen Machinery Co. , Ltd. , INC.
A rotary mixer and a ribbon mixer, ranging in volume from I to 500 cubic feet, is made of carbon steel or stainless steel.
Low energy consumption plus controlled-
Maintain the strength mixing of the batch evenly.
Special Reinforcement accessories reduce mixing time. High-
Strength continuous mixer continuously mix, coat, reunite and homogenize powder, solid/liquid mixture, slurry and viscous material.
The internal mixer can use the paddle for mixing and better cleaning, can use pins that increase the dwell time and mixing strength, or can use a combination of the two.
High availability drivespeed and high-
Torque application.
Options include internal liquid addition ports, special sizes, and replaceable wear pads.
National Bulk equipment portable solid mixer with 8-in. -diam.
The vertical spiral mixes a batch in 10 minutes.
Seven 14-
Steel structure, 2-
Way entrance, hinge cover, 8-in. -diam. slide-
Gate discharge, safety lock and 60-min timer.
Horizontal screw mixer with output from 4000 to 12,000 for precision metering and mixing of raw materials and grinding.
Positive unit
Turn off-c drive automatically
Off, adjustable weight grinding ratio, optional color-
Load by blower, vacuum or gravity. Materials-
A handling system designed to adapt to a specific application.
National feed screw Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Coordination and counter-spin, inter-grid and non-Inter-grid extruder for composite and high-reaction processingand low-speed models.
Segmented screws and casting barrels with faster spiral cooling and hard alloy lining provide the flexibility of the configuration.
Free standard control
The vertical cabinet includes a multi-channel temperature controller with a set value and a digital display of the actual value.
Optional microprocessor controller provides color CRT, graphical display of measurement data, automatic start-up
The up program of the primary and secondary systems, the master/slave control, the storage of production data and the interface with the factory control system.
An integrated system with feeder, granulator, driver and controller is provided.
The company has a technical license agreement with Toshiba machinery.
Japan will manufacture and sell Toshiba\'s new competitors-
Screw composite extruder in North America.
Its diameter ranges from 37 to 175mm.
Typically 32 to 36: 1 L/D for Engineering Plastics, TPOs, masterbatch and filling or enhancement materials. O. A.
Newton & Son Plastics Division
Complete batch custom design
Storage and materials
Composite processing system.
The production line includes the roller mill, the roller cup machine, the mixer, the slicer, the granulator and the conveying equipment. NOVATEC INC.
See metering, feeding, mixing. E. T. OAKES CORP. Custom-
It is reported that the built continuous and batch mixers provide higher yield, higher yield and uniform quality for applications including emulsion, inflation, dispersion, dissolution and reaction.
Traffic from 0.
1 gpm to 100 gpm with a maximum pressure of 1000 psi.
Built from 303 SST, 316 SST, Harth alloy and Carpenter 20.
The microprocessor controls the flow rate, formula ratio, and final product density that remains constant.
Laboratory testing facilities and loan mixers are provided. PATTERSON-KELLEY DIV. HARSCO CORP. Twin-
Shell blender makes the liquid evenly mixed with solid and micro-solid
Ingredients with carriers. Unit has a v-
Regardless of particle size or density, the gently rolled shape design mixes the entire load, while the optional booster stick is used for intimate dispersion and higher energy input stirring.
Working Capacity in 2000. Zig-
Zag continuous mixer can handle the same mixing application as twin
In many cases, the shell exceeds it in terms of mixing accuracy.
Ability to work from 20 to 5000 cubic feet/hour.
Plastic Processing Equipment CompanyHeavy-
The working drum wine glass is mixed with resin and additives such as dry pigments and lubricants.
The three models are characterized by heavy
Working gear drive for smooth, continuous drum rotation without the usual drastic action and premature wear of the chainor belt-drive tumblers. Models from 2-
Hp double drum tumbler belt 300-
1/3 Lb capacity-hp Mini-
50 double drum Tumblerlb capacity.
Optional control panel.
Plastic Auxiliary Equipment Company
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Marketing Services for mixing, mixing and materials-plastic equipment
The treatment equipment of extruder, blow molding machine and injection molding machine can handle powder, sheet, re-grinding and particles. Also high-
Strength mixer and cooler for formulation and coloring. PLASTORE, INC.
See metering, feeding, mixing.
See metering, feeding, mixing. POMINI DIV.
Technology intensive, double-
Rotor intermittent mixer and LCM long continuous mixer accurately control the mixing quality during processing operation, such as density, preparation of concentrated color powder, pigment ingredients, polymer alloy and with filler, plasticizer and start-up
Similar to twins.
Screw Extruder, LCM is a continuous mixer with two non-mesh, counter-rotating, wing-type rotors.
The 10:1 L/D mixing chamber has two different mixing zones with independent temperature control.
Transport of materials, dispersion of ingredients and preheating in Area 1.
Once the compound reaches a predetermined temperature, melt, mix, homogenize, and discharge in the second area. LCM-AX is an in-
Line combination of long continuous mixer and double continuous mixer
Screw extruder in a barrel.
The screws are designed for process flexibility, with synergy and inter-grid connection and a mixing zone with the rotor
Blade Profile of Blade.
Downstream in the mixing zone is a hydraulic throttle valve that controls the input of dwell time and specific energy.
With this control flexibility, a variety of polymer and engineering plastics can be compounded on the same machine without the need to reconfigure the screw geometry.
There is a secondary feed area downstream from the rotor section, and fiberglass and other refined reinforcement materials can be safely added and evenly distributed without damaging the fibers.
Custom Turnkey
Complete upstream and downstream support equipment and customized automated engineering batches or continuous composite production lines can be provided.
Premier Mills
Main wet-
Process Technology utilizing Mills and mixers: horizontal/vertical media Mills, colloidal Mills, in-
Single mixer/distributorand multiple-shaft mixers (
Vacuum/pressure/jacket function)
Double planet vacuum mixer.
From laboratory scale to complete production units.
The company\'s engineering department, which integrates process systems, can provide process control/automation at any level to fully automatic turnkey systems.
Laboratory facilities available for testing.
Dunnan/Mag magnetic in press products industry
Drive mixer for leakage-
Mixing, stirring or mixing closely and without pollution.
Magnetic Drive transmits torque through corrosion-
No mechanical seal or packaging is required, pressure-resistant housing on the internal mixing shaft.
Transfer torque by using two magnet groups.
The drive magnet group is fully encapsulated in the mixing shaft.
The drive magnet Group is located in the rotating housing containing the ball-
Bearing assembly. In-
316 stainless steel stock unit, HS alloy C-
276, or other materials.
Magnetic Drive of size 0.
4 hp to 12 hp, static torque from 16 in. -lbs (2Nm)to 1000 in. -lbs (117Nm)
Working pressure to 6000 psi (400 bar)at 650 F.
Process Control Company
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Horizontal, streaming-
Plow bed mixer
The molded mixer handles BMC, SMC, plastic, organic solvents and other dispersion.
Sizes range from 4 to 25,000 liters.
For easier handling and minimal environmental exposure, secondary components can be premixed and reunited.
The system preheat and mix the product and add liquid adhesive to combine the particles together.
In order to seal the particles and improve the fluidity, subsequent cooling steps are performed. High-
Strength Vertical mixer with horizontal cooler, composite PVC and other resin.
Sizes range from 130/300 to 600/1800 liters.
The level/level combination is 8000 liters.
High renovation
Strength mixer blades and medium-
Horizontal intensity-
Cooler mixed elements.
Maintenance Technology Center.
Processing Technology/PTi Trident Series
Screw composite extrusion system from 3 hole size. 5-to 10-in. diam. For single-
Compound of multi-component additives
Components and liquids-
Mixed feed, the system is equipped with an extended L/D configuration and optional feeding of glass and powder downstream additives.
The main applications include FPVC, high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, nylon, PP and ABS.
The series is also equipped with heat
Melt pump extruder for feeding and pumping pre
Composite material for downstream ball-forming and/or grinding roller takeoff systems.
Unit range from 6-to 14-in. diam.
Processing materials such as RPVC, FPVC, PP and TPE. (
See extrusion system. )(See ad p. 147. )P. S. H.
Industrial Company.
A multi-sized gyro plastic mixer blends any viscosity of liquid resin compound in batches, from pints to 16 gal, which is reported to be very effective for resin paste. QUADRO, INC.
Quadro Comil cone sieve Mill is especially suitable for heating
Sensitive materials and disperse wet and dry materials before extrusion or other processing steps to reduce the pre-mixing time and improve the final mixing.
The mill has low rotation speed, centrifugal acceleration, vortex mode and 360 [degrees]
Discharge screen.
It is reported to eliminate over-processed materials and heat through friction.
Fines, dust, heat and noise are said to have been reduced.
5 sizes and 14 configurations with a relatively low capacity from 250/hour to 50,000/hourhp motors.
READCO Manufacturing Ltd.
The Continuous Processor/baler has a larger void volume, so it is possible to handle a lighter, more fluffy, larger blend material.
The unit is suitable for all plastic resins, including cases where it is difficult to recycle. The twin-
Spiral, self-tightening, self-tightening
The size of the cleaning machine can handle the output of 2 to 20,000 lbs/h.
Batch mixer of containers (CBM)
For all resin pre-mixed before extrusion, batch sizes of 1 to 9000 can be processed.
Regent Sales Co. , Ltd. Laboratory two-
Roller Mill and dense, highspeed mixers.
The electric heating model works to 570 F. Optional water-
Cooling model or oil-and steam-heated models. Mixer LMX-5 with 5-
LMX-capacity and model10 with 10-
The capacity is easy to clean with two-
Speed motor with the option of water-
Cooling room.
Reliable rubber and plastic machinery companyTwo-
Laboratory mill for 3x8 in. to 16 x 40 in.
Fixed or variable sizespeed/variable-
Friction capability and other options such as precise electric heating rollers, roller bearings, flood oil lubrication and technical controls to provide the application flexibility required for R & D and process development work.
All parts are standard and ready in most casesthe-shelf.
All factories can be designed and manufactured to meet specific needs. Lab-
The range of size-intensive mixers is around. 2 1/2-to 10-lb batches.
Computer control is provided in addition to other options.
Reconstruction equipment is also available 2-
Roller Mill, calender, Banbury mixer, extruder, ribbon mixer and sigma-blade mixers.
Charles Ross & Sons
The double planet mixer is heavy-
Duties, strengthening, non-melting mixer for polyester premix, glue paste and pigment.
The two mixers in the tank rotate separately on the common shaft.
Most sticky materials can be treated.
The kneading machine extruder intermittent mixer combines mixing and extrusion to operate at a higher hp and provides more chewing action. High-
The Hp motor allows the polymer to disperse at low temperatures to minimize degradation.
Capacity from 1 to 1000 gal.
Applications include polyester premix and concentrated color material.
Three types of static mixers improve the uniformity of the melt flow in injection molding machines and extruder: LPD for low viscosity of adding pigments, ISG for high viscosity and Blendex-
Improved ISG for bulk or continuous solid/solid mixing.
Scott TURBON Mixer, INC. High-shear and low-
The shear, bulk or continuous centrifugal mixer/diffuser for liquid/solid systems is based on proprietary mixing elements on the rotary axis.
These devices are customized for applications such as SMC paste mixing and PVC plastic soil.
The version can be floormounted, cart-mounted, top-mounted, C-
Fixture installed horizontally or vertically.
Vacuum oxygen removal is available.
Sealing equipment & Engineering Co. , Ltd.
Not moving dynamically-
Mixed plural-mixer system
Epoxy resin, silicone, polyurethane and sulfur-
Type material when assigning.
One-time mixing room with clean solvent is prohibited.
Skinner engineBatch-
Intensive twins
Rotor mixer with a capacity of 1000 for color ingredients and ingredients.
Features include two-and four-wing rotors (
Dense or Shaw/Skinner mixing, tangent, or inter-grid type), self-
For wear resistance, remove dust stop, drill or core side, slide or drop door and special internal surface treatment.
New or rebuilt machines, Chambers, sides and replacement parts are available.
Double from Senshan
Blade-type intermittent dispersion mixer with floating pressure cover to mix all types of elastomer.
The mixer has a reclined mixing room that is easy to clean and discolored.
Simple space allowed for ordinary bed boardssaving, low-
Installation cost.
Unit range from 0. 5-
The laboratory size is 300 liters and includes motors, operating panels and recorders for mixing temperatures and amps. Lab model twin-
There are variables in the rotor batch mixer-
The speed drive and heating capacity is about 450 F. In-
House services include installation, repair and maintenance. SONIC CORP. Sonolator in-
Line homogenizer for custom use
A system designed for the use of milk oil or dispersed liquids, will be high-
Flow the liquid into a strong mixing energy. Dual-
The feeding system instantly converts two separate liquid streams into a completely homogenized product.
This process can reduce batch mixing.
Colloid mill mix, grind and homogenize in one pass.
The non-dispersed material is forced into the cavity formed between the rotating rotor and the fixed stator;
The centrifugal force pushes the material to the outside of the rotor, causing strong hydraulic shear and grinding of the undispersed phase.
There are three different angles on the rotor, ensuring that the material is interrupted to the maximum extent as it passes through the mill.
Also from 1/4-portable propeller mixerto 10-hp. STERLING, INC.
See Ball & Jewell Div.
The STRANCO PolyBlend mixing system measures, mixes, and delivers dry, liquid, or emulsion polymers.
Over time, it can be programmed for quantitative and dilution rates, dwell time, amount of energy, and distribution of energy.
It is said that the automation of the system can eliminate expensive and confusing ingredients.
See Kohe engineering company Sulzer chemical technology company
Tah industries, INC.
The \"Apple Core\" spiral stationary mixer is mixed with thermostats such as epoxy, polyurethane or polyester.
Mixer with left-Patent seriesand right-
It is said that the manual spiral element with a knife opening can ensure a longer life and a higher flow rate of 30%.
Available in 1/8 to 2. diam.
At low plastic
For pressure applications and metals with high pressure. Low-cost Stata-
Tube immobile mixer made of tough solvent
Plastic resistant in size from 1/8 to 2.
See Readco Manufacturing Co. , Ltd for professional equipment
Plastic Engineering CompanySingle-
Laboratory or full screw compound extruder and production line
Scale production from 3/4-to 6-in.
Up to 36: 1 L/D.
For optimal mixing, there are different configurations for multi-level screws.
The injection port contributes to the downstream feed of the additive.
They work together in the United States, staggered twins.
Screw composite extruder with screw diameter.
Drive power from 3 to 175mm HP with a torque of 35 to 3500 lbs from 20 to 78,000ft.
Sectional screws and barrels (
Hinge flap openings of some sizes)
Flexible configuration.
Standard controls for free installation
The minicomputer type stand or seat includes a multi-channel temperature controller with a digital display of the set value and the actual value.
Optional microprocessor controller provides color CRT, graphical display of measurement data, automatic start-up
Up routine, master/slave control of main and auxiliary systems, storage of production data, interface with superiorslevel factory-Control system. THORESON-McCOSH INC.
See metering, feeding, mixing.
See Hencher mixer USA, Inc. TRA-CON INC.
A manual mixer is provided for use with the company\'s pre-measured plural packaging
Epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane and silicone systems. TRI-CLOVER INC. Tri-
Stainless steel mixer
Steel mixers combine liquids with other liquid, dry or gas components.
In the case of up to 350/min, dry raw materials are allocated through the inlet Hopper;
Pump the liquid into the external shear diffuser at a speed of up to 150 gal/min At the same time.
The vacuum generated by the mixer draws the ingredients into the eye of the impeller.
The dry ingredients are separated from the liquid until both reach the impeller.
General Power
See metering, feeding, mixing. U. S. STONEWARE CORP.
Grinding, mixing and mixing equipment includes a mill with a capacity from 0.
1 gal through 210 gal.
Wine glasses and rollers for barrels and containers of different sizes can use containers from material suppliers without loading, unloading and cleaning of fixed containers. VENUS-GUSMER SUB.
GUSMER mechanical group liquid resin mixer includes: * temperature-
Semi-controlledautomatic high-
Shear mixer with whole, 235-
Gal vat is able to handle a large amount of material. * High-
Shear mixer for corrosion
Wear-resistant barrier additive
High Touch-resistant resin and anti-filler. * Collapsible-
Blade fold to fit through 2-in.
Bung, then open in the original drum to provide a complete mix of filler and additives. * Bung-
Used to mix additives into polyester resin while maintaining at 55-gal drums. * Five-
Gallon barrel mixer for mixed media
Viscosity materials such as polyester resin.
Supported by a bracket, so the mixer can be left in place. * Hand-
For mixing high-
Adhesive materials such as glue.
Allow access to the corners of the barrel for a complete mix.
* Filler mix VAT mix heavy filler with resin for pouring, casting or resin injection. * Double-
Stage filler mixed VAT for heavy production allows continuous addition of filler and resin premix VAT without stopping production.
Weixun Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Rebuild and guarantee high
Strength mixer;
Level and bowl cooler;
Double and double-band-shell blenders.
Complete extrusion composite system is provided.
See metering, feeding, mixing.
Wayne machines & molds
Table-yellow jacket
Top and horizontal floors-model single-
Screw composite extruder with optional microprocessor control, sizes from 3/8 to 6 in.
Throughput of 0. 5 to 800 lb/hr.
Screw extruder for production and laboratory applications.
Screws suitable for polymer alloys, coloring, filling and strengthening, devolatile, liquid addition and ball-ization.
The extruder has segmented, refactored, inter-grid screws. Barrels in top-vent, side-feed, glass-
Feed and liquid
Inject configuration.
The auxiliary equipment includes side feeder, gravity feeder and mold.
Control System with PID discrete control.
Or a complete microprocessor system integrated with PLC.
High-special extruder
The speed of the screw is 350 rpm and the speed of the screw is 500 rpm.
Single or double vent holes for volatile.
Build turnkey line and make highand low-
Shear mixing single screw for any machine.
Welding Engineer Co. , Ltd.
See National feed screw Machinery Co. , Ltd.
See company Werner Krupp & Pfleiderer.
Young industrial company
Horizontal ribbon mixer mixing from lab size to 1500 cu ft capacity free-
A solid/solid or liquid/solid mixture that flows.
There are double belts in standard units-type agitators.
Paddle and spatula mixers are available.
There are also sheaths. Twin-
The continuous mixing shaft mixer has a double mixer with adjustable paddle.
Options include a jacket, a vacuum or a pressure slot, and a variety of building materials.
The gravity mixer handles materials from 15 to 7500.
Mix the ingredients through multiple ports.
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