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chemical duty blowers and fans -

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-12
Hydrogen sulfide is fatal at high concentrations.It happens in natural gas, oil, volcanic emissions and some mineral springs.In the process of refining, its existence is not desirable, it must.
.Hydrogen sulfide is fatal at high concentrations.It happens in natural gas, oil, volcanic emissions and some mineral springs.In the process of refining, its existence is undesirable and must be removed.
The clause process is one of the ways to remove sulfur from the hydrogen gene, and in doing so, the elemental sulfur is recovered.In practice, this sulfur removal process requires gasTight, zero leakage, high temperature and high pressure blower for intermittent work, must handle toxic gas and must be able to go online immediately as needed.To do this, the following functions on the blower must be provided :-Double welded casing construction;-Steam flows between the walls of the housing to maintain a constant gas temperature of 285 degrees F inside the fan (because sulfur below 285 degrees F will change from gas to solid state, and \"freeze\" to the surface of the blower causing damage or damage );-Mechanical shaft seal with heat tracing and air or nitrogen purification;-To ensure a close tolerance between the shaft and the shaft seal, the housing shall be supported on the center line and grow concentric with the fan shaft when exposed to heat.
: Since this support separates the housing from the drive and mounting base, the Heat growth of the housing does not result in additional force applied to these bases.-To prevent the shaft from taking a permanent device when the blower is idle but still exposed to high temperature, a turning gear is provided to keep the blower at a very slow speed of 25-40 RPM;Alternatively, the VFD speed control can be used for the steam jacket construction or for other thermal critical chemical processes.As to air-tifgt and zero-Emission Construction for the following industries: * pollution control * pulp and paper industry * printing and conversion * chemical plant * Power Generation * R & D * Petroleum * Food Processing * paint and ink industry used to curb harmful organic and inorganic compounds in industrial processing plants and other key applications.
Special Construction and shaft sealing devices can be used for blower services that require zero or minimum gas leakage in and out of the housing.CBC Canada Co.Have a lot of experience in gastight and zero-Leakage structure of fan and blower, including: multi-stage lip shaft seal;Buna-Fluorine rubber and Teflon seals;Mechanical shaft seal;The special fan case is inflated;Single and double carbon ring seals;Sealing blower;Magnetic and iron seals;Packing the packing box with barrier liquid and washable seals.Specific code welding art and special fan design features are also usedEnsure full air tightness.
Some special materials and alloys that are often used in air-tight fans, especially those used in hazardous, abrasive, corrosive and high temperature environments, including: Corten, ASTM A36 various stainless steel, titanium, Monel, aluminum, Teflon, rubber lining.These materials are also typical for industrial applications that require high-strength alloys and superalloys.Canada Fan Co.Is a worldwide distributor of industrial processes and OEM fans, blowers and fan components;Including high pressure blower, high temperature fan, fire-resistant flower explosion-proof fan, tubeaxial and vaneaxial high pressure fan.
CBC Canada Co.
Existing fans and blowers are also being repaired, re-Build, and balance of power wheels.For more information, please refer to the Canadian fan Company, Oleg Tchetchel ventilation equipment engineer
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