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Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet?

by:DMS Seals     2020-08-09
OK, I realize that it can be very subjective to say what is \"the best\", especially in terms of design style and functionality.This may be the reason why you choose to read this article these days.With so many new brands, models and features to choose from, it may make people wonder who made the best kitchen faucet.
When we remodel our kitchen, we know that it will have nickel or stainless steel finishes no matter which faucet we choose.This helps reduce our options, but it really doesn\'t help much as stainless steel and nickel become the trend today.One thing I do notice, however, is that many of the brands we see are made of plastic as the main selection material for the tap neck and nozzle.
They are either covered in a thin metal mold, giving it the look of stainless steel or nickel, or the worst, and they have a look of imitation stainless steel made of more plastic.Even some of the more expensive high-end brands, such as Hansgrohe, have such models.When I looked into our options in the big box store, I started to see some models disappear from the processing of all potential buyers because of this design.
Luckily, when we visited the showroom to view the countertop, we found a stainless steel faucet made by Rugby.It is the RS F3 model.When I touch it, I can immediately know that it is made of solid material.Turn the neck of the faucet and open and close the valve and I can feel the heavy and quality of it.
After looking at so many taps, it\'s a bit similar to closing the doors of Mercedes instead of closing the doors of the economy car.In fact, I know it is made of high quality caste 304 stainless steel with a chromium nickel content of 18/10.This is the food grade of stainless steel, which also means that the finish will last a lifetime.
There are several different models to choose from and provide woven stainless steel waterlines for all installations.A special feature I like is the ceramic disc box.Unlike a compressed faucet that uses a rubber seal to stop and start the flow of water, the faucet uses a ceramic disc that allows the flow of water between the two ceramic disc seats.
The expected life of the ceramic plate is 25-Compared with 3 years of rubber sealed compressed faucet, 30 years is 5 years.This means that the faucet will not leak in a few years!When you use it, all rugby models have pull-out spray heads that feel solid.I immediately noticed the high quality woven waterline instead of the standard plastic waterline.
A very good feature of this spray head is the button to adjust the water flow from the solid to the spray pattern.Most manufacturers allow you to change from one mode to another, but not again.They ask you to turn off the water pressure first if you want to switch mode.
Not this faucet.
If you want to use the ergonomic rubber button mounted on the nozzle, you can switch the pattern back and forth at full pressure.When you grab the tap, you can screw the head of the tap so that the button at the back can be used with your finger (my preferred method ), or move it to the front with your thumb.A special note;Most manufacturers who use molded plastic nozzles sell them as a benefit.
They say the good thing about plastic is that if you let the hot water run for a long time, it will dissipate the heat of the hot water so that your hands don\'t get hot.While plastic does not keep heat like some metal, it is just a marketing excuse to use cheap inferior materials.Due to the quality and density of caste 304 stainless steel, you can run hot water with rugby for a long time and it will not get hot.
If I have a complaint, it is the range of movement of the water valve.Because our faucet is installed between the sink and the tailgate, the handle interferes with the tailgate when it is completely hot in the low flow position.I contacted Rugby by to see if I can adjust it but not.
Fortunately, we found that we rarely need very hot water at low flow rates anyway.Another feature that takes a bit of time to adapt is to put the spray head back in place after it\'s done.At first it didn\'t seem to want to slide back.
After using it, I realized later that it was because the tolerance of the tap was too tight.It won\'t walk around when it comes back.With a little practice, you learn to slide back firmly without even thinking about it.While this is definitely not a cheap tap, we paid less than $300 before tax, a steal compared to other high end tapsTerminal manufacturers selling for $500 or more.
I still can\'t believe how lucky we are to find such a high quality product at such a high price.I do find that rugby is somewhat new in the tap market compared to better known brands and is still expanding their dealer network.Just contact them from their website or call them and they will be happy to take you to the nearest dealer.
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