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Automotive Air Conditioning Repair Tips

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-19
Before taking your car to the mechanic to investigate its air conditioning problems, there are a few things you can fix yourself.Here are some basic car air conditioning maintenance skills.One of the main purposes of car air conditioning is to make you feel as comfortable in the car as in the bedroom.
However, the fact is that the air conditioning of your car is very different from the one in your bedroom.At the same time, it is more prone to problems and difficulties.However, there is no need to bring this to the service center every time this problem occurs.
You can study these things yourself or solve the problem by replacing some parts.Here are the basic guidelines for troubleshoot.Problem # 1 -When there is a fan problem with your air conditioner, the most important thing is that the cold air does not circulate in the car.
You have to check the function of the blower fan.This is done as follows.Turn on the air conditioner of the car.The blower fan is then activated and placed to the maximum.If the fan is good, you should hear it loud and clear.
If you can\'t hear it, or the sound is muted, then the blower fan needs to be repaired or replaced.Problem # 2 -If there is no problem with your blower, then it is likely that the problem is with the fuse connected to the blower motor.You will find the fuse under the dashboard.
When this fuse is located, you can easily find out if it is working properly.If it\'s blown, then you have to replace it with a new one.When replacing, please note that the old fuse is compatible with the fuse you are purchasing.
Take out the old blown fuse as indicated, and then replace it with the same rated fuse.However, if the new fuse explodes again, then you either have a faulty blower motor or a short circuit.In this case, you need professional help.Problem # 3 -The compressor is often referred to as the heart of the air conditioning system and any problems should be corrected immediately.
A basic problem is its magnetic clutch.
This can be a problem if the vehicle is not cooled.If you are sure that it is not the fuse that is faulty, if the clutch is not engaged with the AC then there is a fault there.You have to replace the clutch.In addition, or in other ways, there may be a fuel leak around the compressor shaft seal.
If that\'s the case, you\'re wasting precious fuel and not getting any cooling.Replace the seal.Problem # 4 -Old car air conditioning system using R-12 systems that require mineral oil, while newer systems use R-PAG oil is required for the 134A system.Use mineral oil in R-The 134A system will cause a fault when cooling.
So, you need to make sure you use the right oil.The problem of leakage is also quite common.If there is a leak around the shaft seal, it needs to be replaced.
Newer systems have betterSo in any case, the leakage problem is reduced.Around the hose is another place where fuel leaks are common.The hose may create leaking pores.Check the hose regularly.If you find any stains there, there is a leak.
Replace it for better efficiency and fuel savings.Problem # 5 -There are two pipes in all car air conditioning systems-Low and high pressure pipes.The wrong pressure in these pipes can cause a series of problems.
If the low pressure pipe is subjected to high pressure, then the possible failure is the excessive charge of refrigerant (Freon) or air in the system.However, if the pressure at the high-pressure end is getting lower and lower, then the fault may be low refrigerant charge, the expansion valve is stuck, the hole plug pipe, or other restrictions on the high-rise.Problem # 6 -Sometimes, as your control is not working properly, the air does not circulate in the car.
Check all control buttons.
They should act freely.
If not, maybe the button needs to be replaced.You can also view the Cycle button that comes with the car\'s air conditioning system.Sometimes this button is accidentally turned off.
The problem with intermittent cooling may be due to system freezing, and you get warm air between cooling.This can be cured by purifying the entire blocked air and moisture system and then reuse it.You need a vacuum pump for this.There is a specific solution for each problem, but more importantly, you have to diagnose the problem well.
There is a lot of information in your manual and online trouble shooting guide that can help you with your problem.Investigate the service staff before calling them
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