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an easy and permanent fix for older car door seals.

by:DMS Seals     2020-07-04
In many old cars, rubber doors are sealed in a different way than they should.
Usually, the seal has been pulled away from the door frame and leaves a gap between the door frame and the seal, almost always in the corner.
It makes cold or hot air, sometimes water, almost always redundant noise.
Because the seals are not tight, many old cars are more noisy and well ventilated.
Many people think that the reason why seals don\'t stay in the frame is that they have been untied.
They often stick them in place, but the seals don\'t stay there.
This is because they didn\'t stick together at first.
The door seal is kept in place by simple pressure.
When the rubber seal is aging, the rubber shrinks, the older the seal, the greater the shrinkage.
When it shrinks, it almost always pulls away from the door frame in a corner.
No matter how much glue you use, you won\'t leave the seal in place because the seal is now small and can hold the opening.
But there is a simple and very cheap solution to this permanent problem.
You have to make the door bigger.
This is much easier than you think.
The first thing to solve this problem is to find the seam if the seal is connected.
This is almost always under the plastic window that protects the bottom of the door frame.
Pry the window sill up and down to enter.
If you screw it down, screw it down.
Most people have plastic connectors that go into the holes on the floor and are pressed in place.
They should pull up easily.
Once you get rid of this, you should see where to join the deal.
It seems likely to be stuck or fused together.
This is the easiest place to cut the seal.
Most of these seals have a metal part that goes through them to make them hard and can be difficult to cut.
The seam has no metal, so you can cut it open with a razor or a heavy-duty scissors.
After cutting, you can push the seal back to the corner of the door frame that should be in.
Sometimes, the easiest way is to pull a part down, then start at the top, push it back tightly and back to where you cut it.
Now you can see how much your seal has shrunk.
Find an extra door seal, just about 1 feet.
You can even get this from the garbage station or another car.
You can buy seals too, but they are expensive.
I took a piece from a minivan used as a part car.
The best thing is to match your car.
If you can\'t get it then try to get a close match.
The door seal may be difficult to cut due to the metal parts of the door.
I cut mine with a pair of tin.
A pair of heavy scissors is also OK.
The knife only cuts the rubber.
Hacksaw can work, but more effort is required.
After you get your sealing material, work out how much to cut to fill the gap.
First, make sure the seal is fully pushed into the door frame.
The next mark on your seal is where to cut.
About half an inch than the gap.
This way, when you put it in the proper position, it pushes the rest of the door seal and helps force it to stay in the proper position.
Cut you to the piece in the gap and hammer it down with your hand.
You shouldn\'t have to work hard.
It\'s easy to get in.
You don\'t need to use any type of glue because the pressure will stay in place with the window sill cover.
When you have the filler ready, put the plastic window sill cover back in place.
Again, a hit with the Palm should be enough to snap it in place. And that is it.
Your door seal is tight right now and you\'ll be in place for a few years before it shrinks more.
If this happens, just put in a larger filler.
Now, why don\'t auto makers make seals so you can add shims to them?
Selling DIY spacers will be an easy source of income for them, and people can go straight into the place and seal their doors.
Oh wait that means they keep the car until it\'s older and won\'t buy a new one. Never mind.
Perform the same procedure for all doors of your car.
If one person shrinks, they all shrink.
Enjoy a quieter journey.
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