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by:DMS Seals     2020-08-07
As any driver familiar with potholes knows, potholes can speak.
Most of what they say is \"thunk\" and the translation is mostly troublesome.
According to road workers, this year\'s crop or potholes are the worst in history, and now is a good time to make sure that your car\'s suspension-especially wheel positioning and shock absorbers-passes smoothly.
Shock absorbers are one of the components that are particularly vulnerable to road hazards.
Moreover, although the main parts of the suspension (
Such as stabilizer links and ball joints)
The professional can check it best, just bounce the car and observe the results to test the wear or break impact on the driveway.
If the movement of the vehicle does not stop after the first bounce or two, it is time to go shopping and replace it.
The tire \"cupping\" is another sign that a new shock is needed.
In this case, the tread wear is uneven and has a scoop-out and fan-out effect.
If you find the cupping, let the tires balance and rotate when you change the impact.
Contrary to what is generally believed, the basic shock absorber does not support the weight and does not increase the spring action.
Its main task is to limit the wheel jump and keep the tires on the road.
If there is no impact, the wheel impact will completely compress its spring, and the spring will slam the wheel back to the road.
This creates a cycle of crazy jumps that the car can control.
All conventional shocks obtain their damping force by resistance to the flow of hydraulic fluid, and dissipate energy as heat.
In very basic terms, they are made up of a \'rod attached to the piston, which is located in an oil-filled cylinder.
When the car bounces, the piston is pushed and pulled in the cylinder, and the flow of the hydraulic fluid is controlled through the valve system.
The way the valuation is adjusted determines the firmness of riding.
In some replacement units, the driving control can be adjusted during installation.
In addition to the actual break or severe depression (which in some models may bind the piston), the impact is most likely to fail due to the wear of the rod entering the main body.
Road salt and sand can cause pitting or rust, creating grinding surfaces that wear Rod seals and allow fluid to escape.
To prevent this from happening, some manufacturers have adopted \"dust pipes\", namely, metal cylinders that protect rods from road splashes.
Others use rubber bellows to protect the bar.
In any case, the impact of the leak should be replaced.
On the other hand, its partners should do the same, thus avoiding the mismatch of damping quality.
Of course, the best idea is to replace all shocks at the same time.
Although there are many brands on the market, all shock absorbers are made by more than a dozen companies from the United States and around the world.
Both domestic and foreign manufacturers have two after-sales markets.
One of them is shoks with company labels such as Monroe and Gabriel. —
The other is selling shocks to independent traders, who often stamp them with their own names.
Independents often use cheaper materials, but this is not always the case, especially in their top models.
In fact, sometimes these shocks are made in more stringent specifications than the manufacturer\'s own brand, and since they are usually sold for less, they can be truly cost-effective.
The features to look for are adaptability, chrome plating to resist rust, Rod guide seals, piston seals, and holes that meet or exceed the plant equipment of the car.
In this case, please note that the most commonly used description of the replacement shock-
\"Heavy\" really has no specific meaning other than vaguely committing something extra.
Generally speaking, the action of the replacement device is stronger than that of the original device.
This is because when you are ready for a new shock, the suspension of the vehicle will relax and additional damping will be required as compensation.
In addition to the traditional shock, you may want to study something else, especially if you use this vehicle to transport a trailer or occasionally carry heavy objects.
A wide range of adjustable air impact and spring boosters are available, each with its advantages.
Air shock is generally only used on the rear shaft.
Their function is traditional, but an \"air spring\" is added that can be pumped to provide lift and maintain the level of the vehicle.
Air is added or subtracted through the hose system, usually gathered together in a single tire-valve assembly installed under the trunk or rear bumper.
Air bags manufactured by air lift company only are heavy duty rubber balloons mounted inside the coil spring of the vehicle, which can be inflated like air shock.
Because they require less pressure, they can be filled with bicycle pumps in the trunk, so there is no need for air hoses from the gas station.
Keep in mind, though, that the airbag is just a flat accessory and cannot replace the shock absorber.
The boost shock includes the coil spring, which provides additional support but cannot adjust the lift.
In general, these will improve the level of light-loaded cars, which may reduce the appearance of home cars, but will be an advantage in spring-drooping cars or trucks.
Often called overload, it is also cheaper than air freight equipment.
Although it is possible to install your own impact, it is not easy to do without elevators and professional tools.
Typically, traditional equipment is offered at a sales price including installation.
The knuckles that save deterioration and rough skin make these \"specials\" more cost-effective.
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