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a technique for making mechanical seal of troubleshooting ...

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-12
The rules are simple.When doing nothing can cause the condition to deteriorate, the mechanical seal that must be made to troubleshoot the decision.1.Decide whether this is a general question or just a unique event.2.Decide what the decision is really about.3.Be prepared to do the right thing, not something convenient or acceptable.
Know that nothing will happen until the decision is turned into action.5.You need a feedback system to compare the results of your decision or action.In other words, you have to test the results.
The general question needs norms, standards, rules, policies or principles.Only in this way can the performance of the same general situation be handled intelligently.The question is indeed general.Individual events are just a symptom of a bigger problem.
Example: due to the shaft deflection caused by closing the discharge valve to start the pump in order to save power, the seal failed.The axis must be stable, otherwise this problem will occur again every time the device is started.This is a unique event for individuals, but it is actually a general issue.
For example: the ceramic surface breaks in hot water, but seems to work well in other fluids, or in high temperature hydrocarbons, but there is no problem in other hot fluids.Such problems can only be solved by educating the labor force or only qualified personnel.This is a very unique event.For example: when the pump is at working temperature, the seal leaks, but does not leak when starting or closing, because the carbon is pressed on the metal bracket, and it becomes loose due to different expansion rates of metal supports and carbon.
It does not squeeze or interfere enough.
This is a quality control problem.
You are seeing an early performance of a new ordinary event.Example: when O-Due to chemical attacks, the ring on the inner diameter of the sealing surface expands.This happens when your factory has established a new line cleaning process that uses chemicals that are not compatible with rubber.
It is foolish to treat any new event as another example of an old problem.The general design problem is often covered up using the practice of accusing the operator of errors and poor maintenance.In fact, most of the pumps and mixers used today have never been designed to be used with mechanical seals.
The long and suspended shaft is designed to be supported by multiple lubrication stuffing rings.The result of this design error is that premature sealing and bearing failures have become the norm.The problem that is truly universal is seen as a \"unique event \".
Shaft/sleeve wear, water in the bearing oil and damage to the oil seal shaft are actually general, but rarely treated like this.Blame the problem on the dirt in the atmosphere or in the product, then replace the hardware for the experience to repeat over and over again.The hardest thing to realize is that you don\'t have the \"facts\" that can take action \".
There will only be events before someone makes them relevant.You have to decide whether to explain the observed events and whether it explains all of them.2.Now that you have decided that you have a general question and have decided to correct it, can you say what this decision has to be done?The normalization of good sealing materials can avoid common material confusion problems.
Do not leave major decision-making issues to suppliers.His goal is to select the materials with the lowest cost to function appropriately.He was not trained to think about solving the problem of confusion between spare parts and materials.
Balanced o-Ring seals can play a role in pressure and vacuum applications.O-The ring is the only elastic shape that can be sealed in two directions.The balance design balances the opening and closing forces acting on the sealing surface to prevent leakage and the generation of destructive high temperatures.
In double sealing applications, two-way balancing is necessary so that you can choose high or low barrier fluid pressure between seals without worrying that the sealing surface will open the opposite under pressure and pressure.The low L3/D4 pump shaft will resist excessive deflection and movement of the shaft.This is an important consideration if you want to increase the life of the seals and bearings.
In order to prevent many chemicals (caustic soda, sugar, etc.), the heating sleeve of the stuffing box can be controlled.) Crystal, evaporation, curing, etc.When the pump fluid temperature exceeds 200 °F (100 ° C), the center line design pump can eliminate many misplacement problems and wear ring damage.
The correct grade of carbon/graphite can be dried for a long time.3.Now that we have come to the third and most difficult part of the process, are you prepared to do the right thing, not something acceptable or convenient?Insight is not achievement.What judges you is your result, not your language.
No matter how many people are involved, the result will always be identified by a name, probably yours.Unfortunately, changes in the supplier, design, or specification make it look like some people have made the wrong initial decision.Companies often do the same old thing because the boss will be \"humiliated\" or it is too difficult to change the standard.
Change is always difficult and uncomfortable for some people.Remember the old words of the West: \"The Pioneers seized all the arrows \".Also keep in mind that they eventually own all the land.
Modifying the pump to reduce L3/D4 may mean changing the original specification, but sealing and bearing will work better.It is inconvenient to install the oversized stuffing box and connect the suction recycling line, but this will greatly improve the life of most mechanical seals.Maintenance people have been complaining for years, \"never had time to do the right thing, but there\'s always time to fix it!\\\".
This is also why heart patients start a reasonable diet and exercise program after a heart attack.There was no time to exercise in the past, but there is enough time to exercise now.If your supplier gives you an inconsistent part because there is no time to buy a good part, how would you feel?Problems with most rotating equipment are manifested in poor sealing and poor bearing life.
Are you replacing these items or are you addressing the general issues that cause them?If you can\'t make the necessary decisions, work with others.There is nothing more powerful than a combination of an engineer willing to venture on a new idea and a maintainer who is ready to work on decisions.One more thought about this is to keep in mind that if there is no problem, it is crazy to consider something that might work.
Miracles do happen, but you can\'t count on them.4.Converting a decision to an action will never happen until it becomes someone\'s responsibility to execute a decision in a particular step.It\'s just a wish until a person is selected and set a time limit.
Even the best decisions will eventually be out of date.You have to look for yourself.Don\'t even think about letting others do the followingYou decide to purchase standard ANSI, ISO or API pumps.Does this solve or add a sealing and bearing problem?Should you continue to use solid seals or should you use a more meaningful split design?Will the purchase of an efficient pump add to your maintenance mechanical sealing problem?It often does.
You may be better able to use less efficient designs such as the double spiral type and solve the shaft deflection problem each time the pump runs at its optimal efficiency point (B.E.P
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