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A Leak Coming From the Bottom of the Fridge

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-17
Leaks in the kitchen do not always come from the sink or dishwasher.Even if there is no ice maker or water dispenser, the faulty refrigerator may be the culprit.Fortunately, the water is leaking because the coolant used in the refrigerator is gas rather than liquid.Unfortunately, there is a beach of water under or inside the refrigerator, which means there is a problem that needs immediate attention.Frosting drain pipe blockage is one of the most common causes of water leakage in the refrigerator and a good place to start trouble shooting.Small water outlets are easily blocked by food particles or ice to prevent the water accumulated during the defrost cycle from being discharged into the pan.When enough water builds up, it starts to leak out of the fridge and leak to the floor.Rinse the drain with hot water to clear the drain.Use short hard wires, such as wire hangers, if necessary to remove the blockage.This is not common, but occasional cracks in the drain at the bottom of the refrigerator cause water to leak.It is normal for a small amount of water to pile up in the drain pan, but it is not normal for it to escape from the drain.The water in the drain pan should evaporate long before it becomes a concern, thanks to the condenser fan blowing warm air on the surface of the pan.Check the drain for any cracks or damage, especially if the defrost drain is clean and any other part of the refrigerator shows signs of water.If the pot is damaged, it should be replaced.Water-The wiring connection to the ice maker may be loose, or the seals will age and break, resulting in a leak that eventually leads to water pooling under and around the refrigerator.The plastic hose may also break or tear, or create pressure that causes a leak at the connection.Check the length of the water line leading to the ice maker, usually on the back outside of the refrigerator, and at the connection, for signs of moisture.If the ice machine supply line is a problem, there is usually a flow of water or dripping onto the floor.Tighten the connection or replace the water pipe.In order to obtain a good seal, it may also be necessary to replace the connector.Poor connection between the water filter and the water supply can cause leakage of the refrigerator model with a filtration system.The filter may be improperly installed, the size or model of the refrigerator may be wrong, or it may be too old, causing the shell or seal to break, causing the water to escape.Double check the filter and housing assembly for signs of dripping water, and if there is a problem with the filter, it is usually possible to see dripping water entering the inside of the refrigerator along the outside of the filter.Remove and replace the filter as per the manufacturer\'s instructions.The filter must be the exact filter specified for the refrigerator.
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