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10 pointers to know about heating air curtain

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-16
Now, your doors and passages can be opened for a long time and remain open without any connection to the outside air or to places of different temperatures.The air curtain is usually placed at the opening of the door, passage or technical opening.Heating the air curtain by not allowing air exchange between the two areas helps to provide an air barrier between the two areas.
Air curtains can create a comfortable working environment by balancing the atmosphere inside and reduce drought.It keeps cold air in winter and hot in summer.Waste of energy can be expensive for owners paying bills, so the technology maximizes energy efficiency and saves costs.
Investment curtain can get a quick returnback.The air curtain of the machine creates an invisible barrier, isolating the internal temperature without hindering the movement of people and vehicles, rather than the scorching or screaming cold.Model can be used for the best performance of opening from small hatch to door up to 6 m.
It\'s one of the most dynamic sources of energy.Efficient operation, heating air conditioning should be specified within the time span of the construction, planning and development phase.If the air curtain must be installed after the building is completed, it may require some compromise and the efficiency may be reduced.
Hot water that can be heated or not heated is available.Non-heating equipment is mainly used for coldStore app where the air curtain effect is reversed to seal the frozen area.It is essential to install air curtain in the new building, because choosing the right air curtain for the type and size of the door will vary.
The hot air curtain should always cover the width of the door, and the air flow should match the installation height of the air curtain.Other factors that choose a large wind curtain include the size of the door exposed to the wind load, the traffic flow, and the type of entrance area that acts as an office, reception or warehouse loading area.Choose a durable design with long service life and harsh environmental requirements.
It will be easy to install and connect.
You can even find the stylish air curtain.You can get a recessed air curtain.When installing these devices, sufficient airflow must be allowed and there is a smooth outlet, and maintenance channels should also be considered.The easiest way to control the hot air curtain is to use a remote control switch to control the output and fan speed.
This control is most effective in areas with heavy traffic, where the doors are always open.In other environments, the constant temperature control can be used or the door switch can be activated automatically.More and more people connect the air curtain with the building maintenance system.
Nanyoo\'s air curtain combines high performance, good appearance, low noise and reliable operation to facilitate the development and energy efficiency of the place
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