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Insight into PTFE encapsulated viton O-Rings
As one of the most popular products in DMS SEALS, PTFE encapsulated viton O-Rings wins increasing popularity.
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PTFE encapsulated viton O-Rings is made of qualified NBR / FKM. Various sizes of PTFE encapsulated viton O-Rings are available for clients. PTFE encapsulated viton O-Rings that presents different styles can be in line with different needs of clients. Molding, injection, extrusion, Grinding, cutting is applied to better meet market demand. Supported by GB/T 15242.1-94 and GB/T 15242.3-94 standards, it offers a stunning blend of features such as simple groove. It finds application in various fields such as static sealing. It is certified by ISO 9001 ISO/TS16949. It is guaranteed for 2 year(s). Our expertise and technologies enable tailor-made solutions for every customer. View our full line of products at
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DMS SEALS stands out in the rubber products industry industry. DMS SEALS has spent 11 years on covering domestic and international business trade. Our company has a high share in the domestic market, and some products have been exported to Japan, Australia, Europe, India. DMS SEALS covers a wide range of product series including rod seals, piston seals, scraper seals, rotary seals, O-Rings. The R&D teams have the ability to design and develop seals for various of complicated working condition of sealing system.
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With 'Quality first, credit first, service first' business concept, DMS SEALS devotes to creating greater customer value. Here at more details can be found.

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