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The seals DMS SEALS manufactures have excellent sealing performance and long service life. Our specifications are extremely standard and our seals can be used in a variety of hydraulic cylinder equipment. Our products are light in weight and have low production consumables. They are designed to withstand high-pressure hydraulic fluids and do not impede the movement of the pistons along the hydraulic cylinder. They are able to withstand the pressure from the hydraulic cylinder in both directions.

It is worth mentioning that our seals have excellent compliance with the vibration of the machine and the eccentricity of the spindle. They are easy to disassemble, which is conducive to the inspection process. Their low coefficient of friction prevents excessive friction on the cylinder walls, resulting in increased wear and reduced operating life. Moreover, our products have excellent low dynamic pressure, static friction and chemical resistance. Therefore, our seals will not have any internal leakage issue, which will cause obvious operational difficulties and safety hazards.

Our engineers design the seals for providing a good balance between friction and sealing performance, as well as additional benefits such as quick and easy installation for OEMs and maintenance personnel. Our products are made of high-performance materials and have excellent extrusion resistance to maintain their shapes under all operating conditions.

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