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GST - Hydraulic Bronze PTFE Tape Guide Strip Wear Ring

GST -  Hydraulic Bronze PTFE Tape Guide Strip Wear Ring

GST - Hydraulic Bronze PTFE Tape Guide Strip Wear Ring

Diameter Range
Pressure Range
Temperature Range
-55℃ +225℃
hydraulic oil, emulsion and water
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Application Scope
Dms Seals's Oil Seal Manufacturer can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers.With many years of practical experience, Dms Seals is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.
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Product Details
With a focus on product quality, Dms Seals pursues perfection in every detail.Under the guidance of market, Dms Seals constantly strives for innovation. Oil Seal Manufacturer has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality.
  • DMS Seal Manufacturer-oil seal manufacturer | Bearing Element | DMS Seal Manufacturer
Company Advantages
1. DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal design is manufactured employing the optimum quality raw material as per set industry guidelines.
2. The offered DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal design is designed by a team of experienced professionals.
3. Innovative design team: DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal design is elaborately designed by an innovative design team. This team has learned the industry know-how and are equipped with the latest design ideas in the industry.
4. DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal design is manufactured with high precision in order to meet the set industry standards.
5. The product features the desired safety. Its potential mechanical risks, electrical hazards, and sharp edges are kept under tight control.
6. The product features the desired abrasion resistance. Its violent mechanical actions will not cause any loss of materials from the surface.
7. This product is hypoallergenic. All allergens that caused by dyes, chemicals or other additives can be eliminated in the process of the production.
8. The product can run uninterruptedly. Its excellent mechanical properties enable it to work stably and reliably all the time without malfunction.
9. It adds uniqueness to my project and it helps improve the appearance of buildings. - One of our buyers say.
10. The product plays an essential role in any bathroom space – both in how it makes the space more usable, as well as how it adds to the overall design aesthetic of the space.
11. Because this product can be used over and over, fewer batteries need to be manufactured (and transported) than with single-use varieties.
12. People can be set assured that this product will be not subject to problems like color fading and paint flaking off.

1. Installation Recommendation 

GST -  Hydraulic Bronze PTFE Tape Guide Strip Wear Ring-1

2. Application and properties

Applicable to the guiding of piston and piston rod of hydraulic cylinder and air cylinder, has the function of supporting and guiding. The guide strips with the thickness which equal to or greater than 2mm, double sided embossing could be provided, the embossing structure is conducive to the formation of lubrication micro-pit, improve micro lubrication, at the same time, it is helpful to embed tiny foreign objects and protect the sealing system.


3. Standard materials

Filled PTFE


4. Working Conditions

Working  Conditions

Diameter Range

Pressure Range

Temperature Range



Custom as Required

-55℃ +225℃

15 m/s

hydraulic oil, emulsion, and water

Piston:  L=C × ( D - W ) - k [ mm ] D = Piston Dia. [ mm ] W = Thickness [ mm ]

Rod:    L=C × ( d + W ) - k [ mm ] d = Rod Dia. [ mm ]  C = 3.14  k=0.8


5. Length of whole roll










Length of whole roll ( m )









Above data only for reference, it shall follow the actual products.

Standard groove width

Groove width L2



















The products of various width could be provided.

Standard thickness of product

Thickness W










The products of various thickness could be provided.

Company Features
1. In today's demanding and competitive market, Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited still holds a safe lead in the manufacturing of rubber seal design . DMS Seal Manufacturer has remained excellent in the oil seal manufacturer industry for decades. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited is a front runner in the industry of oil seal ring . We have been dedicated to developing and producing products for many years.
2. The technology in Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited is highly advanced and has reached the international level. DMS Seal Manufacturer combines the best technology with outstanding people to deliver lasting performance. The company has achieved the Social Operation License. This license means that the company's activities are supported and approved by society or other stakeholders, which further means the company will be under ongoing monitoring to promote it to behave well.
3. Our strong belief is that we will definitely become a leading bearing element manufacturer. Welcome to visit our factory! Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited would like to offer customers with top quality and good service. Welcome to visit our factory! The development of all respects of company facilitates DMS Seal Manufacturer to be more attractive. Welcome to visit our factory!

GST - Hydraulic Bronze PTFE Tape Guide Strip Wear Ring

oil seal manufacturer


GST -  Hydraulic Bronze PTFE Tape Guide Strip Wear Ring-2

These are as good as any other brand I have used in my near 50 years of driving. What makes these 5 star is the 2 for 1 price. THere's is just no need to pay over $20 per blade. I put these on my JK the fall of 18 and now we have temps below zero, they have cleared rain and snow streak free.
Got this for a private organization and it was so helpful. It freed me from tediously writing basic information over and over. Out of 400 strikes, only two were light.,
Finishes what Chevrolet should have provided. Not an exact match, pretty darn close. At a distance, hard to tell.
Very comfortable. True to size for me. Most comfortable swim shoe ever, has a nice insole that is padded. Worked well for the beach and river trips this summer.
May you need a higher size when order . Let I have it to some who fits the size .
Excellent mask. Read the reviews, they do run a bit small. I purchased the correct size for me & couldn’t be happier! It covered my face & I was able to breathe fine without discomfort, no stiff neck after wearing several hours cutting & sanding wood. Pressed against my face just fine
I purchased the RZ mask to help with grass and tree allergy problems that I have been suffering from, when mowing and maintaining my lawn. The mask has performed even better than I expected. I haven't had a serious allergy attack since using the mask. Previously, I would suffer flu-like symptoms for a day or two after mowing. Now I have no such symptoms. Great product!
Husband laughed when he saw them but they really worked out great. He likes them
I cant say enough about this mask. I use it in the shop, mowing the yard and whatever else I do thats dusty and can flare up my allergies. Usually I sneeze my head off and have trouble breathing after mowing the yard, but after using this mask those are troubles of the past. Great customer service and a great product!!!
These shoes are great for beaches and around the yard. Easy to dry and easy to clean
The nose part is harsh on your nose but other than that it works great
Fast shipping and perfect fit. Very happy
I've been purchasing Aero car wiper blades from Amazon for a few years now and they work great. It's a little tricky to install but once you figure it out, the installation process becomes very easy. These wipers are quiet and cleans the windshield well. I rate these wiper blades as 5 STARS and sticking to this brand because they work as should.
Don't buy ridiculous stickers ever again. Add class, style, and perhaps flair to every letter.
Love the stamp but when I received it the ink was almost dry I had to buy ink for it.
This product was a perfect match to my truck and the fitment is tight! Very satisfied with my purchase.
The look and design of this stamp is perfect--easy to use, easy to read, and covers all of the legal basics of a notary stamp. However, after owning it for about six months, the ink was completely dry! I had only used it a handful of times, no more than 15, but when I went to use it again it was completely faded. I assume the seal on it when it's not in use was not completely air tight, which allowed it to dry out. I was able to revive it with some ink, but this time I made sure to put it in a plastic bag before storing it to avoid the same problem happening again.
I received my stamp exactly as ordered. Works great! So convenient to have commission expiration date in the stamp. I highly recommend this product.
I filled out the commission expiration date and it isn't on the stamp I received. Not like the picture.
Super simply, easy to use, and does what its supposed to. No complaints.
Easy to use, good product
I love these! I wear a size ten normally so that's what I ordered and they fit perfectly. They are so comfortable and cute!
His is a great PICC cover. Its worth the price. Makes shower time easier. I pull it on all by myself. Don't have to struggle with saran wraps and tapes anymore. No leaks. Reusable quality product.
Going to Miami,FL for a mini r&r & thought to get these for the beach at Ft Zack. Bought a pair for myself & a pair for my hubby & it's so comfy!!
It didn’t entirely keep the area water tight. However it’s better and easier to use than the ones with the giant plastic hand.
I was a bit confused on ordering the correct size. I wear a women's size 6; I ordered the 5.5 and the fit was fine. I use the shoes primarily for aerobics in the pool. They protect my feet, do not slip and are flexible. I would definitely order these again.
This pair was somewhat small and returned em. They were light and appeared comfortable. Ordered a larger pair.
My wife has a picc line in her arm for the infusion of antibiotics needed to ward off infection due to a nasty broken ankle. It is imperative to keep the area dry when showering. If it gets wet, a nurse would have to come to the house to change the dressing. The nurses at the hospital recommended using Saran Wrap to cover the picc line. I appreciate that the nurses were trying to save us a few bucks but this method made my wife nervous. So I did some research and found this arm cast cover. It provides a waterproof shield for her upper arm. There are 4 different styles so make sure you get the one that fits your purpose (it looks like Amazon has this on its own page). It's pretty sturdy but I would still recommend taking it easy when putting it on or taking it off.
My wife has a picc line in her arm, and we tried a couple of other products but they leaked. This one works great and prevents water from seeping in on either end. She has a 6.5' circumference arm, and the smaller size couldn't fit any better. And it looks like it should work for a long, long time!
This picc line sleeve makes it possible to shower without worry of getting your picc line wet and developing an infection. It is snug on the arm but you want that for a tight seal. As for the person that said they use another brand cover for swimming, you are an idiot. My picc line is in my vain and the end of it stops within an inch of my heart. That is a direct line to your heart for infections to travel. I am not willing to chance it for a little swim time. This seller is easy to work with and offers quick shipping. Over all I would recommend this product to anyone in need of a picc line shower cover.
The PICC line protector arm is a good cast cover for shower. It's really waterproof. I Recommend.
Been using this cover for over two weeks with no problems at all. Keeps the arm dry in the shower.
This product makes showering while on IV antibiotics so much easier. Before this, I had my husband wrap my arm with plastic wrap and heavy duty tape to try and keep the site dry. It still ended up damp and was very uncomfortable. This wrap keeps my arm dry and is very comfortable. I am very pleased, thank you!
Used them on rocky / pebbles beaches in Croatia and very much enjoyed them. Provide good cushioning, dry quickly. Not great for swimming, but that's true of most (all?) water shoes.
Very easy to install with one plug connection. The headlights have been on the car for almost 6 months and look awesome. It is such a difference at night from my old ones that were so hazy. Would definately order from this company again.
Fit perfectly! Gives me good traction when I do water aerobics. The rubber toe helps to protect my toes unlike a previous pair without the rounded rubber toe area! I also get many complaints about how cute they are compared to other water shoes. Very comfy!
Has tremendously helped my spouse
I use this cover for showering with my PICC line. I wrap my arm in press and seal glad wrap then use this cover over it. I've never had this cover leak. I've been using it for about a month.
fit and look 100 % totally changed the look of the car, less cost the others out there. worked great
These are fabulous water shoes! I wore them in Belize on a cave tubing excursion which I had to walk through tiny and big rocks and they held up well! I also wore them at the beach in Cozumel and they fit like a glove and I never got sand inside of them Yay! I would buy these again@!
Saves a lot of time when covering a PICC line for a shower. Keeps it dry! However, the black cuff band tore on one of the 1st uses.
Has kept my PICC line dry through many showers. Has exceeded my expectations.
Thank you. The delivery was as expected and the lights are great.
LOVE LOVE this rainbow color band, looks great on my galaxy smart watch and the shipping was super fast gave me an estimate of April 12-26 but came April 8th???? THANK YOU!!
Very beautiful
Fit Nissan Sentra 2008 But Nissan Made this item very hard to get one of the bolts on, one behind the firewall. The rubber boot did not have the upper lipp so the top of the boot will not stop dirt or water.
Works great and fit perfect, thank you guys...
Good quality at a low price
The item appears to be a little different than the original but worked.
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